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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Small Potatoes

OMG! This is so funny!!! I watched a debate between Onision and Joy Sparkle BS. I even created my own video about it. Check it out!

I know I made it funny! LOL! Onision is so much fun to poke at! And look at that stupid-ass war paint on his face! What the wholly fuck is up with that?! Well, almost everyone who has a channel on YouTube knows Onision is a douchebag! I watched the whole debate between him and Joy Sparkle BS. I even watched the whole debate between Onision and Jeff Holiday! Jeff was supposed to be the moderator for the debate, but Onision kept pestering him and pestering him until he finally made him snap and Jeff bit back. He said he finally got a chance to tell Onision how he really felt about him. And in the end, which you will see in this video I made, Onision is so proud of himself, thinking he got the better of Jeff, or as Onision called him "The fake/fraud".

Onision is so annoying! He never uses people's names. It's like he's afraid to say the names of his so-called "haters". Throughout the debate, he never calls Joy Sparkle by her user name, or even by her real name. Though I am not sure he even knows her real name. He never calls people by their names. He just calls them "haters" and "stalkers". Well, heck he's got a lot of those!!! He doesn't even have haters! He has people who call him on his bullshit. He's displayed a lot of bullshit over the years on YouTube. He claims to not even watch videos of his "haters", yet he gripes and complains about the content they put out about him. He says they all lie, then he twists their words and actual meanings around. He made fun of Joy Sparkle having fibromyalgia. He said she has a "mental disorder". Fibromyalgia is NOT a mental disorder!!! He heard Joy say she has trouble remembering things BECAUSE of the fibromyalgia, and he took that to mean she has a mental disorder. He is so STUPID!!!!!! But that's what he does. He takes partial meanings and passes them off as "facts", and twists the meaning in this case.

Well, Onision will never watch Joy Sparkle's videos, nor my videos, because to him, we are "small potatoes". But I do not care if he wants to see my videos or not. I really don't! All I care is that his little fans (I call them Onionfags) watch the video and see what a fake/fraud Onision is! He wrote Joy a fake cease and desist letter, a letter that is only supposed to be written and sent by a lawyer. He took an internet template and filled in blanks. That's all he did. Then he said in this video that the letter was "verified" by a lawyer. That doesn't mean SHIT!!!! The lawyer probably took a look at it and said "Yes, that is what a cease and desist letter is supposed to say" but that does not mean the letter is supposed to be just sent to the person he is addressing. No, the lawyer has to be the one to type it, sign it and send it. And online aliases cannot be used.

For example, the only name people online know me by is Dee TimmyHutchFan, or Dee Dee Rivera is the pen name I use on my stories. But that is not my legal name. So let's say one of the INXS SJWs send me a cease and desist letter using that name. They can't! Because they don't have my full name! It can't be addressed to an online persona. Or even a pen name! It has to be addressed to me personally. And the SJWs don't have a case against me anyways, because I've never even so much as slandered them. Not like they have me! But I'm fine with that. As a public figure now, I've come to expect it. I'm sure the SJWs tell a LOT of lies to get all my former INXS buds on their side. I heard about Tess Obrien telling Love that I make fun of her, which I NEVER did! EVER!!! But what Tess did was slander me to get Love on her side. But again, as a public figure, I've come to actually expect that. Believe me, on a good day, I've had people say MUCH worse about me! LOL! A slow day for me is like this:

Tess Obrien: You're fat!

Me: So what?

Tess Obrien: You're a fat piece of shit! LOL!

Me: So what?

Tess Obrien: You fat, ugly piece of shit! I hate you! You should die for talking shit about Kelly Poulter and Matt Burney!

Me: So, go kiss their asses. Come back when you've got something unique to say. Thank you.

If I was afraid of comments like this, which Onision clearly is, I would not put out videos! But I am not. I always appreciate every comment I get, even hateful ones. And yes, I am considered a public figure now. I've put out over 200 videos on YouTube. And really! I've reached a goal I never thought I would reach! I now have over 400 subscribers! That's pretty good! It's small potatoes, like I said, but it's a goal I never expected to reach! Even though I am not on YouTube for the numbers. I'm there because I love making videos. I have fun doing it. But if there's over 400 people in the world who enjoy the videos I make, that's awesome! I'm glad. But my subscriber count could still get back down to 300 and I'd still be happy.

Now, speaking of small potatoes, I've got to get something off my chest. I remember back last year, before I took TimmyHutchFan off of Facebook, there was an incident between me and Christina, Michael's sister. I say this is small potatoes, because to her I'm probably nothing but a worthless piece of shit. But for peace of mind, I have to say this. Whether she believes me or not. It's been bothering me since I put up my video about Mya and got a response from the breeder.

This was a conversation I had on a friend's wall, someone who was also a friend of Christina's. I don't know if that friend is still a friend or not, or if the SJWs got to her too. Though she did not immediately jump on the anti-TimmyHutchFan bandwagon then. But, like I said, the SJWs are very manipulative. I never thought the woman I spoke of in my last blog post would side with them! I'm still not sure it happened. But at this time, I am not taking any chances. If I'm wrong, she can contact me here and let me know. Anyways! This conversation I had with Christina involved other groups who treat Michael's fans like shit. Christina asked me what groups were like that. I didn't really want to tell her because I really did not want to start anything. But she asked me to tell her. So, I told her. One of the worst offenders I knew of was the MH and His Life Fan Page. Mostly because of Jannah and Jannah's wannabe robot, Maria How.

Well, long story short, I wrote on this blog about that chat. I remember saying something to the effect of "Christina, GOD love her, she made me tell her." Well, I think I hurt Christina's feelings. I hope I didn't. I sure did not mean to! That never even crossed my mind until I said almost the same thing about the woman who bred Mya. When I said "GOD love them", she took it to mean that I was saying she was a "stupid breeder who doesn't know anything". But no, I wasn't saying that. Or that's not how I meant it to sound! I never would have thought about it that way if she hadn't said anything to me. I did apologize for how that sounded though. I told her "That sure is not how I feel about you guys". But it made me think of that chat I had with Christina, which this friend deleted soon after.

I don't think Christina takes me that seriously, and I don't even believe she cares. But, I just want to clear it up that when I said "GOD love her", that I was NOT saying Christina was stupid or anything like that! I'm an old-fashioned southern girl, that's just how I talk. It's an expression I always use. I just had to get this out there. I'm probably small potatoes to her because I was not friends with her brother (not that I wouldn't have been), but I had to say this.

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