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Monday, June 12, 2017

Young Sprigs vs. Old Farts

Today I went shopping. I kinda debated whether or not to take Mya. So, as much as I knew I should have taken her, I decided to leave her here. A friend came by and drove me to the market. I am still just getting used to all this new association with people, but this friend seems really nice. She's a member of the church that I am going to and she moved here from Colorado. I need someone with patience, who can handle someone like me, who is totally awkward around people. Especially strangers.

Our first stop was to Fred Meyers. Things were going well. I was getting the things I needed, I got a few groceries here and there, I thought it would only take about 30 minutes, at the most. And it wound up taking just a wee bit longer. Well, I got some milk and then realized I needed some cream. I use cream to cook a lot of the items I bake. So, I needed some cream. But when I went to pick up a carton of cream, there was this little old couple standing there. I parked behind them, said excuse me to them and waited for them to notice I was there. I said excuse me again and waited. I noticed the wife looked at me when I said that and then I said to her "Excuse me, I need to get in here." I was polite, but straightforward, as I had excused myself twice with these people.

I didn't know these people, and I'd never seen them before, but they both looked like rednecks. When I said to the wife "I need to get in here", that's when the husband noticed me, and he gave me a strange look like he wanted to tear me down or something. I just smiled. But he said "What? Do you want me to move just like THAT!?" and slammed his fist to his other hand. At that moment, I looked at the wife and she got wide-eyed and her jaw went all directions at once. But she kinda laughed too. So, I laughed with her as her husband went on "STUPID!!" and "CRAZY!!" He and his wife then moved off. He again went on with "I was here first! Wait your turn!" I told him that I said excuse me. He retorted with "I don't care what you need! I was here FIRST!" I just watched him and laughed at him. He went on to call me "CRAZY BITCH!" and I said "Yeah. You sure are! LOL!" He said to me "No, YOU are!" LOL! I felt a little like we were high school kids having a scuffle. I continued to laugh at him.

I ran into him a couple more times and showed him that I was still laughing at him. He always looked at me with such anger and hatred in his eyes. But I always returned his stare with giggles and smiles. He was trying to be intimidating. But it didn't work. He does not own the aisle. Intimidation rarely works with me, especially with a couple of redneck old farts. I'm a redneck myself. I'm used to them. And it does not bother me to be called crazy or a bitch. LOL! In fact, I love it. But he was definitely crazier than I am! It wasn't my fault he refused to move his wrinkled old ass! So, if he's going to stand in my way, he's going to have to put up with me! He can't do shit about me.

I told my friend about this and she was worried by laughing at him, I made him madder. I said "Yeah, maybe I did, but I don't care at all!" Like I said, if he's gonna stand there like a dumbass, I'm going to talk to him like the dumbass he is! Fuck him and his feelings! I hope I truly ruined his day. LOL! No one would deserve it more than him and his fugly wife too. Here I thought it was the younger people who were rudest of all. But no. Young folks don't have nothing on this old fart! I hope I see him again, I'll ruin his day all over again.

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