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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

So Good At What I Do

Man! I am so damn good at what I do, I can make even a seasoned MGTOW cringe! That's not easy to do either! Well! He deserved it! He's a damn SJW, which frankly I think most MGTOW men are. If not, he's alone in that, because he was an SJW. The conversation was who should pay for dates. I always said it should be the one who asked to go on the date in the first place. For example, if the man asks the woman to go on a date, he should be prepared to pay for it. That is the way it's always been, I believe that is the way it should be. But on the other hand, if the woman asks the man for a date, then she should pay for it. Simple as that. That is how I interpret equality.

Now, I did most of my dating in the 1990s, back in the days before feminism. But one thing I have never done, I've never asked a man out on a date. I never needed to. They always asked me out on a date! They would say "Hey! I like you. Can I take you out for dinner or a drink?" I would usually say yes. Why not? At the most, I might find a soulmate. At the very least, it'll be an interesting night out. But for me to ask a man out for a date, well, I'm way too shy for that. My default mindset has always been "What if I ask him on a date, and he gives me a weird look? What then?" Or makes fun of me or says "No. I don't like you! Don't ask me for a date!" So, I avoid asking men altogether. And really, the only man I've ever known I wanted to ask out on a date was Michael Hutchence. Or any band member of INXS. But they are all married, and I'm afraid they might take it the wrong way, or say "I don't have time" or some other mess like that.

But anyways, you get the picture. I would ask a man out for a date if I found one I am really interested in, but since I haven't found one I am that interested in (aside from INXS) I haven't had the need to ask any men out on a date. The men are usually the ones who find me interesting enough to ask me out on a date. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's because I am shy that men are attracted to that. And since I am the one the men are trying to impress, they should make that date interesting. Whether money is required or not. Not all dates require buying the girl or guy something. But typically, that is what a date is in human society.

Personally, I liken dating to what mating rituals are in animals. The male bird of paradise calls and displays his feathers to attract a female. Crows, bowerbirds and penguins even give gifts to potential mates. Why do they do it? To impress the female they want to impress. That is what it's all about. The female always goes for the male with the most elaborate display and gifts. It is modern feminists and MGTOWs who have turned traditional dating into an evil thing that should be scorned.

Well, today I got into it really good with a couple of MGTOWs, one named Matt Sterbation and the other named Jonas Scheyrer who kept on insisting that because I said the person who initiated the date should pay for it, that I am a feminist and I don't believe in male equality. UGH!!! Nothing could be further from the truth. But I would say the same thing if I invited someone to my house for dinner and made them pay for the food I prepare. Since I invited the person over to my place, that means I'm footing the bill. Same if a man asks me out for a date. If he asks me, I will expect him to pay for the date. But they did not understand what I was trying to say. Instead they took what I said and twisted the meanings around. Kinda like what the delusional mods did. LOL!

For example, Jonas asked me if I've ever asked a man out on a date before. Somehow I knew he would ask me that. But again, I was honest. I said no. I've never asked a man out on a date. I explained why earlier in this blog. But Jonas took that to mean that I would never actually ask any man out on a date, which I never said, and never even implied. Then he went on to say that saying 'I've never asked a man on a date' and that 'I would never ask a man on a date' means basically the same thing. I don't know by what standards that means the same thing, but as far as I know, it's not the same thing. Again, as I explained earlier in this blog post that yes, I would ask a man on a date if I found a man I am interested in. And I had to explain this over and over and over to these stupid men, and they still did not get it!!!

It gets even better. Matt Sterbation (um, is that even really a name?) went on to say that because I believe whomever asks for the date should be the one to pay for it, and that the one asking for the date is the one trying to impress the other person, he took that to mean that I see all men like appliances. LOL! I thought that was hysterically funny. So all animals see their potential mates as "appliances". When a lion fights for his female, he is in a sense being her "appliance". When a peacock displays and calls to attract a female, he is being her "appliance". When a penguin presents his female with a gift, he is being her "appliance". When a baboon displays to a female, he is her "appliance". It sounds more and more stupid when you spell it out that way. So, these men I dated were "appliances" and I didn't even know it. All that time, I had maybe a dishwasher or a can opener and didn't even know it! LOL! Like I couldn't do it for myself. Matt must think I am an invalid.

Well, Matt was dumb! Fuck him! He's the makings of the next Polak joke. Yes, he said he is Polish. No matter what I said, he's always going to believe what he wants to. I tried to set him straight, but again, he kept twisting my words saying I said this and that, which I never said. They were just how he interpreted what I said. I stayed on track with him though. That's one thing I am good at. I just hate having to explain everything over and over again to some closed-minded SJW bullshitter who is simply out to troll people who have their own opinions!

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