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Monday, March 11, 2019

Another Petition to Sign

OK, so I was watching a video and someone mentioned about a transgender person desecrating a statue of the virgin Mary because the Catholic church was protesting "drag queen story hour" in book stores and libraries. This is a new trend going on now. Something the LGBT community made up as part of their "take over the world" agenda. They are starting with kids now. You know, this is how I know that being gay/trans/queer is now nothing but a fad. When a group like the LGBT community starts indoctrinating small children (as young as 3 years old) who should not know anything about sexual preference, you know they're gay just for attention and not because it's their natural sexual preference. But there is an even bigger problem, the violence and blatant disrespect these people are now showing the world. Now that gays/trannies/queers have all the rights they would ever need, they want to push it to the limits.

And to think, I used to be a supporter of the LGBT community!! UGH!! Well, I still support their right to exist. I still support their right to marry whomever they want to. But I will not support them luring children into their lifestyle. That is where I draw the line! Kids should remain being kids. The sad thing is, this is what creates these little confused children. And parents forcing this bullshit on kids. Yeah I used to support the LGBT community, until they started getting ridiculous! I used to support PETA. That doesn't mean I still support them today. PETA started acting silly and now so is the LGBT community. So, I no longer support them. It's like that saying that goes "give them an inch". We gave it to them. The LGBT people are now taking a mile. When they start preaching their bullshit to kids as young as a year old, that is when I say it's time to stop the support!! Because the next thing you know, they're going to allow pedophiles. They say they won't ever accept them, but in some circles, they already are accepting them! That is unacceptable to me!

I know I said I don't like kids. I still don't. LOL! But at the same time, I don't think they should be robbed of their innocence. Gender confusion brings on thoughts of suicide later on in life. I don't want to see that take over. Besides, transsexuals are never very attractive. LOL! Transgender "men" still have a vagina, and transgender "women" still have a penis. I know I don't want to have sex with someone with a vagina! I don't want to fall in love with someone with one either. To me, that's gross! I understand there are lesbian women and gay men out there who are attracted to the same sex, and that is fine for them. But don't force it on me! I would be absolutely furious if I was dating a nice-looking man, and he turned out to really be a woman inside!!!

So, you can see where I am getting at with this. I don't want to see another generation of gender-confused people. Let's leave the kids alone and let them grow up in their own time. It's bad enough we got channels like TLC that is glorifying this kind of bullshit! If you ask me, TLC needs to go back to having cooking shows and nature shows. Get rid of this Desmond Is Amazing bullshit!!! It's hard knowing there are women like his mom in the world that is having children and abusing them! So I say, go sign that petition!! Here is the link:


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