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Thursday, February 17, 2011

JD Fans And Timmy Fans

Recently I joined this group on Facebook called Groupettes. Anyone who had been reading this blog for any length of time knows that I am a hardcore Timmy fan. I was invited to join this group that celebrates INXS fans in general. Since I love INXS, I joined. And I think the creator of the group is a cool person besides. :) I like her a lot. But this morning, I began to wonder if I was the only person in there that is a Timmy fan. I began to get the feeling that I was once again surrounded by hardcore JD Fortune fans. I have nothing at all against JD Fortune, I think he's a great singer, and I liked meeting him, he's a nice guy. But even knowing all that, I am still not a HUGE fan of JD's. I've been in situations like that before, where everyone around me were all hardcore JD fans and I was alone among hardcore Timmy fans. Case in point, back in 2006 I joined the Hardstar INXS forum. It wasn't until after I joined that dumbass forum that I found out I was the only Timmy fan in there. Everyone else was a JD fan! That sucked! Because I can remember there were some people bashing me and my interest in Timmy. That was what made me decide to leave. They bashed at me, so I bashed right back.

Don't get me wrong, I like JD. But I LOVE Timmy! In my eyes, JD isn't even a fraction as handsome as Timmy is. But these people kept trying to convince me that Timmy wasn't as good looking as JD. I can't agree with that! My interest in JD is strictly professional. That is, I only like his singing. I have friends who absolutely HATE JD! They hate JD almost as much as I hate Jon Stevens. But hey! I'm good with that. They are individuals and they have a right to like who they want. As does everyone else in this group. But I was almost ready to leave because I thought I was once again the only Timmy fan in there. I didn't want to go through the experience I had in the Hardstar forum again. I should not have to defend myself to anyone. Of course I know I don't have to anyway! I don't have to explain myself to no one! And now that I know better, I don't. Unless they are well-established friends. Most of the people I don't give a shit about, I have them on ignore. Don't worry, I don't believe they care anyway. So move on! hehe!

Well, it was nice to hear there actually were other Timmy fans in there. That was real good! I cannot fit in in a forum that only has hardcore JD fans. No matter how hard I try. And believe me, I did try hard! That's probably the one thing I hate most about most JD fans. They seem to not be able to accept that other people cannot see everything the way they do. There are a few JD fans I have a great deal of respect for, one of them being my little sis, Katrina. But definitely none of those that thinks just because I am not a hardcore JD fan that I am not a real INXS fan. I think I like JD about as much as I like Michael. I still like him, but not as much as I like Timmy. Face it. Timmy is all I have on my mind when I think of INXS. He's all I see. Well, I also like Jon and Andrew. Heck! I like all the guys! But in different ways. But my love for Timmy is dominating. Even though I am pretty sure he doesn't like me. LOL! Here we go again! I mean, does it really matter if he doesn't? Naaaah!! But even if he said it to my face, I'd probably still like him a lot. LOL!

Now, when I say I like him, I don't mean that I want to steal him away from his wife and kids and marry him for myself! No-no-no! I like Timmy, but not that much!! Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't know the real me, and has a sub-humanian lack of intelligence! I would never sacrifice my freedom, not even for Timmy.

Speaking of which, I no longer have a boyfriend! I knew it was a mistake to tell him that I was moving to Montana! Well, I found out he's been secretly seeing another woman behind my back! I'm not mad at her, I am mad at him! He didn't even tell her that he was seeing me. When I confronted him about it, his only response was "Well, you're moving to Montana anyway." I called him a dumbass and walked away. If he thinks I am going to give him another chance, he's going to be in for a big disappointment!! I don't think I want another boyfriend either. I've had it! I don't know what I am trying to prove anyway! I don't want to get married, and I don't want kids either. So really, what's the point anymore in having a boyfriend? Well, one consolation is that my family stated they never liked him anyway.


katrina said...

i could live with a jd-only loving group. fine with me. ;p

TimGal said...

Then you should be on that group. Not me. LOL!