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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Removal of Free Speech

I rarely now go into the pet forums on Craigslist, mostly because I notice a lot of the topics I have posted on get deleted. This morning I read a topic about someone who occasionally posts on that forum, the people on there were chewing him up to pieces! Which really is such typical behavior on pet forums. The guy made a joke he thought was harmless. The joke was about his pit bull killing a pet prairie dog, but it was intended to be a gag. However,  no one else thought it was funny. Apparently, this same guy who made the joke had been on other forums, made bad jokes, was generally abusive to everyone, and often went into the forums in a drunken state. Hmm, kinda reminds me of someone I used to know from the Pluba forums! LOL! She was abusive when she didn't get her way, she was often not very funny, and I would swear she would go into the forums drunk sometimes! Yet, others in there excused her because they were her friends, and being drunk was excusable because alcoholism is an illness. (cough)

I may be not so funny to some, but offhand, I can only remember being banned from one forum, and that forum didn't count! It was the delusional mods forum, and I wanted to be banned from there! I intentionally spammed their forum because I knew it would get me banned. I didn't ever want to go back there, and I did not want people thinking I enjoyed it in there. Ya know the funny thing is, I tried looking for that forum again, and it's not there. There is a delusional fans website, but it centers around sports fans, not INXS, U2 or Depeche Mode fans like the one run by Catsredrum and Netrage did. That's kinda funny! Because ol' Netrage told me that he would never take that forum down. Guess I won the battle there. Well! It served them right! They should never have messed with me! They could mess with a lot of people on the internet, but not me. Because I'll take their shit and throw it right back in their faces if I have to! When I tell someone to back off, they'd better do it. I can be polite the first couple of times, but after that, I can begin to get nasty. The final straw was them trying to accuse me of killing my Groucho. They didn't say it in those exact words, but they did say it in a round-about kind of way, and the message was received loud and clear! That pissed me off, and that was when I said "this has got to stop!" and began my fight against the delusional fans forum! They were damn lucky they were not standing in the same room with me and saying that. They would have been on their asses.

Anyway, I think I bring up some very good points, and it is proven when people neg the crap out of my posts! LOL! The negs to me are a badge of honor. They tell me I am doing my job. The other day, someone posted on the forum looking for doberman pups. Another poster made a comment, something to the effect of that no responsible breeder would touch the OP with a 12-foot pole. I saw that as a great opening, because I feel that is the problem with the so-called responsible breeders. I said "It is exactly that attitude that will always keep the BYBs in business. Because if a person is desperate enough, and wants a breed bad enough, they will go to any lengths to get it." And it's true! And you really cannot blame them! I'm shocked that no one argued my point there. Surely the responsible breeders should have said something in response to that! Sure, they could argue the OP could get the breed they want from a rescue, but where do most rescues come from? 9 times out of 10, they come from the BYBs. It's a vicious cycle. Instead of reputable breeders refusing to sell someone a puppy of the breed they want, try educating them on the breed. Let them know the good and bad points of a breed. Then have the buyer sign a contract (made legally), and sign in front of a notary, that way the client HAS to abide by the rules in the contract. That is the best way.

Well, instead of responses, people began negging my post. I said to them "Neg me all you want, but I speak the truth!" ("Negging", BTW, is short for giving someone negative points. The posts on that forum are often rated by other posters). Well, the next day I noticed that post was gone. Why it was gone, I have no idea. I'm beginning to think anyone who speaks the absolute, honest-to-goodness truth gets their posts deleted because these people don't really care to hear the truth. I speak from experience. I haven't had a problem with having reputable breeders not selling to me, as most people who meet me in person, actually like me. Even though I bad-mouth show breeders. I'm a much different individual in life than I am on my blogs here. Or even on forums. But anyway, I haven't had a problem but I have known people who did. And usually for some silly reason. Like the one friend I had who wanted to buy a kitten, and the breeder would not sell to her because she didn't have a fenced yard. There had to have been some other reason that the breeder didn't tell her! There always is! Like the breeder didn't like the color of this person's shirt or something! I don't know. But the real reason could not have had anything to do with the fact this friend lived in an apartment and didn't have a fenced yard! Because that would have been a dumb reason not to sell someone a kitten! A dog, I could understand! But a cat?? No! Because here's a newsflash: Cats can CLIMB! They can jump. Even with a 7-foot tall wooden fence all around our yard when we lived in Lakewood, our cat still got out of the fence! Nothing could stop him! He'd find a way out.

Well, how about those videos of animals that hate Justin Beiber? That's the weirdest damn thing I ever saw! I'll tell you, if animals don't like you, there's something wrong with you! Animals can sense things that humans cannot. If they sense there is something bad or evil about someone, then there is really something bad! I wonder what it is with Justin Beiber? Only time will really tell. I get along great with animals. I've even been able to approach animals that no one else has ever been able to approach! I remember when I had a job with the census group. One of the homes I had to stop at the man had a big rottweiler. This rottweiler was a trained guard dog. While I usually do not touch these dogs without getting to know them first, this dog actually seemed to like me, which got me funny looks from the owner because he said his dog normally does not like strangers. Once he told me that, I was amazed! The dog wasn't jumping on me or anything, but he would nudge my hand with his nose and wag his tail. He still kept an aire of suspicion about me though, but at the same time, seemed to like me. That wasn't the only time that happened either. To me, it's just the most rememberable because it was a rottweiler that didn't know me at all, and had been trained for guarding the house and family. Those dogs are usually very aggressive.

I love animals, I always have. I still do. I'm more cautious around animals but I still love them. I can't think of a time I didn't have a pet, but I can remember a lot of times I had to fight to keep what I did have! Because my parents did not like pets. My ma still doesn't, but she tolerates the dogs, only because living here with me, she has no choice.

Anyway, I hate being in places where my basic rights of free speech is taken away. That is why I love these blogs! I can live without getting in forums, but I cannot live without my blogs! Blogging is fun! They are my release. It is because of what I write in these blogs that I am able to remain calm in my every day life. Writing for me is a kind of relief of my innermost feelings. So, you can understand why I don't like being in places that take away my rights to say what I feel. People may not like what I say on here, but that's OK. I'm not asking for their acceptance. The only people who matter to me are my friends and family. The people I love most are those who can read these blogs, and still know that deep inside, I am a great person. That's why I say I have the most awesome friends on the planet! I brag a lot about my Facebook friends. LOL! But it's true! They are the most awesome people on the planet! Well! One person is questionable, but for the most part, they are awesome.

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