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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Life In The Deep, Dark Web

Did you all know the internet has layers? There is the top layer, the visible layer. That is the internet most people typically use. Then there is the deep internet, which is only accessible through special browsers. Then there is the dark internet, which is only used by law enforcement and the military. I've been on YouTube, looking at some videos, and I've seen a couple of people who regularly browse the deep internet. It's a scary place!! I've also heard some horror stories about the deep internet, and I will tell you about those in a moment. If you want to access the dark web, well, you can't. Only the military and FBI are allowed there. I think I heard it's only accessible via passwords. Nothing interesting there anyways. And the deep web, it's very interesting, but usually not in good ways.

The deep web is only accessible through specialized web browsers. One such browser I heard is called Onion. For obvious reasons! Though I think someone once said in a video that you can also access it through Google Chrome. They don't have a search engine like Google, and no sites from the deep web can be found on Google either. Their websites are usually small and unimpressionable. Their web hosters only allow so much bandwidth, so the sites are not very flashy or dynamic. They get right to the point. I've never browsed the deep web, and I never want to! The browser, Onion, is not very protected. It leaves you open and vulnerable to hackers. And believe me when I say there are a lot of hackers that access the deep web! Its like an underground alley or something. Lots of people get in there and sell things like electronics, very cheap. Like, you could get a 30 GB iPad for less than $150. But don't buy it! Chances are, it's a stolen item. You can also buy black market items such as guns, grenades, ammo, all the way down to children, and hitmen. You can also rent a hacker. There is no access to Facebook, ebay or Amazon in the deep web, but they do have their own currency system known as BitCoin.

Well, there is a very good reason I steer absolutely clear of the deep web. I've heard some pretty messed-up stories from people who have visited the deep web. Some are downright scary! Going to the deep web is like taking a walk through a neighborhood that you know is a bad neighborhood, at night, alone. It can get really scary sometimes. Like I said, it's crawling with hackers! One truly messed up story I heard, someone was browsing the deep web one day, visiting a site that sells guns. While he was visiting the site, a chat box pops on the screen and says hi. So, he thought he would be social and say hello back. Worst mistake he ever made!! The other chatter said "Do you like the site?" and the visitor answers "It's OK." The other chatter and the visitor make small talk, and the visitor said he had to go. The other chatter got a little upset and said "Hmm, I see your name is Michael and you live in *************, Massachusetts." Well, immediately the visitor got chills up his spine, because the hacker was right. But he tried to make it out like he was wrong. The next thing the visitor knows, he sees a screen pop up, looks and sees himself and what he is doing right then. He suddenly realizes his webcam is on! So, he closes his laptop. It shakes him up pretty bad.

Another scary story I've heard involved a man who supposedly went to the deep web to meet up with what he thought was a woman. He would meet her in a chatroom. Well, it got to be a little much for the guy and so he cooled off the relationship. When he did that, the woman told him where he lived, which kindof gave the guy a jolt because he'd never told her where he lived, but she had his full address up there on the screen! She said "You're only about an hour from me, I'm gonna come and see you." He closed his laptop and went about his business. Suddenly, some time later, he gets a text. It was from that girl! She said "Hey! I'm in your neighborhood now!" About 1 minute later, he gets another text from her and she says "I'm pulling into your driveway." and she sends him a picture of the front of his house. She then sends him another text saying "I see you" and she sends him a picture she just took of him sleeping on his sofa, which is exactly what he was doing at that point. It creeped him out!!

But by far, the creepiest, most disturbing story I heard about the deep web was from a video I watched last night. This man in Australia posted a video of his on the deep web, and well, this guy talks about it himself. It's a 30-something minute long video, but he describes everything.


Can you imagine that? He talks about this guy mutilating a child, then making items like T shirts with pictures of this mutilated little girl to sell!! It's sad! My jaw dropped 6 feet when I saw that! But this is a really good reason I never visit the deep web!!

So, enjoy the internet! But beware of the deep internet! Don't go there!! Unless you enjoy being hacked and stalked!

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