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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cecil The Lion

OMG!! For the past 2 days I've been seeing and hearing nothing except about a damn dentist who went to Africa and killed a fucking lion, named Cecil!! Enough already! I am sick of it!!! It's old news now! And really, anyone who only cares because it is a stupid lion is pathetic! Apparently, this lion was what most people call "special". They say he was an "African icon". That's malarkey!! That's nothing but a load of leopard gas!! A lion is a lion! You seen one, you've seen them all! This lion was no more "special" than any other lion, or any other animal that has ever been killed by trophy hunters over the past years. Well, you all know how I hate lions! I hate ALL panthers. And lions are my most hated panthers of all. I can't stand the sight of them. To look at one literally makes me physically ill. I couldn't care less that one more lion is dead. What I don't agree with about this article is trophy hunting.

Most people seem to be more upset that it was a dumb lion that was killed. Who cares?! It's just a stupid lion! It doesn't have a soul, it is NOT the "king of beasts", and I don't buy that it never hurt anyone. It's just a big, fat, ugly, stupid, sodden-brained, dim-witted, good-for-nothing, psychotic-minded, addlepated, lazy-ass lion!! And I don't buy that it never hurt anyone. Imagine how many hyenas unnecessarily died in Cecil's jaws! I imagine lots of them. One less lion now to worry about. Not that I am a huge fan of hyenas. But lions do kill them for nothing but pleasure. Just like this dentist killed that lion for pleasure. I am totally against trophy hunting! I think it's a waste of life. But I would feel the same way if it were a wolf, or a fox, or a sitatunga that was killed just as a trophy. It's not fair. But let's face it, there have been trophy hunters before, advertising their hunts. No one has ever cried as loud as they do now for this stupid lion. The guy who killed Cecil probably didn't even know it was Cecil. Would you be able to tell just by looking at him? Think of it. Is this Cecil?

Or is this Cecil?

Or is this Cecil?

Or this?

Those are all different lions. Can you tell which one is Cecil? I can't just by looking at them. They all look alike to me. But surely one of them IS Cecil. I just bet you can't tell which one it is, unless you happen to recognize his picture, because it's been posted all over by now! One of my vegan friends posted a thing on Facebook, asking why people are getting so upset about the death of a lion, when people are responsible for the deaths of cattle, pigs and chickens? Well, I responded to her post saying "It's just another propaganda ploy being used now to glorify panthers." It isn't going to stop until they get everyone in the world to love panthers. Well, none of it will work on me. I used to like panthers a long time ago, and I outgrew it. I'm glad I did too! I am not ashamed to admit that it does not bother me that one more lion is gone from this world! However, I am sorry that it ended in a trophy hunt. I just never agreed with trophy hunting, I couldn't care less if it was a lion that was killed, or what ever animal. I just don't agree with trophy hunting. Killing an animal (like a cow, pig or chicken) for consumption is one thing. But killing an animal just to display on your wall is horrible! If you want to display an animal in your living room, BUY A POSTER!!!! No need to go off and kill a creature just to display as a trophy!

Shoot! I don't even agree with Paula trapping Michael so she could display him like a trophy, even though the end result with him was the same. But there will never be another Michael Hutchence! There will ALWAYS be other lions. One dies, another one will soon come along and take his place. No gaps are left whatsoever. There's no shortage of lions out there killing for fun. They all look the same, they're all ugly, disgusting and lazy beasts, someone out there will give them names, but it makes no difference. A lion is a fucking lion. Nothing changes. Get over it!!
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