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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Up At 4AM

And nothing much to do, except browse the internet! I officially HATE M&Ms now! LOL! I ate some last night, when I knew I shouldn't have, and I ate too many and now I feel sick and weak. This really sucks!! But at the same time, it's pretty cool too. But the M&Ms are not the reason I woke up so damn early. I just couldn't go back to sleep. I had the same problem a week or so ago, when I woke up at about 3AM. I heard what sounded like running footfalls outside my window. Then, I heard a black man's voice shouting "Get back here before I fuck you up!" I assumed what I was hearing was a bit of a domestic dispute. I hate it when they bring their bullshit outside at night, right in front of my bedroom window!! Seriously!! Once the girl runs out of the house, LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE!!!!! Your stupid arguments between the two of you are not my business! I don't want to hear it, I don't want to know about it, and I don't want it broadcast in front of my window when I am trying to sleep!! That was the night I was having a nice MH dream too!

One of my friends this morning was saying how she saw someone wearing a shirt that said "Addicted to Jesus" and it made her angry, just the sight of that shirt. So angry, she said she wanted to punch that person in the face. I told her I feel the same way every time I see anyone wearing a shirt that has a picture of any kind of panther on it. I see grown people wearing shirts that have pictures of lions, tigers, or leopards and I feel so angry I want to punch them in the face, and then stomp on that shirt. I don't want to see those ugly faces staring at me when I walk by those people! And believe me I've seen a lot of panther radicals! They make me sick!! I think I'm even over that business of wanting to get myself a kitten. Know why? It's all thanks to this stupid panther-fanatical wussy on YouTube who calls himself "TYRANTZILLA Fastlife". Normally, I don't respond to negative people on YouTube anymore, but I wanted to have some fun with this dumbass. It led to a nearly week-long battle of wits. Well, Tyrantzilla had no wits at all. His biggest insult was calling me "gayass", his reason is because I don't like lions or any kind of panthers. I call him a wussy because he does like panthers. I also call him a dumbass who has no brains or creativity of his own, also because he loves panthers.

I truly believe people who love panthers only do so because they are followers. Either they were foolishly influenced by that stupid movie "The Lion King", or that disgusting program "Big 'Cat' Diary", or they are just afraid. Afraid of feeling rejected because they don't like what everyone else likes. I'm just exactly the opposite. The more popular something is, the less I like it. In the case of panthers, it's because I got so sick of hearing about them and seeing them on every nature show, it just became nothing but a pile of cat shit! I hate panthers. I hate the entire cat and panther family. I'm proud of that too. That's what sets me apart from the rest of the people. That's who I am. And I love being different. Believe me, I'd feel worse if I did like panthers. I'd feel like I wasn't being true to myself. I've experienced that feeling once before, all because I wanted some idiot people to like me, and it was the worst feeling in the world and I swore I would NEVER do that again!!! My self-respect is a million times more important to me than the respect of strangers.

One of the big reasons I hate panthers so much is because of the panther-fags like Tyrantzilla. You know, people will forgive panthers where they won't forgive any other animals? For example, if a lion kills a hyena, all the cat-fags will say "That's nature", or "the lion is just protecting it's family". If a lion runs from an attacking crocodile, the panther-fags are like "lions don't take unnecessary chances with another dangerous animal", and they seem to understand it. But if a hyena fends off a lion, the hyenas are suddenly the "bad guys", or they are "evil, disgusting creatures that deserve to be killed". Or if a hyena runs from a lion or a crocodile, the hyena is labeled a "coward" by the panther-fags, and they suddenly don't understand it. People don't seem to know that hyenas are a considerably older family than the felines. I don't like hyenas myself, I think they are ugly and smelly, but I do find it fascinating they have been around so long (40 million years as opposed to true felines only being around for 20 million) and are still going strong!! Hyenas are very successful, in spite of everything! They don't take unnecessary chances either. They didn't survive all these years by being stupid. Unlike felines, hyenas don't go out looking for fights. They do what they are programmed by nature to do, and that is eat to survive. Felines, on the other hand, have only been here for half as long, and they are not faring very well since humans have taken over the scene. I'm not talking about "cats", I'm talking only about TRUE felines. Other animals known as "cats", like the civets and mongooses, have been around for a good 50 million years and are secretive, but as a family they're mostly doing OK.

The oldest carnivore family though, by far, are the canines. Foxes, being the earliest representatives of that family. Canines first came on the scene when Tyrannosaurs and Triceratops were roaming the Earth. They survived the extinction event that killed the dinosaurs. They were what all modern carnivores are descended from. That includes felines. Yet, canines are labeled by the panther-fags as being "cowardly", or by cat-fags as being "stupid". Having studied canines for many years, I can honestly tell you, NO canine is any of this!! As a family, they are doing far better than the felines, despite the fact they've been around for many more eons. Wolves were wiped out at one point, but they are back and have been extending their range faster than bobcats, lynx and mountain lions. The difference is dogs aim to please. Being descendants of wolves, they are programmed by nature to do what the leader tells them to do. Cat-fags don't understand this, and what people don't understand, they either feel fear of, or they just loathe. Not everyone is like me. I hate panthers because I do understand them, and I know they are WAY overrated! They are the most over-embellished creatures on the planet thanks to cartoons, movies and over-worked panther fanatics and cat-fags.

Well, I must say I am not too different from other people. Not in every way. I just have my own point of view, just like everyone else. One guy I am subscribed to, was talking last night on a video about faith, and he said it really hurts his feelings when his family, who are Christians, tell him or their friends they hope he, who is an atheist, comes back to having that faith in GOD that he used to have. He said people who believe in GOD do so for comfort, because they don't want to face the unknown by themselves. GOD provides them with some security, something to lean on. He may be right! I think the same thing about show breeders! I've met many show breeders, when I used to get into pet forums and go to dog shows, and that wretched email group I was on just before my Groucho died. One thing that seemed to be mostly universal, show breeders seemed to be very insecure people! Remember that John Cipollina guy, the guy who ran Maestro Chihuahuas? I thought it was very unusual how he just got so angry with me for almost no reason at all, it was also very suspicious! I'd be the first one to admit if I'd done something wrong. But he acted like I murdered his family and he just wanted to tear me apart for it. When all I really did was fill out a survey that I thought was going to the whole forum to fill out. No one told me it was only supposed to be directed at one person, it was sent over email to everyone, and I thought we were supposed to all fill it out. And I did! I also gave my opinions honestly.

Well, when John Cipollina read that, he blew his top clear off!!! LOL! He was yelling, screaming, and I think I may have even felt the veins in his head popping. Or I heard them! LOL! He could have handled it diplomatically, and sent me a PM kindly pointing out exactly what it was I said that offended him. He could have wrote me something like this:

"Hello Cassandra,
I'm glad you decided to join our group. I hope you can learn something new about the breeding game. I am just writing you a PM because I found what you said in your survey to be quite offensive, not only to me, but also could be taken wrong by some of the other breeders on the group. Like, when you said ...(insert offensive breeder line here) I just want to make sure you have your facts straight on this subject. For example, (insert factual breeder info here)"

And so on. I would have been understanding. I was trying to do breeding the right way, I welcomed constructive criticism, and really the last thing I wanted back then was to offend anyone. John Cipollina, and everyone in that group for that matter, might have even got a public apology from me. But no, John Cipollina was not even nearly that tactful. And he was no gentleman! I was slammed at by him with a barrage of hate-filled tirades, anger soaked in venom, verbal assault and the like. And not just by him, but also by his dumbass show breeder "friends". And I do use the term "friends" loosely, because I don't believe any show breeder can ever be a good friend to anyone else, except for other show breeders, and only for as long as they are winning show breeders. I haven't seen anything of that John Cipollina in a long time. I wonder what ever happened to the old fart. Not that I truly care! It's partly because of him that I hate show breeders so much now. Most of the show breeders I've met have been a lot like him. Judging by his outrageous attitude, he probably had a heart attack. Anyone who gets as angry as quickly as he did, they've got to be suffering some blood pressure problems, maybe some heart problems too. I hope it killed him too!! That would be wonderful news! hehehe!

Anyway, I think the reason he was always so mean and hateful is probably the same reason a lot of show breeders are mean, because maybe as a child he was neglected. Maybe his parents never showed him any love. They probably spoiled him more with gifts and possessions than with love, understanding or any physical contact. This makes people like him feel insecure, so he breeds to give himself a sense of accomplishment. He probably also shows his dogs to give himself that much-needed ego boost. That's one of the reasons I never showed any dogs. I don't rely on my animals to give me an ego boost! I have other ways of getting that. My Metazoic site for one thing. My love for INXS is another. INXS friends are the greatest!! MUCH better than show breeders ever were!

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