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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Condolences To Nick Cave

I don't know Nick Cave, but I do know he and Michael were friends. Michael was inspired in a lot of ways by Nick Cave. Well, Nick had twin boys, and one of them passed away yesterday. He was only 15. He died falling from a 60-foot cliff. Today the authorities in Australia are saying the kid committed suicide, that it wasn't an accident. That is so sad! I felt sad yesterday after hearing this news. I'm not even a fan of Nick Cave, at all. I've never heard his music, he's not overly handsome, I never heard him sing, but this is just terrible. The kid was only 15! That's the fact I cannot get over.

It saddens me when someone that young dies. Think of it! The kid never really had a chance to grow up. He never got to have a career, he never finished school, never got married or had children of his own, he never even got old enough to get a driver's license. It's sad! I've been in school and a couple times got news another fellow student passed away. The first time was in 1984, a young girl in my class was riding a horse when the horse stumbled and fell on top of her. She was in a coma for 3 days, and the family finally decided to pull the plug and she died. I was really too young back then to understand what happened. I understood death, but I wasn't put together enough to realize the impact something like that would have on her family, or the opportunities she missed by not being able to grow up. I couldn't go to her funeral, I'd never been to a funeral in my life, and I couldn't bring myself to go to that of a friend's. But several of my other friends did go to her funeral. There was a great deal of sadness that day.

About 2 years later, in 1986, another incident happened to a much older student. I don't remember his name though, but some of my friends knew the guy. He was out with some friends one weekend and driving around, getting drunk and they got into an accident. The driver accidentally crashed their car into a tree, this boy was thrown from the car on impact and he died instantly. Apparently, his head hit the ground really hard when he was thrown from the car, and crushed his skull and brain. One of my teachers actually saw him after he was in the morgue. The teacher described his face being all scratched up and his head was crushed. The boy's mom was in the attendance office to fill out a discharge from school form. When asked for a reason, she simply replied "deceased". I don't remember if they had funeral services for him in that school, not like they did for the other girl in my last school.

Aside from also losing a few teachers in between those times, those were the only times I'd heard of anyone close to my age passing away. Well, until now, but this doesn't count, I'm getting older. At my age, death is closer to me than family. When my time comes, I'd like to think I am ready to go. There's just a few things I want to complete before I make my final journey.

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iesha said...

I was angry that bobbi kristina browns death was on the tv and not arthur caves.