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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Oh Lawdy Lawd!!!

I am so glad I am not a fan of Paula Yates!! UGH!! One of my friends announced that there are 2 groups dedicated to Paula. One group is run by a woman named Sheila, the other group is run by Maria and Jannah. OMG!! I am so glad I am not a Paula fan! SO glad!! And I must say now, I would suggest the Paula fans go to the group run by Sheila, and stay clear away from the group run by Jannah! I'm not saying Jannah is a bad person. I don't believe she'll come to your house, park in your driveway and wait for you to come out of your house to mug you. But Jannah definitely has some serious emotional issues! Can you imagine what she'd be like as a moderator in a group? You'd say one thing she doesn't agree with, and she'll get obsessively angry at you before booting you out of the group. I imagine it to be pretty much like this:

Dee: The sky is blue today.
Jannah: The sky is never blue. It's a sea-greenish color.
Dee: No, the sky is definitely blue.
Jannah: It is NOT!!! I'm right! You're WRONG!!!
Dee: When I look out and see the sky on a clear day, it's always blue.
Jannah: I don't care what you see when you look outside! I say the sky is sea-greenish and I don't appreciate you contradicting me!!!!!
Dee: OK, so you see the sky as being sea-greenish, I see it as blue. Let's leave it as that.
Jannah: Oh you are just about the rudest, most obnoxious person I ever met!! And if I were the Battlestar Gallactica, I would HATE you for contradicting my vision!!!!
(Dee goes to type a response only to find out she is unable to respond because Jannah has kicked her out of the group).

That is what I mean. You disagree with Jannah, and she will most likely boot you out! If you like a challenge, I say go for it, join that group. I'd never join a Paula Yates fan group anyways. But if I ever did, it wouldn't be one that is moderated by Jannah! Maria is OK, I like her. But there is a definitely good reason I never asked Jannah to become my friend on Facebook. Also why I am glad she has me on ignore on Facebook! I hope she never takes me off ignore. Of course if she did, I could just put her on ignore in turn. I don't care if she likes Paula. I am not shallow enough to not like someone just because they don't like the same things I do. (Don't listen to the dirty dozen mob!) What I don't like about Jannah is how she gets so outrageously angry over little things like someone disagreeing with her.

Take it from me, I've dealt with people like her before. I know what the outcome of that group is going to be like. A lot of people have even given up the MH & His Life fan page because of people like Jannah. She has blindly and viciously attacked everyone who does not like Paula, including Michael's own sister Christina. And Christina was there when Paula did all that shit to Michael behind his back! Jannah wasn't. I have a great deal of fortitude, I can handle a lot of lashings and hatred. But I'm the kind of person that can take people or leave them. I don't care. But if you're trying to make friends with Jannah, well, I just suggest don't even try! She hates people who disagree with her. She will turn on you at the drop of a hat if you say even one thing that she doesn't agree with. The sky is blue argument is just a sample (it didn't actually happen) of the kind of little things that sets her off. I think she needs therapy, and if I were her, I would get it before I even dream of moderating any group.

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iesha said...

Tina was right about Paula anyways.