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Sunday, February 5, 2017

We Have A "Thing"

Katrina and I decided to have some fun last night. In minutes, we were laughing. It all started when some catfag, who calls herself Tricia AW, came to my channel and commented. I went to her profile page, and it looked like one of those trolling profile pages that was just slapped together in a hurry just so she could troll anonymously. I don't even believe Tricia is her real name. I kinda got the feeling she is one of those liberal, SJW INXS fans who think I believe cancer is a joke. Though I am not sure, but she sure does sound like one of them. I wouldn't put it past them! LOL! But not only did she attack me, she also attacked Katrina. This was the comment she left on my channel:

Hmm, I had no idea that the only requisite for being a canine-radical is to say negative things about cats. LOL! Like cats and dogs are the only 2 animals in the world, and if you like one, you don't like the other. LOL!! Right off the bat, I could see how dumb this person is. Perhaps I am a lemur-radical. The only problem is, I don't give a shit if other people don't like lemurs. Therefore I don't argue with them about it, and that's what a radical would do. As long as they don't try to change my mind about lemurs. Well, this was my response to her:

And she is. I cannot thank her enough for the many times she has helped me out. But for us, it's a two-way road. She helps me out, I help her out too. Katrina though HATES cats!!!! They've nearly destroyed her property many times in the past. She hates cats even more than I do. She hates them so much she shoots at them with a pellet gun. There's no talking her out of that one. She is a cat-hater for life. LOL! She has this $50,000 car, the strays around her house completely destroyed the convertible top and she has had to have it replaced a couple times that I can remember. One time, one fell through the roof and got stuck in her car when it had a rip in it, Katrina said that cat was in there overnight (at least) and pissed and shit all over the back seat. The strays shit on her driveway and buries them so no one can find the shit until they step on it. The strays scare the birds and squirrels that come to her feeder. Oh yes. Don't ever mention cats around Katrina! LOL! She can't stand them. Her oldest daughter took a liking to cats and wanted one, and Katrina said "Fucking Hell NO!" LOL!

Well anyways, our little visitor last night just seemed to come in and announce how much we spread hate. This was her closing argument:

And this was my response to her:

But since Tricia AW decided to include Katrina in her attack, I thought I should let her know. So what did I do? I called her on the phone (once she was done with dinner) and let her know that Tricia was talking about her. So, she goes into my channel and this was her first comment:

LOL! Basically an "Asshat" is the same as saying "butthead", and I told you all Katrina had the Beavis and Butthead influence! LOL! So, on that note, she and I decided to have a little bit of Beavis and Butthead-style fun at Tricia's expense. All I could say in response to this was she was using Butthead's laugh, and I was supposed to be Butthead.

Well, then Katrina responded to when Tricia said "You and Katrina do have a thing going on":

LOL!! I knew what she meant too. Again, the Beavis and Butthead influence there! She's stuck on that stuff! I had to favorite that comment! Made me laugh so hard!! This was my response to Katrina:

Katrina also responded to when Tricia said "birds of a feather". This is what she said to that:

Again, I knew what she was getting at. LOL! I was laughing so hard at this point, my eyes were tearing up! But I responded to Katrina anyways. This is what I said:

LOL!! Ahh Katrina!!! She is something else! Yeah I know, we're horrible! But we have so much fun being like that! She didn't respond after that, I guess she and her husband wanted some "alone" time. That's OK. I'm sure she'll get to it. But anyways, that was the little bit of fun we had last night.


katrina said...

hell yah, a hard wood cock! lol!
hey has she come back?

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan said...

So far no. LOL! I think you scared her. LOL!