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Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Old Twats In This Town

UGH!!! I hate the old foagies in this town!! Now, I realize I am an old fart myself. But the old farts in this town, I really fucking HATE them!! They are so temperamental!!! And I hate riding the damn bus because every time I do, I run into one of these damn old farts! Here I am, having been baptized and I am trying to go for a change. But when I see people like these old-ass-bitches in this town, it just totally destroys my goal. Sometimes I just want to punch these people in the face! If I didn't have such high morals, I probably would have by now. But that's really not who I am. I don't go around hitting other people, or putting my hands on other people. I try to treat others the way I'd want to be treated.

Well today I got on the bus, I wanted to go to this computer shop that a friend told me about to get a cord I need. Also, keep in mind, the fair is in town. So, you can imagine how packed up the bus was at this point. When Mya and I got on the bus, it was very packed. All seats were taken, except for a few in the very back. But the aisle, being as narrow as it was, and with most people hanging their backpacks, and their feet in the aisle, I had no choice but to take a seat next to this old woman who I'd never seen before. She was sitting in the center of the seat, which was between the seats, I guess so no one would sit in the seat next to her. But I took that seat anyways, and I found Mya and I were hanging in the aisle ourselves. I didn't want that. So, I scooted into the seat, which made this woman next to me scoot over, and boy! She fussed like a baby when I did!

Well, I tried to be nice about it. I apologized for having to do that, but she looked at me and hissed like a snake. LOL! Well, I asked myself "What would Jesus do?" I think Jesus would have just chosen the peaceful way out and just sat there, minding his own business, and kindly apologize if something unexpected happens. So, that is what I did. Because she had been trying to take up 2 seats, I was sitting on her coat, so she dragged her coat out from under me. Again, I apologized for sitting on her coat. Again, she hissed like a snake. Then she kinda sarcastically said to me "I've just had surgery! OK?!" and again, I said "Sorry." very kindly. As kindly as I could! Then I turned to her and said "I'm not trying to be rude here. But there was just no other place to sit." Again, that woman hissed at me like a snake! LOL!

What she doesn't know is that is not what I really wanted to say to her. If I wasn't such a nice person, and trying to better myself, I would have instead said to her when she cracked that kind of attitude at me, "Listen bitch! You chose to try and take up 2 seats on a bus that was packed! And I'm not going to walk down that narrow aisle with a baby in tow, so I had no choice but to sit next to you. I don't like it any more than you do! So just sit there and shut up and we'll both be fine!" But I did not do that. That's not what Jesus would have done. So I had to clam up and just sit there. Thankfully, she got off at the fairgrounds. But believe me, it took a lot of self-restraint not to push her off that seat.

I think the reason so many old people in this town are so hateful is because of this one guy, whose name is Richard. He looks almost exactly like Santa Claus, but he's not anywhere near as cute. And I think he's homeless because every time I've seen him, he's always carrying all his belongings with him. But I do notice all the most hateful old people in this town all associate with him. Maybe he's spreading bullshit about me. He doesn't even know me! At all. I've never spoken to him. Only seen him on the bus occasionally. But isn't that the way it always is? People like him love being the center of attention. Then they find one person who won't give them that attention and they talk shit about that person. In his case, he can say shit and his dumbass friends will believe him because they like him. I am not on the bus to make friends though. I'm hoping I won't have to ride the bus forever. Though I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I want to save for a car of my own.

There's this woman I often see associating with Richard, and her name is Mary. They both talk among themselves so much, at one point, I thought Mary was married to Richard. LOL!!! But Mary HATES Mya! One day I was getting on the bus at Safeway, and Mary was on there, made some crack about "That's the woman with the dog again!" She doesn't know my name, and she doesn't need to know either! There was this woman with a little girl who got on beside me. The little girl loved Mya. All kids do! LOL! The girl's mom said to Mary "Sorry about my daughter being annoying", and Mary stated "Oh not at all! The dog is more annoying than you all!" talking of Mya. I wanted to punch Mary in the face at that point! More than anything! Mya never did anything at all to Mary. She never even barks when we are on the bus. Mya's basically a good girl when we get on the bus.

Well, my vindictive side came out, and when Mary got off at her stop, which was about a couple blocks from the Safeway, I said "Now, I would have just walked all that way!" Then once the bus got to her stop, it took Mary forever to get off the bus! Part of the reason was she would not shut up. So, I sat there and said "Come on you dumb bitch! Get off the damn bus!" I said it kinda below my breath, but I think she heard me. Richard was there too, and I think he heard me too. But Mary started this. Not me, and not Mya. I say Mary's lucky that's all I did to her! I really wanted to punch her in the face! Yeah! I know that's not what Jesus would do. But you can say what you want about me, but don't pick on an innocent puppy! She's not doing anything wrong. And Mary is FAR more annoying than Mya is or will ever be! Mary is one of the howler monkeys. And now that I know more about her, I don't like her. And I don't like Richard either!

It's odd, because I've actually chit-chatted with Mary before. I thought she was a nice person. Well, she sure wasn't. Maybe it was a front. I remember telling Katrina about this in detail. She said it sounds like Mary is jealous. That's all it could be. She believes it's possibly because I now have Mya and all my attention goes to her, and not Mary. Since Mary and I got along before. And that makes her a little upset because she's not getting my attention, and a little jealous because Mya is. I think she may be right. Even though Katrina has never met Mary. LOL! But if so, that means Mary is an attention-whore. At her age, too!

Well, I love my apartment, but I am growing not too fond of this town. The people here, especially the old people, suck balls! I am actually finding the nicest people are the ones who ride the bus from out of town. Or it's the younger people who are nicer and more understanding. I think the old people here are not used to outsiders coming into town. But I say fuck them! I'm here, and I am here to stay! Fuck off if you don't like it! But hopefully I won't have to ride the bus for much longer. Maybe I'll win a scratch-off and be able to buy a car from there. LOL!

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