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Monday, August 28, 2017

Woa! I've Reached A Milestone!

I posted a video up last Wednesday, something like that. I talked about the video that Mr. Repzion put out about Joy Sparkle BS. I mostly addressed Mr. Repzion's complaints about Joy being inconsistent. Which is really true. I like Joy, but I have noticed she is really inconsistent. For example, when she says she is not going to make another Onision video, the very next day she usually has another one up. Now, I have a few Onision videos on my channel. I have no qualms about making videos about him. But the one thing I never wanted to do was make hundreds and hundreds of them. The only time I ever talk about Onision on YouTube is if he does something that really pisses me off. And I mean REALLY pisses me off! Like when he used his wife's mental disorder to attract other, younger girls into their relationship and how he thinks that is just fine. That pissed me off BIG time!!! But I did not make 100 or so videos about it. And I won't. I figure one is enough.

There is a reason for that. I think it's wrong to do something like make 100+ videos about someone. I remember how the delusional mods used to be with other INXS fans back in the day. They would talk and talk and talk about other fans they considered to be "delusional", and they would make up things in their heads and post a bunch of bullshit on their forum about said fan, trying to interpret what they think the fans were saying, putting words in their mouths, and twisting them around to mean something else. The problem was, the delusional mods were always wrong in their interpretations. Joy is not as bad as say Catsredrum was, but she's almost as bad in that she continues to post about Onision, but doesn't seem to get anywhere. But I like Joy, I enjoy her videos, even the ones about Onision and DaddyOfFive. I think she's a good kid. Even though everyone tries to convince me she's a scammer. But most of those accusing Joy of being a scammer are teenagers and preteens. They don't know any better. I haven't seen where she's scammed anyone. And unless I get a bolt from the blue saying different, I'm going to take Joy's explanations at face value.

Well, my video hasn't even been up a week and I've already gotten over 1000 views on it! It's amazing! I've never had a video get over 1000 views in such a short amount of time! Of course I watched Mr. Repzion's video within minutes after he posted it, and my video is probably one of the first responding to his video. His video, he announced a few weeks ago that he was going to make it, and I said I'd watch it just for the hell of it. But I also added it wasn't going to change my opinion of Joy. And it didn't. I still like her. Because Mr. Repzion really hasn't said anything I didn't already know. And being as old as I am, I can't say I haven't heard it all before. I've also gained over a dozen subscribers! I know I'm not on YouTube for the views or subscribers. But it's always nice when I exceed my own expectations. I mean, I never even expected to hit 400 subscribers. Now, I have well over that many! However, it comes with a price I didn't want to pay.

Along with popularity comes a surge in trolls and haters. This is really why I did not want to become popular on YouTube. Or Facebook for that matter! No matter how good you are, people ALWAYS let you down! And trolls and haters are just waiting in the wings to catch you doing something, one little thing, that they can blow all out of proportion, spread around YouTube, and completely ruin your life over. It happened to Joy. She made one remark about black or brown people that was said in jest, and now has people doxxing her, she has videos being made about her by haters using things she said taken out of context and exploding all out of proportion all over YouTube. Something about poo-babies. I dunno. Now, she's labeled a racist all over the site, and she's tried to apologize for the confusion, and as the same thing that happened to me, people are saying her apology isn't sincere. UGH!!!! I hate it when people do that! You do something off or wrong, people demand an apology, you apologize, and they don't accept it because they think you're not being sincere. That's why now, I've gotten to a point where I don't give any apologies anymore. Lately, I've just been like "STFU!!" You can't demand an apology from someone and then say that you're not accepting it!! That doesn't sound right to me!

I know Joy wants to be the good person and apologize if she's done something wrong. I understand that. But you've got to learn to just turn your head and walk on by. You can't apologize for every little thing you do or say. Believe me, when you get to be my age, you learn you cannot please everyone, and eventually you learn to stop trying. Life is so much better when you just let other people work out their own problems they have with you. Don't worry about it, and don't apologize for it. One thing I've learned dealing with libtard SJW INXS fans, they don't really know what they want. They may not be aware of it, but they are going to run you around and around until you wear out. Don't let it happen. If it happens, they've won. The only reason the SJW libtard INXS fans won over me last time was because I was mourning my father, and my emotions and immunity to insults was still weak. But, I tend to get over things fairly quickly. I still miss my father a lot. I still mourn him. But, I am past that stage where little things break me. I'm getting stronger by the day. The fact that I have the SJW libtards blocked on Facebook helps a lot. Also that I got Mya. She helps me a lot too. I never would be as vocal on the INXS groups as I am now if it wasn't for those two things. I still see the blocked people where they have commented, though I cannot see their actual posts. But when I do see one, I just figure if it's someone I have blocked, then I don't need to see their comment.

Well, the important thing is I'm back to my old self. And I am happy. I can continue to work on my happiness now. But it is cool that I made this video and it's getting a lot of views. But I also have to be ready to deal with trolls, like this one I just got tonight who's name is Steph. UGH!! Same name as my damn stepsister!!! Only this one is a smart-ass teenager who thinks she knows me from watching one video of mine. And griping that I am judging her "because she has a different opinion than mine". LMAO!!! I'm having some fun with her. I went to her page and she practically admits she's an asshole. She came on my video and started shit with me. And now is getting all angry because I am fighting back, using the same tactic she used with me on her. This is what she wrote on her YouTube channel:

I actually love it when these crazy millennials write this kind of shit on their profile anywhere, and think it entitles them to run around the internet acting like dumbasses and starting shit with other people. But then again, the term "millennial" has become synonymous with the term "entitlement". LOL!! And sure enough the libtards agree. She should know better than to start shit with someone whose job is to actually think. I write pretty much for a living. I can outwit her in any argument. She was actually easy! Compared to some other trolls I've met. She opened a lot of doors herself so, she's obviously inexperienced.

I'll post more about Steph tomorrow, as I am almost positive she'll be back. LOL!

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