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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Happy Birthday Timmy!!!

Ahhh! He's finally hit the big 6-0!! But he's still so handsome to me! Will love him always. Happy birthday Timmy! Thanks for the wonderful memories!!! I will always remember this night:

I look terrible in this pic. I look like a damn fatass witch! LOL! But Timmy looks so handsome!!! I will always remember that night! Even without the pic I'll always remember it. UGH!! If only I had got a pic of me with Michael, it'd make my life complete. But I never did. I just kissed him was all. And I did not have a camera with me that night. I also remember the night after this pic was taken, I saw INXS again in Lincoln City, and Timmy threw me a pick.

I remember as JD sang "Love, baby Love--Is written all over your face" I pointed right at Timmy and he saw me. He smiled at me and then threw me his pick. The girls in front of me tried to get it, but I knew it was meant for me because I saw how Timmy looked at me just before he threw it. I felt bad for the girls in front of me who also wanted the pick. Apparently, Catsredrum was standing next to me, and did not like it that I kissed the pick when I caught it. LOL! But who cares! Yes I did kiss it, because I could not believe my luck! I held it up to my bosom too. LOL! Again, because I could not believe my luck! Another gripe she had was that I sniffed the pick. LOL! Yeah, because for some reason, it smelled like chicken. I guess Timmy had been eating chicken that night. Oh well. LOL!

I thought those two nights were going to set the stage to a happy year that year. But unfortunately, it did not last long. A few months later was when I lost my Groucho. That was the worst thing that could ever happen! A few weeks after that, I met the guys again, but I was not myself. I was in a very bad way because I was still mourning my baby. And that was supposed to be a happy day. But I was miserable the whole time, and it showed. After that meeting, I was like "Oh man! Why did I behave that way?!" It was because I missed Groucho. I took it out on everyone, even my favorite men. I didn't mean to. It just happened. That's how I am when I am in mourning.

I remember around that time was when I also started getting even with the delusional mods. Well! They were implying that I killed Groucho, and I wanted to set them straight before they began believing that lie and spreading it around. Like when Stephanie implied that I don't care enough for my dogs. I made her pay for that remark! Same as the delusional mods. I saw that post (one of my "spies" forwarded it to me), and I said "this has got to stop!" So, I gave the delusional mods a taste of their own medicine. They deserved it! You can say a lot of things about me and I don't care. But don't EVER accuse me of not taking good care of my animals!!!! I did everything I could to save Groucho. Don't ever say different. Or you will get black-balled and I don't give a shit!!!

Another complaint the delusional mods had, they hated it when I called Timmy "Timmy". They thought Timmy hated to be called that. Well, look at this tweet from Kirk:

If Timmy hated to be called "Timmy" so much, why would Kirk call him that? Those two are best buddies. Love ya Kirk, BTW!!! I know I used to be angry with Kirk, and I was for a long time. But I've gotten over it. Though I don't think he forgives me. But that is OK. Though I look back at some of the things I said about him in the past, and I cringe. I don't blame Kirk at all for not wanting to forgive me. I hope he can someday. But I'll leave that up to him. I do want him to know I am deeply sorry for those awful things I said.

I said the same shit about Michael for a while too. And I look back on it today and I cringe at that too. I'm disgusted by how I used to talk about him! UGH!!!! Today, I look at those posts and I think "Man! I was dumb to think that about Michael!" I was downright harsh in those days! But those days are past. They're gone. They don't count anymore in my life today. I've turned my back on a lot of things I thought in the past. Now, it's time to move forward. This is what baptism does for me! I get to move forward. If others want to stay in the past, let them stay there. I'm thinking more about the future now. This is what Jesus would want me to do. Atheists, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! hehe.

Anyways, happy 40th to INXS, and happy 60th to Timmy! Love ya still Timmy! I always will! So glad to see you're still smiling above all else. I hope you live another 60 years! 😀😚

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