Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Monday, November 6, 2023

Another Loss

 Well, it's sort of family. I just found out this morning that someone I've known since I was a child just passed away. It was Lucious. He was the brother of my very best childhood friend. I could not believe it happened at first. But I got the message from my mom who got it from his mom, Brenda. She told my mom that he had blood cancer, like leukemia I think. By the time he felt any symptoms of the disease, he was already in the 4th stage, which I don't think anyone gets out of when they contract cancer. My sis sent Brenda condolences from both of us. So did my mom.

Strangely, my mom thought Brenda had blocked her on Facebook. But she thought enough of my ma to write to her about Lucious. Even though ma didn't really care for him after she found out he raped my sis. Lucious had always been evil. I was not as good of friends with him as I was with Tara, his sister. I never did forgive him for what he did to me when I was about 7 years old. We were out playing, and Lucious wanted to mow this man's yard who lived across the field from them. I saw the man had a beautiful calico cat and I said out loud "Hmm, that's a pretty pussy cat!" Lucious suddenly went "Ooooo!" Next thing I know Tara and Lucious were running back to Brenda and Lucious told her, with my mom standing there, "Dee said a naughty word! She said to this old man 'you pussy!'" I was blown away!!! I never said that! But as soon as my mom got the word, she took me behind the stairs and spanked me. She didn't even ask me or Tara if it was true. I also remember seeing Lucious pass by us while me and mom were standing there, and he was looking at us out the corner of his eye, with a big smirk on his face.

Later on, I started to feel unsure myself. I turned to Tara and asked her if she heard me call that man a pussy. She said "No. Lucious just wanted to see you get in trouble!" I figured that too. Like I said, Lucious was evil! But I have to put that behind me now, he's gone. I felt very sad hearing this news. He left behind a wife and 2 children. Both grown up now.

Well, ma said Brenda blocked her on Facebook a few years ago. She believes it may have been because of something Felicia Hollis said. I wouldn't put it past her! Felicia is nuts! I used to think she was a nice, level-headed person. But after she went completely apeshit crazy during those BLM riots, called my mom a racist, and said the Holocaust never happened, I figured she must have gone absolutely insane. I no longer had, nor even wanted to have, anything to do with her at all! I told mom it was just unfair that Brenda stopped talking to her because of Felicia. Brenda has known us longer than she knew Felicia, and Felicia is nutso-coo-coo now. Well, like my mom said, it's their loss. But at least Brenda thought enough of my mom to tell her about Lucious. I just wish Brenda would stand by my mom too, like she used to, instead of listening to one loony shit-wit who does not deserve to be friends with my mom anyway.

Well, I'm thankful Tara is still around. And she's not lonely at all. She has her husband, kids, grandkids, and cousins, and her mom. And don't feel too bad about Lucious. Hopefully he is now in a better place. If I can forgive him without him repenting, surely GOD can. Afterall, we were friends with his family. It's just such a sad thing. He was younger than my sis. And cancer sucks anyway! Cancer has no place in this world! I'm sick of hearing of people I love dying from cancer. I wish it could be completely eradicated now!

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Snow-White or Shit-Brown?

 So what is it going to be? Disney is making yet another live action movie. This one is their woke remake of Snow White. I like the original 1937 movie Walt Disney himself made. But I don't think I'm going to like the woke Snow White. For one thing, they turned Snow White into a colored person. I think she's hispanic or something. Her name is Rachel Zegler, and she is a spoiled little brat! What gets me is I am sick of the constant race-swapping and the complete change of the story that Disney has been doing lately. I mean they change the storylines to a point they aren't even recognizable anymore. So why change the story and not change the name? What's up with that? Instead of calling the movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" they should have retitled this movie "Shit Brown and the Seven Weirdos". One of the things the whole story is centered around is Snow White's skin as white as snow, with hair black as ebony. But woke Disney wants to make Snow White's snow-white skin into a shitty brown.

The seven dwarfs are not even dwarfs. They're just a bunch of wackos that woke Disney refers to as "magical creatures". Again, there is no magical creatures in the original Snow White movie. Not even in the original story by the Grimm brothers. The only magic performed in the movie is when the wicked queen turns herself into that old lady. They also took the whole plot of the story completely out. They didn't have Snow White find her Prince Charming. This movie has Snow White seeking power, which is dumb! Its not even remotely like the original story. As a woman, I enjoy the innocence of Snow White looking for her prince. I also love the songs she sang in the original Disney movie. If Snow White is looking for power, she's no longer innocent. She's probably an evil, mean, psychotic woman who will be shown killing men in the woke version.

Well the woke Disney version comes out in 2024. I probably won't be watching it. All these woke stories Disney is putting out is no different than the one before it. They are all about colored women hating men, and seeking power. Boring! I don't care to see that. But next year, the Daily Wire is putting out their own version of Snow White, starring Brett Cooper. I might watch that one. If I can. I think the Daily Wire needs to offer their movies and stuff on DVDs. Knowing the Daily Wire the way I do, I'm sure their version of Snow White will be better than anything woke Disney could ever make.

Most people now, even leftists, are sick of the woke Disney remakes of old movies, and it seems NO ONE likes Rachel Zegler. There is just no point. Most young women want to meet their own Prince Charming. They like seeing young women in movies finding themselves a loving man. No one wants to see a powerful woman seeking power. That's so dull! And the outcome is so predictable. These days, if you'd seen one woke movie, you've seen them all. One movie where a woman gains power is one thing. But woke Disney is overdoing it. It's gotten sickening.

Sunday, October 15, 2023


 I remember how I used to hate Donald Trump. I've even gone so far as to call him "president Dump". Oh boy! I look back on that now and cringe. It's amazing how my mind goes from thinking one thing to thinking another. There's even a post way back where I say CNN is reliable news. I sure don't think that today! That's why, when you read posts I've made in the past, it'd be foolish to think I still think the same way today. Not every past post is that way. I still believe some of the things I've thought in the past. So, not all the posts would be wrong today. But only I know what is in my mind today.

One of the reasons I hated Trump so much was because all the leftist media was saying Trump was going to be the start of WW3. But now, 5 years later, I haven't seen Trump starting any wars. In fact, he's the only president in recent history who did not start any wars. Both Bushs did. Clinton started an internal war on this country. Obama started the same (with BLM and other race wars) and ISIS. Biden has the Russia/Ukraine war and now the Palestine Gaza war going on. But what wars did Trump start? None that I can think of. If anyone can jar my memory with a war that Trump started, let me know in the comments. But as far as I know, Trump did everything in his power to stop war from happening. Even making peace with North Korea.

When he did, all the leftists saw was "Trump is talking to the enemy!" and called him a traitor and all that other bullshit. What I saw was completely different. I saw our president making peace because he didn't want us to get stuck in another world war. And it worked as long as he was in office. I still believe Trump should have got the Nobel Peace Prize. No other president we've ever had, deserves it more than Trump. Not even Obama. Shoot! Especially not Obama!! Giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama just turned the whole thing into a bubblegum prize. That was nothing but a joke! They would have gained my respect back again if they had just given Trump the award and told the leftists to shut up!

Well, I have to send kudos to Candace Owens. She told off one of them LGBTQ allies in a manner that no one else has done publicly before. However, I've been saying the same thing for years. Some nutso on a college campus asked Candace what she would tell the LGBTQ kids on campus who felt threatened by her very presence that day. Candace stood up, straight and tall, and responded "Life is tough, get a helmet! I'm too pregnant for this!" That seriously made me laugh out loud! To a point I almost choked to death! That's very similar to what I would have said. Of course I don't think I would have thought of telling them to get a helmet. But that was funny! Seriously! Leave Candace alone! She has 2 kids at home and one on the way! I'm sure she has better things to do than to babysit a bunch of 20 year old children who weep and cry every time someone they don't agree with comes on campus! No one could care less about how a bunch of whiny trannies feel!

Oh, now trans and non-binary people are complaining because they have a hard time getting jobs. That too is funny because they bring that upon themselves. Any employer worth their salt has seen how these people act at work. I even saw one crazy non-binary woman on Tik Tok say when her boss calls for all ladies to return to work, she's just going to ignore him. I saw that and I said "I wouldn't hire you either!" she'd be gone within the hour if she was going to act like that in my business! I've even seen people who have been misgendered by their boss, by co-workers, and even customers sit in a corner and cry, gripe and complain. I won't have that either! People seem to have forgotten a person needs to earn respect. Not everyone is the same in what conditions they will give the other person respect. But for me, you won't earn my respect by sitting in a corner crying just because you were called a "she" instead of a "they". Nor if you are disobedient when you should be doing what you've been told.

UGH! This is why I am not a good trans-ally. These days it's increasingly harder to tell the honest trans people from the fakers. I don't like the fakers.

Anyway, the leftists are always calling Trump a war-monger. But then you ask what wars, or even bombings, happened while Trump was in office, and they cannot even answer that. That's because they can't think of anything. They'll either tell you to google it or they'll say "Just listen to his speeches". I heard many of his speeches. Not one talked about starting war with another country. One of the people who doesn't like Trump, I used to consider one of my buds. I've even heard that person say the same thing. That same bud, even said Trump is a murderer. I always want to ask them "Who did Trump murder????" I never did understand that argument! Even on January 6, 2021 Trump didn't tell anyone to murder anyone. He said "If you're going to protest, then do so peacefully!" And they did. Nothing underhanded happened at the Capitol building that day. That's the problem with the leftists. I think they really project the shit other leftists do (like Antifa and BLM) and pretend the Trump supporters are doing it when they really aren't.

The leftists laugh at that observation, but let's face it, I've never seen MAGA supporters harass or harm anyone. I once saw a video (by Brandon Farley) where BLM and Antifa were in Portland, chasing an older man, who tripped on a garbage can and fell to the ground, and an Anrifa thug kicked the poor guy in the head and knocked his tooth out. I also heard on that video a bunch of young, black leftist girls laughing at the guy who was on the ground. They were laughing "He got himself knocked the fuck out!" I heard that and said "That's not funny at all!" Apparently, the man said something bad about blm. Probably stating what should be stated; that ALL lives matter. I notice that really sets black liberals off the deep end. Now, say what you want to about us conservatives. But I've never seen a MAGA conservative do anything like that! We're mostly peaceful, friendly, upstanding people. We don't invade cities like a bunch of rat antifa thugs do.

I don't blame Trump for the shit antifa and other leftists do. Because I know he's not the one telling those goons to cause destruction. I wholeheartedly blame the leftists, not to mention their parents, because they brought them up to be little crybaby bitches who get mad when they don't get their way. As for being a war-monger, I think the only one who fits that description now is Biden. The world is laughing at us now, and taking advantage of Biden's weakness and stupidity. This is embarrassing for the USA. I want Trump back! I really do! He's made some good, strong promises for when he gets back in office. I want to see him put those promises into effect. This is what I love about Trump. He keeps his promises. Most of them anyway. As long as the democrats don't interfere.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

When You Support Psychos

 Did anyone hear of this yet? A week ago, a white man was stabbed by a black man who was very unhinged. The white man was named Ryan Carson. He was 32 years old. The attacker was Brian Dowling, and he's a damn teenager. But he has been convicted before of murder, but he was set free on bail from prison. I think I heard it was his mother who bailed him out. As sad as this death is, I have very little sympathy for Ryan Carson. I haven't shed a single tear for him, and let me tell you why.

Ryan Carson is one of those BLM supporters who was also in support of defunding the police. I have very little sympathy for any BLM supporting person who also wants to defund the police! I don't want the police to think all of us civilians are like that. I don't support BLM or defunding the police. In fact if you ask me, I think the police should be given more funding. I don't give two shits about BLM. None whatsoever! If this happened, and Ryan hadn't gotten hurt too bad, I'd be asking him if it's true he supports BLM and how he feels now about defunding the police. Legitimate question. Because this is the kind of shit that happens when you defund the police. The only reason BLM wants to take down the police department is because they wanted to be able to keep committing more crimes. I knew that from the beginning when George Floyd died. If there's one thing today's black liberals love doing is committing crimes. They favor committing crimes just as an artist may prefer to work in ink, painting or sculpting.

Notice I am only talking about black liberals. Because you never see black conservatives doing any rioting or looting. I don't like criminals. That's why I'd much rather be standing next to a black conservative than a black liberal. Know how I can tell the difference? Because black liberals never smile or say hello. Either they are thinking about robbing stores and looting, or they are thinking any white person standing next to them has "white privilege". Leftists really hate it when they think someone has any sort of privileges they think they don't have. The truth is, ANYONE can have privilege. If I was out robbing and rioting violently like Antifa does, I'd expect nothing more than to get arrested. If I ever snapped and did what Antifa does, I'd hope the police would arrest me and put me away. Because I wouldn't be in my right mind!

However, I've never seen black conservatives doing what Antifa does. They are usually against the things Antifa does. Only black liberals who go overboard with white privilege and defunding the police approve of what Antifa does. That's why I don't like black liberals. Call me "racist" all you want to. I do not like black liberals. And I will always be cautious of them. If they want us to stop stereotyping them, then do yourselves a favor and stop acting like spoiled little brats. Take away that ammo we have to use as stereotypes against you. So far, all black liberals have done is prove the stereotypes are correct. Like I've always stated, stereotypes are there for a reason. And as humans, we learned to avoid danger by going by those stereotypes. The animals that didn't remember those stereotypes are the ones that die off.

Anyway, back to Ryan Carson. He was at a bus stop with his girlfriend when Dowling passed them. Carson and his girlfriend were quietly sitting at the bus stop and Dowling was a few yards from them, knocking down scooters. He turns to the couple and says "whatchya lookin' at?!" Apparently, looking at a black person is a major sin. They seem to always ask others what they're looking at when they look at them. Which actually makes me think of a funny incident that happened when I was taking a computer class. I'll talk about that later.

Carson approached the assailant and tried to get him to calm down. The assailant pulled out a knife and the victim stood between the assailant and his girlfriend. Apparently so she wouldn't get hurt. The thug stuck the knife into Ryan's chest and ran away. Ryan collapsed to the ground and died shortly after, leaving the girlfriend weeping over him. After that, the thug's girlfriend came up and said she was sorry and ran off. Who knows if she was really sorry. For all I know, since she's with the thug, she may have caught up to him, laughing about him killing a white guy. I wouldn't put it past her. That's what black liberals do. They have no sympathy for white victims. Remember the lady who tried to rent a bicycle and was attacked by black men trying to take the bicycle from her. Black liberals all over the media were bellyaching about "white tears". Just like they always do!

Now I even hear that the victim's girlfriend is asking people to feel bad for the criminal, probably because she thinks the thug was "a victim of the system". Again, that's what all leftists believe. Well, I don't feel bad for the thug. At least not in the way she would want me to. I feel bad for the society that let him out of prison. Because even after numerous incidents that have happened like this since George Floyd was put to sleep, the leftists still haven't learned their lesson. Not everyone can be tamed! It doesn't matter what skin color they are, some people just do not belong in civilization! I don't know how many more people are going to have to die in this manner before they get the message! But that is the saddest thing about this whole situation.

I would even argue that I don't belong in civilization, as I hate people with a passion. But there is only one thing wrong with that; I've never killed anyone. I have that little voice inside me that tells me killing people is wrong. I never even had the desire to kill anyone. That just isn't who I am. I just keep to myself and see all people as something to be avoided until they prove otherwise.

Sunday, October 8, 2023

My Reward

This is late in coming, but I just had to write this here! I went to the bird expo in Medford last weekend. I said I was going. I got a little laryngitis, and I said even that was not going to keep me from going! I was as determined to go to that bird expo as this cold was in stopping me from going. I looked up to the Heavens and said "Bring it on, bitch!" to mother Nature. I also flipped her the bird. I said NOTHING is stopping me from going to that bird expo. Well, my patience and determination was rewarded. I found most everything I wanted. I found every natural color of gouldian finches and bought a male and female of each. I also got some zebra finches. I'm not a huge fan of them, but I love their cute little calls. So I said if I found some that looked decent I'll get them.

I also found a man selling scarlet-chested parakeets. Now, I have ALWAYS wanted those! Ever since I had my last set of birds in 1992. I found them at a pet store and they were so beautiful, they took my breath away! Their colors seemed to glow in the light.

That's exactly what my male looks like. The female is not as colorful. Those were the first birds I got when I entered the building. I also found someone practically giving away Pacific green parrotlets. I always wanted a parrotlet. Its a female and I don't have a name for her yet. I thought about calling her Camille. That was just the first name that came to my mind when I saw her. I have to work with her a little more, she is not tame. I guess that was why this guy was selling her so cheap. Oh well. I love her anyway. She's so adorable!! She did bite me when I was trying to get her out of the carrier. She bites hard too! But I just chalk it up to an occupational hazard. LMAO! Amazingly, the scarlet chested parakeets don't bite. But they are not tame either.

I wanted to try and get a female diamond dove. Lots of people did have diamond doves there, but none of them were the natural colors I like. They were all blues with white tails and I'm not into mutated colors in birds. I'm very picky about that kind of thing. I only like natural colors. So, I wasn't able to get a female diamond dove. My poor male is so lonely. All he has now is the female ground dove. I lost the male ground dove when I went to Medford. Don't know why, it just happened. I came home and he was deceased on the bottom of the cage. I managed to save him from the kittens, but he got taken by something else. He may have been sick and I didn't know about it. I'll just have to wait until this livestock place has some available again.

I also managed to find some blue-faced parrot finches. I could not find the Forbes parrot finches, but then again those are quite rare. I didn't expect to have any luck finding some. The blue-faced parrot finches I got have a little bit of white on top of the head. I don't normally go for that, but it's only a little bit of white. On the female, it hardly shows much. But they are a proven couple. That means they have had babies before together. Well, at least I got them back. Now, if only I can find the Forbes finches again. My usual supplier has them. Or he DID have some. I don't know if he does anymore. They are no longer listed on his ordering page. I may be waiting for them for a long time! They are still listed on his website. Just not available now.

Well, I have plans for the next year. My sis is moving back to Bozeman, and I'm going to have to go with her. This time, I have no choice. My sis has the car, and I am going blind. A little bit at a time. But I need her to drive me places now. I'm gonna miss the ocean. But I told my sis if we can get property close to a river or stream, I'll be just as happy. And I don't have to move into the loony house again! I heard ol' Andy got himself in trouble. Now, he's getting violent. He's begun physically abusing people. Not at all a surprise. He did smack Karen B. with a newspaper once. For an occasion like that, I'd better buy a gun. There is no way I can beat Andy in a physical altercation, and with my bad leg, I cannot run away anymore. So, I need a gun. I really do not want to shoot anyone. Not even Andy, as much as I loathe him. With all my heart and soul. But I don't want to kill him. I just want him to stay away from me and leave me alone. Same with Karen. In fact, I don't want anything to do with any of those loonies. My sis and I are hoping to get a home and stay there. Far away from the loony house! Anna can keep her friends, but I don't want to mingle with the loonies anymore.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

My Future Christmas Trip

 I cannot wait! On Oct. 1, there is going to be an exotic bird expo held near Medford. I cannot wait to go! I really should not be talking about this, because I don't want to jinx it. But I just cannot wait to go. I'm so excited. I have some bad news to the people who read this blog when we got Dahlia and Petunia. We had to let the kittens go. I've felt terrible about it. But I had to. I put up with them knocking things down, and still loved them. I put up with them scratching holes in my curtains, and still loved them. But there is just one thing I won't let go on, and that is my birds. We left the kittens in the living room to eat. BIG mistake. While my sis and I were in our rooms, the cats had gotten to one of my doves. When I saw him, he wasn't able to fly. I did notice Petunia was under their cage. But they both had PLENTY of food in their dish. I thought they'd concentrate more on that than on my birds. They had been squirted enough times that they should have known by then, to stop harassing my birds. But Petunia was under their cage, and my little ground dove was not flying. Yet still responsive.

I reached inside the cage to get the dove out so I could investigate him. I saw the tale-tale rip under his left wing that told me the cats had gotten to him. He was torn, but it was small and fixable. I had to isolate him though. But I turned to my sis and said, "That's it! I want them cats OUT of my house!!!!" I turned my head before, too many times. This time, it was lucky for that dove that we got out there in time, or Petunia would have had that poor bird all consumed. The same way they consumed my parrot finches and my tricolored nun. I told my sis to get those cats out of my house! NO MORE CATS!!!! I told my sis we'll stick with puppies from now on. So my sis took the kittens to a shelter in Salem. I know they will find them a good home. Petunia is so sweet and mellow, she's sure to attract someone.

I hated it after I sent the cats to the shelter, and I did try and try hard to accept their little flaws. But when it comes to my birds, I just have to draw the line. This was the first, and will be the last, time I send any pet to a shelter. I hate doing that! But I had to do it for the sake of my birds. The very next day I cried though. Because I missed Dahlia and Petunia. And I'd never given a pet to a shelter before. Although my parents did it plenty of times when I was growing up. I'm just not used to it. I was going to send the kittens back to the lady who gave them to us. But we knocked on her door and she didn't answer. She NEVER answers. But that would have been so much easier on my emotions. It's hard letting them go to a cold, callous shelter. But I had no choice. Anyway, I did manage to get my dove back to flying condition again.

This is why I want to go to this bird expo. I want to see if I can replace the birds those cats took away from me. I also want to get some gouldian finches. I have always wanted to have gouldians in my collection again. But good ones are now hard to find. I like my gouldian finches to look like this:

But now, too many people are breeding gouldians that look like this:

I don't like that. Nobody can paint like mother nature. I want gouldians that look like gouldians. Not like canaries! Or those that have some of their natural colors missing. Same with parrot finches. They're supposed to be beautiful beyond all reason!!! Like these:

But like the gouldians, too many people nowadays are breeding the colors out of them. Like this:

This is the reason I don't go to pet stores to get birds. Unless I see some that I absolutely must have! But most often than not, all they'll have are those ugly mutations. I prefer the all-natural colors. So, I hope I won't be disappointed by this bird expo. But I am going with an open mind. I cannot wait to see what is there!

It's going to be early, but my sis gave me some money to start saving for this bird expo. This expo is my Christmas present from her. I'm also saving some of my own money. I'm really going to scrimp and save and when this expo comes, I'm there! And I'm gonna come back hopefully with a shitload of birds!!!

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Why I Hate People Too

 And I never want to see any of them again! Except for family and close friends. Fortunately, I have very little contact with people at all. With the exception of on Facebook. I ran into a chick yesterday whose name is Leeann. I opened up Facebook and noticed she had sent me a message. I don't even know this chick! She's not among my friends. But she told me one of my friends is a liar, that she tells people she was raped just for attention. I didn't know who she was talking about. I didn't see the picture she posted at first. I looked in her profile and saw a lot of vegan/Adopt don't shop propaganda. So, I was thinking she saw my post about Trump and was calling him a tramp and a liar, just like ALL leftists always do! I was about to tell her that both Biden and Obama lies even more than Trump ever did. But I wanted to make sure of who Leeann was talking about. I wasn't sure if it was somebody or something motivated by next year's election.

I left for a bit to do my rounds all over the internet, like I always do. When I returned to Facebook, I finally saw the picture she posted to me earlier. It was from a young lady named Bailey. Leeann said "Its very clear who the tramp is". Um, OK, so I read the post. Apparently, Leeann had been harassing Bailey for quite some time. I noticed a couple things stood out in the post that Leeann showed me. Bailey had been asking her to please leave her alone, and all Leeann has done is call her nasty names, told everyone she sleeps around like a slut, said she hopes Bailey gets raped and murdered, etc. I saw that and I asked Leeann "You wished she'd get murdered and raped????" She could not deny it. She stopped the conversation right there. I told her "Girl, if you are wishing someone to be raped and murdered then it sounds to me like you are the one with the problems!"

This is why I hate, hate, HATE the vegans and ADS crowd!! With the burning passion of 1000 Hells! The reason Leeann is harassing Bailey, telling her she'd like to see her murdered and raped, is because Bailey breeds dogs to show. Vegans and ADS people hate that!! I always say, if it's good enough for nature, then it's good enough for us. I PM'd Bailey to let her know what went on, and get her side of the story. Bailey showed me another post Leeann made to her once. Leeann mentioned something about Bailey lives in a backward state, and added "You're probably pro-life too" yadda-yadda-yadda. I said I hate anti-life, hypocrite vegans. Leeann probably has a dozen cats, which if you follow me, is always the biggest contradiction to any vegan's beliefs. Especially if they are radicals. Because either she has cats and feeds them meat, which is cruel to cattle, pigs, fish and chickens. Or she feeds her cats vegan food, which is cruelty to the cats. I may like cats, but I do still feel any vegans who own cats are hypocrites. One way or another.

I'm glad I contacted Bailey. That's how I got the whole story. Thus the whole truth. Leeann told Bailey that because Bailey has a mental illness (which she doesn't) Leeann is going to turn all her friends against her. Well, she didn't succeed with me! I'm not like the INXS fans! LOL!!! Leeann would definitely be able to fool them and get them on her side. But not me! Leftists always only believe leftists. I told Bailey to just ignore Leeann. I like Bailey, and I love her dogs! She has multiple champion Australian shepherds. One of my favorite breeds. I told her to keep doing what she's doing.

The funniest thing about this is Leeann told Bailey yesterday to stop harassing her! LOL!!! I was like "Excuse me, but it seems you Leeann, are harassing Bailey!" If she's asked Leeann nicely to leave her alone, then Leeann should just back off.

Yes, I know exactly what it feels like to have someone spread vicious lies about them. I know the feeling of knowing some evil individual has taken control over your friends' minds. And it's especially hard to deal with if your emotions are already weakened by a recent tragedy in your life. I know exactly how that feels. But for me, I'm older. I was able to overcome it. All I needed was Mya, whom I got in the midst of this turmoil. Not only has Mya cheered me up, but she's also made me more social with the neighbors. But Bailey is a minor. It's harder for her to deal with. I understand that too. I was mistreated by bullies as a child as well. I just hope GOD and her dogs can help give her strength. She's doing a good thing for aussies. I'd like to see her keep it up and go big places with it. Leeann can stay home, cry over pigs and women who oppose abortions and become a loser just like all the other leftists.

Friday, August 25, 2023

Trump Arrested!

 Well, now the leftists should be happy. Trump has been booked apparently and behind bars. It's the leftists' dream come true. But again, I am not worried. Trump will get out. He turned himself in, even though he cannot be accused of anything that would have put him in jail. Everything is just simple misdemeanors. I dunno. If I were Trump, I wouldn't have turned myself in. That's almost like saying yes, I did do something wrong. But Trump has a method to this madness. He deliberately did not attend the republican debate the other night. He said he didn't go because FOX News begged him to show up. But Trump basically knew all they were going to do was use him as their punching bag. He also basically arrested himself because (and this is just a theory) he thought it would get him many more votes.

The strange thing is the democratic party are having people put in jail because they defended Trump. That's stupid! So why are Trump's defenders getting arrested, but Biden's lawyers get off scott-free? And the leftists think it's the republicans that are allowed to get away with shit. That's because they only listen to CNN, MSNBC and Twitter news. Twitter is not the most reliable place to get the news. Most of the time, people just post their opinions. And CNN and MSNBC favor left wing narratives.

What I am now waiting for is how are the leftists going to twist this story? You know how they are, and so do I. I thought about this last night and I said to myself "How are the leftist media pundits going to twist this story? Will they say Trump turned himself in because he was too cowardly to attend the debate? Or will they make fun of Trump for turning himself in?" Who knows? But the truth is Trump turned himself in. How he thinks that's a great idea, I'll never know. At least I won't know until this business plays out. At the debate, Vivek Ramaswamy was the big hit. But again, I don't think he's going to win. Libertarians never win. But the debate proved Ron Disantis is not as impressive as he acts. He's actually something of a wussy. But I still say it was a genius move sending all the illegals to the so-called "sanctuary cities". Because it proved, once and for all, that leftist narratives are nothing but just words. They say "Immigrants are welcome here" but they don't really want them around. The people of Martha's Vineyard have already proven that.

I remember a few years ago, I saw a video of a DA in California, and he was so thrilled his town was registered as a sanctuary city, that he got up from his seat and did a little joyful dance with his secretary. In the meantime, I was asking "Does this bum even realize what he's getting his town into??" Lots of homeless encampments, violence, and walkers being harassed every day. People are starting to complain now. And I mean NOW!!! We need new defense strategies right now.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

The Fifth Indictment of Trump

 I told you all, didn't I? This is a real SCREAM!!!! Donald Trump has been acquitted of all charges against him from NY and GA. Like I said, the leftists keep trying to put him behind bars and it never works! LMAO!!!! But I find it so funny every time they try. I totally imagine them, every time one of them says "I got some dirt on Trump now that will put him away forever!" The leftists hold their little hands and rub them together like the boss guy on The Simpsons and say "Yea! We got 'im now! HAHAHA!" And they have that big, evil grin on their big, stupid faces! All the while, people like me are sitting back with an even bigger grin, saying "Trump will not be charged!" And laugh every time the charges against Trump do not put him in prison. It's fricken hilarious!!!! These dumb leftists think they know the laws. But laws are not based on a person's feelings. And unfortunately for leftists, all they know about is their feelings.

Typical leftists. This is why I left the left, especially after studying how the INXS fans reacted to me after they thought I was talking about one of their favorite friends who said she had cancer. Which she didn't. But the fact that they all thought I was talking about her and making fun of her is very typical of what leftists do. It's the same reason they cannot seem to get Trump in trouble. Because leftists speak without knowing all the facts. They think they know. But because they make judgments based only on their feelings, they don't get the whole truth. They just think "this feels wrong" and tell all their cronies and they all run with it.

I know that's all in the past, but I bet Tess O'brien, Kelly Poulter and Claire Aisha are still going around the INXS community telling people the shit they think about me. LOL! But at this point, I'm glad that happened. I hope they still are telling people those things they think about me too! I mean it. Because it shows me what knuckleheads the leftists really are. And it keeps them away from me too.

I kinda wonder what the leftists will try against Donald Trump next. One of my friends posted about Trump's indictment yesterday, saying the same thing. One of her friends said "There's still the sinking of the Titanic". Another said "There's also the mattress tag removal". Knowing the leftists, I wouldn't be surprised if they did bring those up against Trump next.

I cannot even believe there are still leftists out there who think Donald Trump still belongs behind bars. I had one of them on my Facebook friends who wrote a post saying "Lock him up! Lock him up!" what a dumbass. I told him I hope they do lock up Biden, he deserves it more than anyone! That must have offended him because the next thing I know, I get a notice saying he replied to my comment, and when I went to read his reply, I was blocked from his Facebook. Oh well! That's OK. I'll never know what he said, but it's probably a good thing he blocked me. LOL! I've come to expect that from leftists these days. It's Obama that made them so hateful. I think it's simple frustration and jealousy on the part of the leftists. Because one, they couldn't have Obama back for a third term. And two, they couldn't bring Trump down. But I hate Obama! He's the one that wigged the leftists into believing that Trump supporters are the enemies. The leftists are just too dumb now to realize Obama was their real enemy. He didn't even like this country! I knew that since before he got in office.

I also can't believe there are people out there that still think Biden is doing a good job. LOL! Anyone who says that with a straight face is nothing short of an idiot! The guy is so out of it, that he farts in front of other World leaders! And one thing that was spreading among youtubers last week, we all found out Obama is really GAY!! I personally always knew that myself. and don't care whether or not he is gay. I mean really! You cannot possibly mistake Michelle Obama for a real woman! But the thing that I think is funny about that, is Obama took office saying he was never going to approve gay marriage. I once saw that on a clip on YouTube. And now to find out it's really true he is gay and Joan Rivers was right about Michelle being a tranny. It's all just too funny!!!!

People should start listening to me. I'm very intuitive about people. I usually can tell whether a person is good or not, because I am a good listener. If you want to know who isn't a good person, you don't ask someone who is an ass-kisser with lots of friends. You listen to someone who can recognize a bully when she sees one. I've been around them all my life. I know what a bad person looks like. And I could tell, from the start, that Obama is not a good person. Neither is Biden. And Kamala Harris is just plain crazy! I mean, I can be polite. I always try to be anyway. But never mistake my politeness for being an ass-kisser. Some animals are very good at hiding their real emotions, and I happen to be one of those animals. I've been polite and kind to people on the outside, but just couldn't trust them on the inside.

You know what else? Even CNN is slowly admitting Trump was right. I saw a clip about it yesterday. It seemed like some kind of a breakthrough. But I'm gonna sit on that one for a while. Once a leftist, always a leftist. Except in a few rare cases, like mine! LOL!

Saturday, August 5, 2023

Catmom In Training

 Don't worry, I am still more of a dog person than a cat person. I won't change. But having Dahlia and Petunia here has been a learning experience for me. I don't mind telling you all, it's been tough. I went into this deal with a little bit of a growing love for cats. Mostly some breeds. Not necessarily everyday house cats. Though I find the only ones I still don't like are gray tabbies. I'm still sick of seeing those! But neither Petunia nor Dahlia are gray tabbies. Not visually anyway. But someone once told me on Quora that if I love a cat with my whole heart, it's easy to forgive their quirks. Well, I tried that. But with these two, I have decided to try again. It's been VERY hard! I keep having to ask GOD to give me the strength to continue with these kittens, and HE always comes through. I still love them. Just that sometimes that love is hard to hold on to when these kittens do things I don't like.

A lot of what I am studying is also based on what the catfags have said to me over the years passed too. They were always ragging me about how cats are better than dogs, and easy to care for, and not as disgusting as dogs. Well, over these past few months we've had them, I'm learning a lot they have said about them is false. And thensome. For example, people do not believe me when I say cats are just as disgusting as dogs. Well, I've got some bad news for them. Cats are indeed, as disgusting as dogs! In fact they may be even more disgusting than dogs. Cats lick their asses a lot! The smell gets on their face, and then they want to rub your face with their face. The same face they had just licked their butt with. Not only that, but they also lick each other's butt too. Especially Petunia! Petunia will lick Dahlia's butt, and if Dahlia tries to get away, Petunia will just follow her, with her nose in Dahlia's butt all the way. And vice-versa! Dahlia does exactly that to Petunia too. And Mya won't even clean herself! So, where are all these dogs that lick their asses all the time??? I've never seen them! Mya won't. I still have to clean her butt myself. And my sis has seen both kittens sniff Mya's butt at the same time. I thought that was supposed to be the other way around! So any catfag who has said cats don't ever do disgusting things is a fricken moron! I tried to tell them! LOL!!!

Cats also drink from the toilet, whether or not it's been cleaned or flushed. I've also found that they like to play with the used toilet paper floating around in the toilet bowl. Then they want to walk all over your counter tops and furniture. My current furniture is ugly, so I don't mind that much. But I plan to get new furniture, and I won't have no cats playing in the toilet and walking their dirty feet all over it.

I also once met a teenager who inherited her grandmother's dog, and said she hates the dog because she said it always begs for her food. She claimed her cats never beg for her food. Well, so far, I have never seen a cat who did not beg for our food. Petunia and Dahlia both do it. And so did Tux/Venom. Only with cats, it's much worse! Because they can climb up on your lap while you are eating, and get their faces right into your food. Nevermind putting your food on a higher counter to keep it away from the cats! Cats can jump and climb! When Venom was visiting us, my sis made a smoothie and put it up on a shelf to keep the kitten away from it. Well, Venom figured out how to reach it, and climbed up and was licking some of the smoothie my sis made by the time she caught her. So, that debunks the "my cat never begs for, or steals, my food" myth. If 3 different cats we've had here stole food and begged from us, then other cats have to be doing the same thing too!

Another thing they do that I don't like. They like to harass my birds!!! Now, before anyone goes and gives me the "You shouldn't have birds with cats" speech, let me tell you, I have known several people that kept birds and cats together in the same home and they did fine, as far as I know. But so far, I have lost my blue-faced parrot finch male, both Forbes' parrot finches, and one tricolored nun to both of these cats! Those aren't cheap birds either! The Forbes' parrot finches were $450!!! I was MAD!! Or maybe beyond mad. I was PISSED!!!!!!! So now at night, I have to keep both kittens locked up in their crate. That's the atonement they now have to live with for killing my birds! But at least they won't get anymore of my birds again. It's very sad that some birds' lives were lost in me learning that lesson, but it's a mistake I will never make again!

So those are a few things I've learned so far from Petunia and Dahlia. I still, very miraculously, love them. With a lot of help from GOD. 

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Cis As A Slur?

 The gay leftists keep trying to change our language to suit their feelings, never thinking about how those changes impact us all. For example, they want hispanic people to call themselves "latinx". This is so non-binary latins can feel included. Well, I don't like it, and I am a hispanic woman. No latin people like that change, and like me, refuse to use it. The damn leftists need to stop attacking our language. They hate tradition. That's why they're trying to change everything. But no one else likes the changes they want to make. They've also been trying to change the word for straight men and women to "cisgender". No normal person likes that either. In fact, now people are starting to consider being called "cisgender" as being equal to calling black people the "n" word.

The fact of the matter is no one asked for these changes. No one except the gays. Now, I have a lot of respect for a lot of gays, but when they try hard to change our language when no one wants it, it gets on my nerves. I already lost respect for trans and so-called "non-binary" people. Mostly because they are so annoying! I am resisting, as much as I can, starting to feel the same way about gays. I don't want to turn on them because I have gay friends, and I enjoy them. Every once in a while, I have to keep reminding some of them that I am not gay. Like this girl I have as a Facebook friend. She keeps talking about how someday we'll be together. Now, I like her. But not in that way. Usually when she starts talking like that, I stop responding. I don't want her to get too comfortable with that idea.

The thing is, words the leftists make up have absolutely no meaning whatsoever. I mean, even when you call a black person the "n" word, at least it does have an actual meaning. The word is actually latin, and it's really spelled niger, and it means black. You can even see it many times used in the scientific names of animals. For example, Felis nigripes; the black-footed cat. Sciurus niger; the fox squirrel (which is often jet black in the wild). And Saguinus niger; the black tamarin. There's also Solanum nigrum; which is the European black nightshade. But who came up with "cisgender" and what does it mean??? It has no meaning. It's just a made-up word the leftists thought up and slapped as a synonym to the word "gender". So, in a way, it is a slur.

At least gay people call themselves fags nowadays and seem to enjoy it. Although I've never used the word fag to refer to gay people. I use it to refer to fanatical radical people. Because originally, and still in some parts of the world, "fag" means a stick that you set fire to. And since my experience with radicals have always been firey, that's why I call them "fags". Anyone who has ever told anyone that I've used "fag" as a slur for gays is nothing short of a moron.

However, I do not like being called "cisgender", because the word does not exist. Only in the minds of leftists. And I am not a leftist! Not anymore. I gave that lifestyle up once I realized what they are really like. Looks like I am not the only one who finds leftists distasteful. Lots of people now are starting to wake up and see them that way too. Boy! Am I glad to see that too!! See, even though I hate Biden and Kamala with a burning passion, I am glad they got into office. It was Biden and Harris who made it mandatory to allow men to compete in women's sports, and to use women's private areas. This has opened more peoples' eyes to what is happening out there than any other event that has occurred in this country. Also, we are seeing how Biden barely has a brain anymore. He is always going out and disgracing himself. Either by farting in front of royalty, and shitting his pants in front of other world leaders. Trump never did that! And now, as the world watches Biden and Harris make fools of themselves, Trump is getting a much-needed rest. 

I even heard the charges against Trump the DA of NYC have lavished on him have been dropped. I knew it would be! The left keeps trying this and Trump keeps beating them. But I love to see them try so hard!!! LMAO!!! I kindof wonder what they will try next. I'd like to think the leftists will learn a lesson from this, but I highly doubt they are even capable of learning anything.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The Best Thing About Summer

 Here it is, summer is almost over (about half-way over) and now I sit unable to wait for the end. However, here in Tillamook, summer may still stick around. Up until around October. This isn't like WA. Or even like Bozeman. My sis said in Bozeman it can begin snowing as early as September. I might move back to Bozeman with my sis. I always wanted to start a pet store, and I really think Bozeman would be the best place to start. The nearest pet store is in Billings, 200 miles away! But I hate summer in Bozeman!! It gets way too hot! My sis wants to move back though. I said I will as long as we don't move back to that loony house. I don't know my sis's friend Mack very well, but the ones that are still there that I remember are the loonies I don't care to see again. Just go there, run my pet shop and that's it. Personally, I'd rather live in a house or a mobile. Apartments have too many damned rules! That's what I don't want to deal with anymore.

The best thing about summer is when it's over. Though it only gets really hot here in Tillamook no more than 3 days of the year, I'm ready now for some cooler weather.

I'm not positive, but I think Kathy did read this blog. Remember when I said she is delusional? Well, she made a change. Or maybe ma did, I don't know. But this is what it reads on Ancestry.com about my sis.

Well, at least I can see here, Kathy made the necessary change under sibling. But now, she still has herself listed as our mother. Kathy is NOT my mother!!! She has now even done the same thing with me...

The only good thing about this is that at least she didn't put Stephanie and Jennifer down as my sisters! But she still lists herself as my mother. Which she is NOT!!!! My mom would not be like her. Kathy has not made any attempt to contact me or my sis since almost a year after dad died. Of course Anna doesn't want to hear from her. But I am willing to sit down and talk like adults do. But if I ever see Stephanie in the flesh again, she'll be sorry she ever knew me. I'm still pissed that she accused me of not taking care of my pets. I can carry that grudge for a LLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time too! She won't ever be forgiven for that one! There's no way she's getting out of it either.

I find that really insulting! Kathy listing us as her children. My mother's name is Frances. Not Kathleen. It would have been much worse if she had listed Stephanie and Jennifer as our siblings. We're not idiots like they are. My sis and I actually have brains. And Kathy's friends are too trashy for my taste. At least the one that visited while my sis and I were visiting our father had no manners at all. She wouldn't even let Kathy introduce us to her. She just said "Yah, I've already seen them on Facebook!" I told that to my ma and stepfather John. John was like "WHAT?!?! That's CRAZY!!" I said "I know it! I didn't like her at all." I don't know her, but what I do know about her I don't like already. But then that's Kathy's friend. Pure trash. My mom and stepfather are always making friends, even with celebrities. One of my ma's friends worked with several 80s bands, including The Police. His wife is named Darleen, and she gave me the most beautiful set of china dishes I've ever seen! I don't know her either. But I like her a lot! She gave me that set of dishes, and I gave her a copy of a DVD containing all my videobooks on UMG Productions. She enjoyed it too.

That's the difference between my mom and Kathy. My mom hangs out with classy people. She won't even let John forget about me and my sis after she dies. He's promised her he'll keep in touch. Kathy hangs out with trash and has stuffy friends and family. I knew she was going to drop me and my sis after our dad died. She never really liked us to begin with. I was not surprised she cut off all communication with us. I'd have been much more surprised if she'd actually stayed in contact with us. Or more like shocked is a better description. But like I said in the last post I made about her, she's immature, petty and a coward.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

I Told You Not To Celebrate!

 Juneteenth is not a holiday to celebrate!! Like I said last year, it's dangerous. I knew it then and I know it now. I was in a bank during my trip, and there was a TV screen advertising everyone celebrating Juneteenth. I said "I'm not gonna celebrate Juneteenth!!!" It's not my holiday, and even if it was, I wouldn't celebrate it! It's a bullshit-ass holiday, proposed by ugly thugs, endorsed by a demented president, and all it has done so far is give low-class black people a pass to destroy each other, and public property. Last year, when they celebrated it, all they did was shoot up each other, killing 2 black teenagers. Well, this year they did much more than that.

It's supposed to be a holiday to celebrate the end of slavery. I found out it was actually proposed back in the 1990s. But it wasn't implemented as a federal holiday until Joe Biden signed the bill. Now, it's a federal holiday. And I am very sick that it is. This year, those bozos terrorized a McDonald's restaurant. The employees at that restaurant were so scared, they had to hide in the back of the store. And instead of 2 people being shot and killed, this year, there were 12 killings reported on Juneteenth. Like I said before, it's a no-good holiday. It needs to be eradicated. The only reason Joe Blow endorsed it is because he wanted the black vote. That's all. For him, it's more about what's in it for him rather than how it will benefit black people.

Black people today may hate white people. But that's OK. White people hate them too. And this time, it's all the black person's fault whites hate them. Even I am starting to not trust them anymore, and my best friend growing up was a black girl. Sure there are still black people I like. But none of them gripes all the time about white supremacy or white privilege (which does not exist). I saw a video this morning about what white people can do to celebrate Juneteenth. Naturally, it was a video put out by some low-class leftist black woman, telling us how we should celebrate Juneteenth. She basically gave her opinion on what she thinks we need to do. First, she said, is to spend a huge amount of money taking her online course on how to be anti-racist. No thank you! I already know how to be anti-racist! Just treat people the way you want to be treated. That is all! I'm not going to spend money on a silly chat to tell me something I already learned for free when I was a kid.

Next she says is to support black-owned businesses. I said OK. As soon as I can find a black-owned business that can sell me something I need, or want, I'll be sure to support them. But, wait a minute! I thought capitalism is racist! So far, all this girl is telling us to do is cooperate in capitalism. Hypocrisy at it's finest! Then the last thing she says for white people to celebrate Juneteenth is to support black content creators on YouTube. I said OK. That sounds fair. I'm already subscribed to several black commentators. But they are all conservatives. I hope that is acceptable. LMAO!!! 😆😆😆

Fuck that! I don't give a shit if she accepts that or not. I'm not going to subscribe to black people who do nothing on YouTube but complain about white privilege, slavery, how bad white people are treating them, and how cops need to be defunded. No way! That gets old after a while. And as I have demonstrated on here, it's all the black peoples' fault white people hate them so much now. If they want to be treated better by white people, they need to fix their attitudes. If they don't want cops to arrest them, then stop committing crimes! Like Morgan Freeman says, if you want racism to end, then stop talking about it. I love Morgan Freeman. I mean I love him! He's right up there with INXS and David Johnston as a man I consider to be a real hero. I'd love to meet him and give him a big hug and a kiss! I've been a fan of his since he was on the Electric Company. And he is so right about how to end racism. I'm sick of people talking about it. We need more black people like Morgan Freeman.

Monday, June 19, 2023

Birthday Trip

 Well, I know it's late, but I wanted to write about this anyway. I'd planned to have a special birthday trip between me and my sis. I wanted to go to Phillipsburg, MT where the Sweet Palace is, and they make the very best buttercreams and truffles. I love it when I am able to go there, which is why I will not let my sis lose ties with Montana. This time, when she was going, I wanted to go too. I got 2 full boxes of truffles, caramels and buttercreams. I got all my favorite flavors. But before we visited there, we stayed in Livingston for a couple days, me and my sis, Mya and the kittens. While staying in Livingston, we drove up to Bozeman, where my sis has a friend named Arlena. A nice person. Also a chatterbox! LOL! I liked her though. It seems the whole town of Bozeman knows who Arlena is! Everywhere we went people greeted her like she was an old friend.

Arlena is having the same problem my sis had that forced her to move here. The manager of the apartment building her client (who is also my sister's client) is not letting Arlena stay there. The client has an extra room, and the owners said it was OK for Arlena to stay there as a live-in caregiver. But once Arlena was moved in, the acting manager said she has to get out. But Arlena gave her what for. The problem is the same woman who is now telling Arlena to get out, did exactly the same thing to my sis. She was living in Missoula at the time, and her client wanted her to come back. So, my sis called the apartment complex where this client lives, and said she'll need to stay with the client until she can get a place of her own there in Bozeman. The owners said it's OK for her to stay there. So my sis moves out of her apartment in Missoula and moves to Bozeman into the extra bedroom of this client. Then about a month later, my sis is informed by her client that she has to move out. The acting manager said she cannot stay there unless she is related. Which I think is beyond DUMB!!! Thank GOD I was here so my sis could move in.

Anyway, now that same acting manager is doing the same to Arlena. So, I came up with a solution that will make everybody (except me) happy. I figured we could all just move in as roommates to our own apartment and split the rent 3 ways. So we went to Bozeman to look into some apartments they may have there. We found some we liked, and are going to go for them. But we are also hoping to have something done about that manager. I told my sis she should sue that manager too. Because she made my sis miss out on a good apartment because of her stupidity.

While in Livingston, my sis wanted to take me to a little roadside burger joint called Mark's In and Out Burgers. No connection to the national chain from California. But when we got there, it was Tuesday, and they are closed on Monday and Tuesday. But the guy was so nice, he made milkshakes for me and my sis in any flavor we wanted. I had an orange, while my sis had huckleberry. He didn't even charge us for them! He was a sweet guy! They were awesome shakes too! Really creamy! The ice cream he uses in his shakes is locally sourced there in Livingston. And it makes Tillamook ice cream taste like Breyer's! It is so creamy! I don't remember the name of the company who makes the ice cream, but my sis says she has seen their ice cream on store shelves before, and it is indeed very good. And it's also very expensive. Much more so than Tillamook ice cream.

Anyway, after we were done in Livingston, that was when we went to Phillipsburg. Then after Phillipsburg, we went to St. Regis, where we thought we were going to get a huckleberry soda. But unfortunately, the owners of that shop in St. Regis took out the soda machine that had the huckleberry. Bummer-crap!!! I wanted to take home some huckleberry soda in my 64-ounce jug! St. Regis was the last place in Montana you could actually get a huckleberry fountain soda. I guess when we move, if we want a huckleberry soda, we'll have to go all the way to Missoula! Anyway, after St. Regis, we headed on to Spokane. We stayed there for the night. Just one night. Then the next day, we headed into the valley to pick up some cookies.

There is a place there called Desserts By Sara, where they make awesome sugar cookies. My sis ordered 2 dozen with lemurs, spring birds, a birthday theme and INXS. As usual, they are so good! On the way home, we stopped by the travel center in Troutdale, OR and I got a Sprite soda with blue raspberry flavoring. It wasn't huckleberry, but it's a flavor I never tried before. So I got some. Then we came home.

When I got home, I was thinking I was going to lose some of my birds, but thank GOD I didn't lose a single one. It actually wasn't until later that evening when I found one of my finches had died. I didn't know what happened! They were all fine when I came home. Something just happened to that one. So now, I need another diamond firetail. A female!

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

White Child Abuse

 Take a look at this! A friend sent me this video this afternoon.

This video shows a white student being thrashed around by a black schoolteacher. It's horrible. While we do not know the actual circumstance that led to this abuse, nothing excuses this kind of behavior from a teacher. Most teachers when I was growing up, always tried to be fair. But this is what happens when affirmative action takes over hiring practices. We get nasty, bitter black liberal teachers like this. The narrator said that there is a lot of this going around in schools, where black teachers are bullying white students. I've had black teachers before, and they were always very fair. But again, that was the pre-Obama era. It is Obama that has made black people these days so hateful and angry.

I'll tell you, if that was my child in the video and I even dreamed the teacher was doing this to her in school, that teacher would never draw another breath again. I'd have hunted her down like a deer, and shot her. I don't give a fuck what she thinks about "white tears". Apparently that's a thing that black people made up. They believe white people should not be allowed to cry when they are bothered by a black person, because (in their words) "white tears have been used for years to get black people in trouble". That is the stupidest reason I've ever heard to not let any cry, or even call for help. It's kindof like what I've come to know as "the Carlos Stewart effect".

Remember earlier in this blog, I mentioned how Carlos started bullying me for no apparent reason. And when I sought help from some of the adults in my life, including my parents, all of his little fag friends took his side, and I became the bad person. And I didn't do anything. Carlos just randomly one day began harassing me. And it got worse and worse. I still, to this day, have no idea why he just picked me out of all the kids in school, to harass. I never did anything to him. I never even said anything to him, or to anyone else about him. In fact, I never even gave Carlos a second thought until after he began bullying me.

Now, I could have used "white tears" against him, and had him arrested for battery and simple harassment. But I didn't. I wasn't going to give him and his friends the satisfaction. So, I never cried because of them. The worst I did was pretend like they were not even there. In those days, I had after school activities going, so I would more often think of those and how much fun I was going to have than what was going on around me in the classrooms. Sometimes I'd even find myself smiling, in the midst of all their bullying.

Anyway, it was the fact that Carlos and all his friends made me out to be the bad one is why I call it the Carlos Stewart effect. When a black person bullies a white person, and then complains about "white tears", that's what I call it. Especially if it is an unprovoked attack, which when it comes to black people bullying white people, it usually is unprovoked. That's been my experience anyways. In every case when I've been bullied by black kids, it was them who always initiated the attack. I'm not a fighter. I don't start fights. And I'd rather walk away from a fight than get into one with anyone. But that does not mean I won't defend myself any way I have to. But only when I feel it is needed, and there is no other way out.

If black people don't like white people getting them in trouble, then here's a novel idea; STOP BOTHERING US!!!!!!! Go about your own business. If you don't like white people, then just leave us alone! If you're not going to agree to that, then don't be surprised when a white person calls for help because you are harassing them. And when that help does come, expect that you are the one who is going to be punished! You reap what you sow.

There have been times where my crying has got me in trouble too. And I've seen other kids act the same way and nothing happens to them. Do you think I get angry and blame those kids because I got in trouble for acting that way and they didn't? No. I don't. That's life. I just learned not to act like that again.