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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

He's Back!

Well, I was made a mod of this radio station page. On this page my buddy Jade, one of the admins, posted some music video that had something to do with cats. I posted that I hate cats. Well, except Siamese cats, but I didn't add that. LOL! You know how I love teasing the cat fags! Well, one cat fag spoke up named Tim Burks, and he said he hates people who don't like cats. He's the very definition of a cat fag! I told him that I'm glad he doesn't like me, because I hate cat fags like him. He's even signaled to me once that he doesn't want me posting pics of my dogs by putting up a picture of a cat lying on a sign that says "No dogs allowed, no not even little ones". I told him that's tough because I am going to post pics of dogs anyways. So I did.

This page is supposed to be about music. Well, cats have nothing to do with music. Cats cannot sing and they cannot dance. The sounds that cats do manage to croak out sound like fingernails screeching down a chalkboard. And the cat fags love it. I hate it. I never owned a cat for it's vocalizations. Dogs at least can sing. They do a cute little trot, so I say they can dance too. And I think some dogs are even more graceful than any cats. Look at foxes. They seem to glide along the ground when they run. They seem to move with very little effort. I've never seen any feline move with such little effort, not even the little ones. Dogs move like a ballerina, cats move like a former ballerina who got fat and thus has to put more effort into her moves.

Anyway, this is not really about cats and dogs and which one is better (we all know dogs are better). This is about Jade. I'm actually beginning not to like her that much. 2 nights ago, we were talking about this guy Tim Burks, she said that she unfriended him, and kicked him out of the group. He must have said something to offend her, so she kicked him out. I told her about one of her former mods in the group saying that s/he hates people who don't like cats. Now that Jade has fired most of the other mods (all but 3--me being one of them) I said to Jade that I want that person to say that now to my face, under his or her own name, so I can have the pleasure of banishing that person from the group. Jade told me that was Tim Burks, and told me that she kicked him out of the group.

Well, after telling me that, and us talking about him and his dumb profile pic for about an hour, I decided to find that former post. On the way, I found a picture he posted of his dumb cat. I called it ugly. Well, it's not a Siamese, so it's ugly to me. LOL! He posted that he didn't like that comment and wanted it erased. So what does Jade do? She deletes it and is apologetic about it too. I told her that I posted that comment and I am not sorry for it. He deserves it! I told her that if Mr. Burks does not like people who hates cats, then he needs to grow up and get a life. Jade said she agrees with me. I mean really. Only teenagers and 20-year olds hate people who don't like the same things they do. I have friends who don't like dogs, but I am still their friends, and I don't like them any less than my other friends who do like dogs. But that's the way a typical cat fag is.

The point is that Jade said she agrees with me, and that I have a right to my opinion, and then she kicks Mr. Burks out of the group for being disrespectful, and even unfriends him. Then she turned around and probably told Mr. Burks that I had no right to post that, and that he was in the right, and she agrees with him. Then she invites him to rejoin the group. Kindof hypocritical if you ask me. I know, it's her group, and she can invite whomever she wants to, but this isn't really about this. I would have loved to have been a fly on her wall when she probably chatted with Mr. Burks last night. She probably backpedaled everything she said to me in front of his face. I think Jade is so eager to be liked that she will make friends with just anyone. As long as they like her child's singing. That's the reason she was ever friends with Mr. Burks in the first place was because he likes her son's music. But I can tell you from personal experience with INXS fans that not everyone who likes the same music is a good person. In fact I know some INXS fans who are downright evil and I would want NOTHING to do with them! DonnaG being the best example of that! And her dumb followers!

Well, I showed that Tim Burks, I deleted the entire post about his stupid cat! This ain't no cat land! This is about the music. When cats get more musical, then he can post pics of them. That won't happen though for millions of years. But if he's just there to bring more cat faggotry, I'll delete his posts again. Unless he gets a Siamese, I'll continue to say his cat is ugly too. Yes I know. When it comes to cats, I am EXTREMELY prejudice!! LOL! You might call me a cat racist. I only like Siamese. In fact in another group I am a member of, someone is currently selling Siamese kittens, and I fell in love with them! Can't get one though, because my partner is coming here and we are going to find an apartment together. And I know how hard it is to find an apartment that will allow 3 pets. It's even getting increasingly harder to find a place that will allow us to have 2 pets! Thanks to irresponsible people, landlords are getting too overly cautious to allow more than one pet in their rentals. IF any at all. That is why I cannot get anymore pets.
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