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Sunday, February 15, 2015


I gotta say, feminists piss me off!! I remember on an episode of the Golden Girls, Blanche asked what ever happened to the days when gentlemen tipped their hat to a lady, and pulled out their chair for a lady. Men don't do that anymore. I am afraid the term "gentleman" is becoming extinct. They don't exist anymore. One of my friends said that it's because of feminists that gentlemen don't exist anymore. GOD I HATE RADICALS!!!! As I've said many times before, radicals suck!! They ruin everything for everybody! But it may not just be because of feminists that gentlemen are becoming extinct. It may also be because people are just not teaching their kids proper manners anymore. Yes, I admit if a woman beats up on a man he doesn't have to take it. But if the woman is doing nothing bad to the man, and he starts shit with her, well, a gentleman just would never do that to a woman. That's disappearing more and more.

There is this one person on this group, named Jannah, she must be a teenager. She sounds like one. She said I was rude because I don't like Paula. She added "Michael would have wiped up the floor with you if you said anything bad about Paula to his face!" I decided to play around with her a bit. The thought of Michael using me to wipe up the floor actually made me feel hot and tingly! LOL! I said to her "Would that be a promise?" LOL!! Actually I know what she was thinking, but Michael never fazed me as being the kind of guy that would strike a lady. She most likely never met Michael. Michael was a true gentleman. He respected women. He may would have gotten pissed off at me for not liking Paula, and possibly telling him so. But I highly doubt Michael would have "wiped up the floor" with me. And even if he tried, my Timmy would protect me!!

Teenagers these days seem to think it is acceptable for a man to strike a woman. I say, only if the woman strikes the man first. Then, I would advise the man to think about why she struck him before he strikes back. I remember when Andy attacked me in that elevator back in Bozeman, he did not strike me though. He knew better because I warned him once before that I would scratch his eyes out if he tried. But the thing about his attack on me was that he started the whole thing. He's been nothing but disrespectful to me and my sis almost since he moved there. Very soon after anyways. I never did anything to him to start his attacks on me. Don't know about my sis though. But I think she kept his attacks going by responding to him. That's one thing I never did. I learned long ago to ignore people like him. I just released my hatred of him on this blog. I was surprised that he was surprised I fought back on this blog! He should have seen retaliation from me coming from somewhere! Then thought "Boy! Was I really as bad as she describes me on her blog?" Anyone with an ounce of brains would have thought that. Of course when have I ever even implied that Andy had any brains at all? LOL! The man was as dumb as a box of rocks! But I am still very proud of the way I held my own against his attacks! I didn't lose my head, I didn't panic, I didn't touch him (I never wanted to), I just stood my ground!!

When  the dirty dozen mob revealed my blog to the people in Bozeman, I'm sure their objective was to get me to back down and panic. But I didn't. In fact, they made me feel better about myself. Knowing now I am stronger than I ever thought I was!! Even stronger than they probably ever thought I was! Well, I've learned a lot over the years of blog keeping. I said nothing in this blog that was not the truth, or at the very least, speculation. Yes, I would do it all over again, and not change anything!! And yes, I would also hope the dirty dozen would again reveal this blog to whomever I am writing about! Go for it!! I love it!! As for Jannah, she changed nothing. I still hate Paula, and I still think she's ugly! The only reason I don't say it anymore on the group now is because the moderators asked me to tone it down on the group. I do have to abide with the mods. So I do on the group, and then talk about how I feel about Paula on here.

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mikessa said...

I hate radicals too, but unfortunately, they still exists and there's nothing that can be done about that.