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Friday, February 6, 2015

The Bashing of Paula Yates

Well, I don't know what it is with me. My premonitions are almost never wrong!! Call it instinct, or a knowledge of people in general, but very rarely am I wrong. There is an approximate 15% of the time I am wrong, and I admit to that. Whether it be out of desperation or a miscalculation, whatever it is. But most of the time I am not wrong about what I see in people. Whether it be something positive or negative. And usually, I do try to always be fair. I'd like to think I support all my favorite guys of INXS. It's not always easy to support everything they do. I could not support their last album because I just don't like it. One thing I love about INXS and always have loved about them is because they were so unique in everything they did. But when I heard how they took the song Kick and turned it into something like RnB music, I was completely unimpressed!! I still love my guys, but I was not at all impressed with their last album. No more than I am impressed by that stupid tiger on the cover! But like I've said before, that tiger was the perfect metaphor for that album; lazy, stupid, and fleeting toward extinction. Though I hope INXS are not going extinct!

A lot of other Hutch fans are supporting Michael's choice of Paula Yates. I'd like to be able to say I can too, but I just can't. No matter what, I just cannot say Paula was good for Michael. The woman was crazy!! She was a total lunatic! Some people argue that she had a hard life as a child. Well a lot of people do, it's not the end of the world, and it is something that can be overcome! Why didn't Paula do something to overcome her problems that stemmed from having a bad childhood? And why drag Michael into her troubled world and make his life miserable as well? Not fair at all!! I know I used to kid around with friends saying I would one day marry Michael, but I never actually meant it! I love Timmy and I always say if he was single and looking I wouldn't marry him! Because I feel he deserves better. I have problems I have yet to work out too. Would not be very fair of me to drag Timmy into my world of troubles. Of course I haven't got anything on Paula Yates!! She was the queen-mother of lunatics!! Poor Michael was just an innocent pawn in her sick game. Maybe it was the curse of being beautiful.

I bash Paula on a daily basis, love me or hate me for it, I don't care!! But I truly believe Michael would still be here today if not for Paula! Some of my friends argue that people would have blamed what ever girl Michael was with when he died if it hadn't been Paula. But no, there was something about her! She did something to Michael. I cannot say what exactly, but Michael was a lot happier in pictures I've seen with him and Helena. I'm sure there are plenty of fans out there that would have been the type to blame whatever girl Michael was with, whether it had been Paula or not. But I am not one of those kind of fans. Like I said, I always try to be fair. Lots of people blame the accident in Denmark where Michael was clobbered by a cab driver that hit Michael, causing him to go down and hit his head on a curb, which caused him to lose his sense of taste and smell. I am sure that did have a hand in making Michael depressed, but he was with Helena for a long time after that accident, and he still looked happier in pictures I've seen with her. His smiles didn't look forced then as they did during the period he was with Paula.

It's not jealousy that drives me, that's for sure! Michael could have been with Helena at the time he died, or with Michelle Bennett, or that new girl Ericka, or with Godzilla for all I care! If he had died in a motorcycle accident, I would never have blamed Paula, but he died by suicide. People don't normally commit suicide unless they are miserable. And he looked more miserable with Paula than he did with any other girl he was with. That is what I go by. Though I'd like to believe it was just a simple accident that he died by a miscalculation during a sex game, but the final verdict was suicide. Until a bolt from the blue comes down and says different, I have to go by what the official verdict is here. I love Michael, I would have hated to think he was ever so miserable.

I remember back in 2009, I had some troubles with a character online who called himself Viergacht. I don't even remember how to spell his name, but anyways, I remember he got pissed off at me because I criticized his project on the Speculative Evolution forum. He spent several days bashing me, my friends, my stories, my favorite INXS guys, my drawings and my Metazoica project. One of the things I always say when people criticize my ideas is "Well, people laughed at Van Gogh and DiVinci." Viergacht quoted that and said himself something to the effect of "I love it when people use the Van Gogh argument never realizing that for every single genius out there, there were a few hundred dunderheads whose chuckles were well deserved!"  I remember saying in response to that that the only problem I had with someone like Viergacht saying that is that he would have called Van Gogh and DiVinci "dunderheads" as well. All that would have had to happen in order for him to think that would be to take him back to their times, erase everything from his head that he ever learned about DiVinci or Van Gogh, introduce him to them, have them criticize anything Viergacht ever did, and instantly, Viergacht would have said they were a couple of dunderheads too. LOL! Viergacht was just that kind of person. That's why I didn't listen to him. I may not have known Viergacht personally, I didn't even know him on that forum, but I do know his type, and that's the kind of person he appeared to be to me. But I am not like that, and I always try to be fair. There are people I don't like out there either, but I always point out their good AND bad points. There's good in all people. I point out what I know for sure. Just if their bad points outweigh the good, I don't tend to like said person.

Same with Paula, if Michael had looked just as happy with her as he did with Helena, I would never have blamed her for his death. But she did something to him, and it made Michael miserable!! And then there is also this interview I found by A Current Affair with Tina Hutchence...

Even she admits that if Michael hadn't gotten in with Paula that he would still be alive, and I am inclined to agree with her. She also states that Paula was the one who tipped off the press where they were going and what they were going to be doing. She said Michael never knew that. She gives a pretty bleak description of Michael's life with Paula, and I said "No wonder he killed himself!" But that is all why I still bash Paula, and will continue to! I hate that woman!! Sure, she had a baby with Michael, and I am in no way blaming that young woman because her mom was a sick lunatic, it's not Lily's fault! But Michael paid a hefty price to have that baby! And Paula only did it to trap Michael. Not because she loved him or loved Lily. She used Lily to trap Michael. Nothing else. The Paula fans may hate me for it, but I don't care. I love Michael. He's the only one I truly care about! I don't give a shit about Paula! And Lily should know what a dumbass her mom was. I do this because I love Michael so much! If he was here today, I would tell him Paula was not good for him. He may not have liked it at first, but later he would have thanked me for it, I'm sure!

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