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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Good News Tim Farriss

Well, yesterday I wasn't doing so well, with the news of Timmy. I know Timmy will be OK, and as one of my friends on the group pointed out, at least he is still with us. But I just felt sad that he is now grounded and cannot play guitar. But I know he will make it. I could not stop crying yesterday, or the night before. I cried myself to sleep that night, and I couldn't stop once I woke up. The only thing that stopped me from carrying on to last night was hearing from Timmy on his Facebook page. He said he is overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support. He thanks his fans for the messages and well-wishes. I told him I am just so glad to hear from him. Hearing from him yesterday made my day even better. I love that man SO much!! He means the world to me. But he is still with us. He hasn't died. And I know he is strong and will recover. I know I will live to see him play that guitar again. I just couldn't help but feel bad for him. It was like November 24, 1997 all over again!

I was exactly the same way when I found out Michael died. Cried myself to sleep that night and didn't stop the next day. But there was no relief from that nightmare. No one was there to tell me it was not true. No one could tell me that Michael would be OK. No amount of well-wishing, fan love or prayers could bring him back. He was gone. If only Facebook, or some social network like that existed back when Michael was alive. He would have had fans boosting his confidence up after his accident. He would have had fans telling him not to listen to Oasis when they called him a "has-been". He may have even had someone to turn to instantly that last night in the hotel room, when he found out Lily was not going to be able to join him in Australia right away. He needed that. We lost Michael, a great singer. I couldn't bear to lose Timmy! I think it'd kill me emotionally.

Well, like this friend pointed out, Timmy is not dead. And I know he wouldn't have died from this. I just worry so much about him. Not being able to play the guitar, I know he loves playing! It's his passion. I hope he has enough patience to let this run it's course, and work on his physiotherapy so he can get all better and do the thing he loves doing. As a true-blue Timmy fan, I will be there cheering him on, every step of the way! He's a strong man. I know he is. Its not his physical injury that really worries me. Though I know it must have been horrific! Its his emotional state that worries me the most. I hope he doesn't let this injury get him down. Michael's injury got him down, and it deteriorated him emotionally, leading to his death years later. I couldn't stand it if that also happened to my Timmy!!

I visited one page where someone actually said something to the effect of "lots of people get injuries on the job, no one is like woe is me like this guy (Timmy) is". Well, there are so few among us who hasn't had at least one moment like that in our lives where we feel sorry for ourselves. And we have a right to. I probably do it more than anyone else out there! LOL! I certainly do it more than Timmy ever has! So if Timmy wants to have a few "woe is me" moments, let him!! I'm here to comfort him and stand by him in those moments. But it is up to him to pick himself up and say "I'm going to do this today!" and accomplish what he wants to do. He's the only one that can get his hand working again. He's the only one that can pick up his guitar and say "I'm going to play that riff again". And I know he will do it. And I will be there cheering him on as a fan, with every accomplishment he progresses to. I'll love him for it! I just want him to know that. I feel that is my job as a fan.

Well, in other news, I got some furniture. My house is slowly but surely looking up. I am concentrating on the basics right now. I needed a bed and an easy chair, and I got one. I love my bed! It's a huge queen-sized springless mattress. It is so comfortable!! I don't even need mattress toppers like I did with my last bed!! This mattress is comfortable by it's self. I also got an easy chair. It has an automatic lift for the footrest. I love my new furniture!! I got it on a rent to own deal, so I make payments every month. And at the end of 4 months, I can pay it all off. I hope I can!! I can't start saving for that this month, but I surely can next month!! Going to be tough for a few months, but in the end, it will be worth it!

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