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Monday, February 2, 2015


My friends are a little bit miffed at me because I said in a post I don't give a darn about Lily. LOL! Well, I have nothing personal against these people, but they need to understand me a little better. One of them said that Michael would not be happy with me saying I don't give a damn about Lily. I told her I didn't say I don't give a damn about Lily, I said I don't give a darn about her. I sugar-coated it as much as I could. And that is rare for me! LOL! I normally don't sugar-coat anything! But because there are lots of people on that site I do care about, and I do love Michael, I sugar-coated what I said about Lily as much as I could. I did not say I don't like Lily. I didn't say because I don't have any dealings with her at all that I hope she has a miserable life!! No! I never said those things. Those would have been cruel to say. But what is Lily to me? She is Michael's daughter. Now, I don't give a damn about Paula, I can't stand that woman! But Michael was everything to me! He meant the world to me. But Lily, I am afraid the only reason I would care about her is because she is Michael's daughter. That's it. And to me, that would not be fair. It's like when I was growing up, there were kids who were friends of my sis, and there were kids who were enemies of my sis too. Those same people would feel the same way about me as they did about her, and that is not fair! In any way, good or bad! Because I am not my sister. I am ME.

Now if Lily and I were to become friends and I were actually to get to know her, that would be completely different. Then I would "give a darn" about her. LOL! But until that time comes, again I have to ask, what is she to me? Nothing except Michael's daughter. That's it. That is where my relationship with her ends. I wasn't even a friend of Michael's! I love his singing, and I loved the way he moved and looked, and I did kiss him when I was a teenager. And it's always been because of him that I loved INXS. But again, that is where the relationship ends. Despite what Catsredrum thinks, well no one should care what she thinks anyways, but despite what she thinks, I am not one of those deluded fans that thinks just because I love a rock star, and had a small amount of contact with them, that they are my best friend. To me, friendship is more than a fleeting contact with someone. I'm not saying I would not like to become friends with Timmy, just saying I haven't yet. And only if GOD and fate wants it to happen, will it happen.

I've always been very particular in my likes and dislikes! LOL! It drives everyone around me crazy too! Even my sis. But that is the way I am. That's the way I've always been. Cats are a very good example of how specific I am in my interests! I love Siamese, and a few other cat breeds. But it does not mean I love cats in general. I can't stand gray tabbies! But it doesn't mean I hate all house cats. And I like snow leopards, but I hate every other kind of leopard there is. There is a fine line there, but it is there. I am sure Lily is a sweet person, and she is beautiful. She looks just like her daddy!! And I am in no way closing my mind to her. If I were to get to know her better, I am sure I would like her. But again, that has not happened yet. And I am afraid the only interest I have in her right now is that she is Michael's daughter. And I am sure she would not like it if that were the only reason I would like her. Especially when I can't stand her mom. That is also why I won't ask Christina to become my Facebook friend again. I did once, and that was enough. She did not communicate with me at all. She didn't communicate hardly at all with any of her friends who were fans of her brother's. I'm sure if we were to actually get to know each other, we'd probably like each other, but that hasn't happened. So, I won't force it. Again, if GOD wants it to happen, it will.

I leave everything in GOD's hands. HE has a pattern set for us all. And I will not curse HIM if I never become friends with any of the band members of INXS, or their families. I'd just chalk it up to not being meant to be. Maybe HE only wants me to be a fan, sitting on the sidelines cheering the band on, and that being the only contact I would have with them. If that's the way GOD wants it, that's what I will accept. But my mind is not closed to the idea. If they wanted to become friends, I'd gladly accept it. But I am not expecting it to happen either.

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