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Friday, April 5, 2024

Ashley Biden's Diary

 This is so funny! And it shows how right I was all along about Biden. Well, it's not funny as in I am laughing. It's funny in the sense that shows the hypocrisy of the leftists. Remember back in an interview Trump jokingly said if his daughter wasn't his own, he'd have sex with her. The leftists pitched a double F-I-T FIT!!!! They were accusing Donald Trump of incest. I couldn't say much about it myself. Though it may sound a bit creepy, I've sometimes said that if my father wasn't my father, I would have married him. In his younger days, he was very handsome. But there's a difference there. Neither I, nor do I believe Donald Trump, would have ever actually did it. It's just something we said in jest. But you know leftists! They take everything right-wingers say seriously. Way too seriously! They take it and run with it.

Well, recently Ashley Biden's diary was found in a hotel room. It revealed something very interesting about the criminal Biden family. Ashley wrote about how when she was 10 years old, Joe-blow used to get naked and get into the shower with her. Even back then, Ashley felt that was inappropriate, as it is! What kind of a father gets in the shower naked with his 10 year old daughter???? Ashley said it herself. I can honestly tell you that my father never did that to me! The funny thing is, the leftists who were so insistent that Trump was into incest, are quiet now, finding out that Biden really is into incest. Not only that, but it looks like the DOJ wants to prosecute the woman who found the diary and turned it into the police. I suppose because Ashley asked for the diary back, and the finder cannot give it back to her because it's being held for evidence.

It is so hilarious how the leftist media was so quick to point the finger at Trump for jokingly saying he would have sex with his daughter if she wasn't his daughter and call him an incest. But now nothing is being said about Joe Biden for taking inappropriate showers with his own daughter. And the DOJ even wants to prosecute the woman who found the diary! This is truly funny! Trump never actually had sex with his daughter. It's not really fair to call Trump an incest when he hasn't done anything. But Joe Biden can take a shower with his daughter completely nude and no leftists are calling him a predator. Well, maybe they won't, but I will! Joe-blow Biden is a damn predator! He's a child molester and a pedophile. And anyone who voted for him is the same thing! Turn-about is fair play! The leftists are always calling those of us who vote for Trump a "racist homophobic xenophobe". So, I'm going to say right here, right now, everyone who voted for Biden is a pedophile who is into incest. Most people who voted for Biden don't even know why they voted for him. They just didn't like Trump. Which is a dumb reason to vote for anyone!

Voting for Biden just because you don't want to vote for Trump is a lot like hiring someone due to DIE. You may think you're doing a good thing, but in the end I just know it's going to turn out to be a big disaster. And it did! Those people don't think about the rest of us. I never wanted Joe Blow as our president. I knew right away he was going to ruin this country! They only think about their own feelings. They only think about how it's going to affect them. And leftists don't know shit because they only listen to leftist media, which hides a lot of the evil going on because of Joe Biden. I'm gonna tell you though, you've got to be mostly deaf, dumb and blind to not see how, because of Biden's policies, we now have a migrant crisis in this country. Crime has skyrocketed. DIE is being practiced which means people are not getting hired on jobs due to credentials but only because they have a certain skin-color. People are dying due to fentanyl coming into this country. And lots more. I never wanted this, so I didn't ever vote for it. Yet we are all being affected. You couldn't pay me to get on an airplane now. And even thinking about riding a taxi cab makes me jitter! Because most cab drivers are muslims. GOD only knows if they are the calm, friendly type muslims, or the mean, hateful, radical islamists. I wouldn't want to take the chance.

And remember how Trump has been ordered only to pay $175M out of the 450 something million that Fani Willis wanted Trump to pay? LMAO!!! Well, the leftists are having swarms of tantrums because Trump will still be able to campaign. They are crying so loud, I can hear them from here! LOL! They were so sure they got Trump this time, and they wanted him to go bankrupt soooooo bad! But as always happens, none of what they accuse him of are criminal offenses! But their tears taste so sweet!!!!! LOL! I laughed so hard when I saw the TikTok videos of leftists getting pissed, I feel like I almost stitched my side!!!!! It was funny asf! Check this video out. This shows you exactly how crazy and unstable the leftists are!

When I saw this video on LibsofTikTok's Truth Social page, my first reaction was "He sounds butthurt because with all that security, he won't be able to carry out that assassination attempt on Donald Trump!" Remember Kevin Moxon from Quora? I remember he argued about this same thing! He bellyached because Trump always had security with him, even when he played golf. Well, knowing first-hand how crazy the leftists get, I cannot blame Trump for wanting security everywhere he goes!! It's a good thing the police are standing around Trump as he makes a speech. I say that because the one thing the leftists haven't tried in order to get rid of Trump, is assassination. And especially after hearing this guy getting this upset about police standing around and protecting Trump, I just wouldn't take that chance. The leftists are getting desperate enough, that's for sure. I hope Trump gets much more security around him. I don't think he has enough. The leftists are truly crazy, and this guy shows it. I'd fear for Trump's life too!


mikessa said...

This dumbass makes me wanna punch him in the face!!

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Me too!