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Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm Just Glad Tim is Still There!!

Did I mention this before I LOVE Tim Farriss!? hehe!! I really feel sorry for Michael fans. They cannot seem to let him go. Then they get angry and say all kinds of insulting things about JD and INXS. Personally, I am just happy to see Tim is still with the band!! As long as he is there, INXS will always be INXS to me. I was thumbing through some real cool pics of INXS by a woman named Karine on Facebook. Nice pics. But the problem was she only had 2 pics of Timmy. I'm thinking "Is that all she has of him??" I don't know this woman at all, even though we do share quite a few friends, and being she knows the band INXS, she's probably a DonnaG supporter, so I would be uneasy around her. Yes, I must be cautious!! VERY cautious. Most of her pics are of Michael and Kirk. Hah! My 2 least favorite band members!! Kirk isn't even on the list anymore, and Michael, well like I said, he's too skinny for my taste!! There are a few of Garry, and I do love Garry!! But only 2 of Tim :( Oh well, I snatched the one pic I didn't have. I like the pic, Tim looks especially HOT!!!!

One of my friends says Tim only looks hot when he is fit and thin. LOL! I told her I wouldn't care if he's fat or chunky, he's beautiful to me either way. But I love the fact Timmy is a bit chunky and cuddly. I don't like skinny men!! Even this guy I am currently dating is chunky! I like men with some meat on their bones. Not necessarily muscular, but some meat makes a guy look good, I think!! I remember one girl in the Rockstar forums said Timmy needed to lose weight, and I told her No he doesn't. He's beautiful the way he is!! I don't understand some people! But then again that's me. A man like Michael or even JD, with no meat, I could not bury myself in him (if I lost weight), and I wouldn't think he could defend me against attackers, and he wouldn't be any fun to hug or cuddle. But a man like Tim I would feel would be all that and more!! But it is no fun hugging a skinny man. I'd probably feel nothing but his ribs sticking out!! YUK!! To me, that is even more disgusting than feeling a bit of flab on a guy.

I joined this one group on Facebook, only for a minute, they want to eradicate JD from INXS because they say he will never be like Michael. I only joined long enough to remind them that Michael is DEAD!!!! And to get over it!! No amount of belly-aching from the Hutch-fans is going to bring him back. And it isn't INXS's fault Michael died! Really, it's all Michael's own fault he is dead. Just being realistic here! He made the choice to try something unnecessary and potentially dangerous and take his own life. I see INXS as just a group of talented musicians who want to do nothing more than make music and please the fans. I like that too. Anyway, I left that group. I was only a member just long enough to tell them that. So, I don't want JD to leave INXS!! If it makes JD feel any better, there are only 7 members in that group. So, it says JD still has a LOT of support!


Anonymous said...

firstly well done on going into another one of these anti jd forums and saying your piece it really is about time certain michael fans moved on either support the band or walk away.

as for timmy...he gives great cuddles and he is happy in himself so nobody should be saying he should loose weight he is perfect as he is....one complaint though...my boy jd does give good cuddles too:o) lol

oooh how weird my word verification things las two letters are jd!!!!

Timgal said...

When I met JD he seemed very nice. Frankly though I only met him once, so I really could not tell anything from that. I never had a one-on-one meeting with him. But I do believe you when you said he gives good cuddles.

That is strange about the verification thing, that happened to another JD fan I know too. hehe! ;)

Anonymous said...

if you have that same jd fan on facebook and myspace then that would be me...i cant work out how to register here so i have to do it anonymously but two of the comments left today have been from me:o)

jd has always been really sweet to me as have jon tim and kirk and andrew in fact the only one i ever found to be stand offish has been garry.

i think i read on one of your other blogs here that someone had said tim had gotten grumpy the last few years well i can say from first hand experiance that is bullshit he was so amazing to me and a few others last year in tucson and while i wont post on here what was said i know he was really touched by it. tim is one of the very few genuinly good guys left in the world and those slagging him clearly dont know him.

wendy x x x

oooh i got the jd thing again! thats three times its happened to me now

Timgal said...

Hey there!! I kinda thought it was you when you mentioned JD and his cuddles. hehe! ;) I just didn't want to say anything because I was unsure.

I was glad to hear Tim in fact hadn't gotten grumpy but is still the sweet man I always knew he was.