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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Never-Ending Battle Continues!!

LOL!! Looks like there will never be an end to who is better, JD Fortune or Michael Hutchence. Neither one I think is better than the other. But people need to get over Michael. I am sorry, but it has to happen! INXS have moved on, so why can't the fans? Well, I guess that is just plain human nature to fear change. Like when my Groucho died, I had a hard time learning to really love Vegas. It took a lot of thinking, talking, coaxing, and learning to get me to love Vegas as much as I did Groucho. Some people don't want to learn to accept change though. Some people just want to live in the past. I remember my grandma was like that. She didn't like change either. Nothing anyone can do about it. But I just hate seeing former INXS fans drop the band completely because they decided to take in JD Fortune. I admit Jon Stevens was a big mistake, but I like JD. I hope he stays with the band for good. Jon Stevens, as I understand it, was too full of himself. That's what I used to think of JD. But the guys seem to have whipped him into shape.

The problem with figuring all this out is do these people hate JD Fortune because he is with INXS now? Or because they see him as a replacement for Michael? Or really, because they didn't like the way he was nominated into INXS---by a reality show? In all fairness it was INXS's choice. I think (this is speculative) the reason they nominated JD through a reality show is because they wanted to get the fans (you know, the ones who buy the concert tickets, CDs, etc) to help INXS do the picking. There have been some rumors that JD was picked LONG before the end of the series, and some are now saying that Mark Burnett himself picked the contestants, not INXS. Whether those statements are true or not, I don't know. We may never know the whole truth. Only INXS knows. But I'll tell you I personally have seen things that might conflict these rumors. For one thing, Timmy looked genuinely sad to let Suzie go at the taping of Rockstar I attended. Sorry to embarrass you Tim but it's true! You could not hide that from me. I was standing right by the band's panel, I saw him. I felt bad for him. I remember wanting to do something to help him feel better, I know his job was tough. But anyway, you cannot fake that! If the men didn't like Suzie at all, and a lot of people seemed not to think she had enough talent, they wouldn't have felt so bad letting her go. So INXS obviously had some hand in nominating her to become one of the contestants. I don't believe Mark Burnett did it all by himself! Personally I thought Suzie had some talent, I just did not like the idea of a woman fronting INXS!!!! Especially singing songs written from a man's point of view!! I just don't tend to take to female singers. So I was not one of Suzie's fans. She'd more likely do better in her own band. I was going either for Marty or JD. Not Mig! He may have had the talent, but he didn't have the sexual charisma!!

Now, I have nothing personal against Michael. I'm not a humongous fan of his anymore, and he was too skinny for my personal taste. But he was a good singer. I'd be lying if I said I didn't think so. The only time I thought Michael was ugly was when he straightened his hair! I hated that look on him!!!!!! He just didn't look like himself anymore. I "met" him in 1991, thank GOD he still had curly hair then. Well, we touched, almost the same as meeting him! hehe! Oh BTW! Lily's birthday was this past week, Happy Birthday Lily Hutchence!!! She is 12-years old now. I know it's late but anyway!! I saw her pic, and I didn't think she looks sad or sick at all. I think she looks like a normal, healthy, beautiful little girl!! I still see Michael when I look into her face!! She has his eyes, hair, nose, lips, face, everything!! Thank GOD she looks nothing like Paula!! Now, Paula was definitely UGLY!!!! But it's just like Michael to throw only female sperm. LOL! I was kidding, BTW! Not surprisingly, Peaches overdosed on drugs on Lily's birthday!! Ruining the whole day for her!! Those mediocre Paula-genes obviously!! I hope to GOD Lily does not pick up that habit!!!! But I would not be surprised if she did. It's sad just to think of that!!

Ya know, all of INXS's children are beautiful! They obviously have great genes. Though I have not seen Garry's or Andrew's kids, you all know I think Timmy's boys are beautiful!! I'm sure Jon's children will be beautiful. Michael's little girl is beautiful. Even Kirk's daughter is beautiful. But please, don't tell her!! I heard she's uppity and I don't want to contribute to a huge head-swell on her!!


lavender1960 said...

Personally I think Tim liked JD from the first audition and allegedly even said something like I think this is our guy and I saw cues that indicated Tim was on JD's side.

However Tim would still appreciate the great talent that Suzie is and was and feel sad about her elimination.

I think Andrew really wanted Suzie to be the winner so it would have been an even sadder day for him.

Suzie really deserved to be in the final 3 and my personal opinion is that because Mig was bringing in huge TV ratings for the show in Asia the band was pressured to eliminate Suzie before the final 3 probably by Mark Burnett. TV politics might have been bumming Tim out that day as well.

I just know Tim said in an interview once I usually get what I want and as the de facto boss of the band since Day 1, I think he wanted JD pretty much from the get go, at least JD was Tim's male candidate of choice if the band didn't decide to go with a female lead.

In regards to April, I know people who have met her and have nothing but the nicest things to say about her and frankly from all I have seen and read and heard, she seems like a lovely young woman with a great head on her shoulders. As does Jake and it is no surprise April and Jake are very good friends, which I think is also very sweet, friends since they were in diapers, bwah.

I also do not think Paula was ugly. She like many of us had her good days and her bad days and went through many stages in her life. There are many pictures of her where she looks quite stunning. And I think it was refreshing to see Hutch attracted to a woman for her infamous wit and intelligence for a change. Though I always liked Helena and was sad to see that end. But Michael was never going to be a monogamous guy, not even with Paula.

Timgal said...

LOL!! Tim and I are a lot alike! I usually get what I want too. hehe!

I never met April or Jake, but there is no doubt in my mind they would be good friends. I just heard from someone April was uppity. Assuming the person who said that has actually met her (and the only one I knew who has).

Well, about Paula, we may never agree on that. hehe! But you have a right to your opinion of course. I just wonder what Lily would have looked like had Michael had her with Helena? She may have been stunning!! And maybe there would have been no drug-chugging.

Anonymous said...

i loved suzies voice i think it was amazing but as a lead singer for inxs...no. those songs were written by men fot men to sing whats the point in a woman singing suicide blonde!!!!

i grew up listening to the band with michael and as a kid i used to dance around for my relatives with a kitchen curtain on my head saying i was gonna marry him clearly that never happened and i grew up but he was an amazing frontman and one im glad to say the band had.

i wasnt sure when they said they were doing rockstar i thought it would cheapen the image of the band but the minute it started i fell in love with jd and wanted him to win...and he did:o)

i understand all those fans who say they dont like the way it was done, they dont want a new lead singer and they think jd is trying to be michael but their are w few things they need to rememeber.

firstly nobody can blame jd for the way a new lead singer was found it wasnt his choice he just took advantage of a decision made by the band.

ssecondly if you dont want a new lead singer then nothing will make you happy with the band so enjoy the old inxs stuff you have and walk away.

finally, jd has always said he grew up listening to inxs with michael no if you spend 20 years of your life dancing around your living room pretending to be someone your gonna pick up their little mannerisms and traits, i dont take this as an insult with him trying to be michael i take this as the most amazing compliment.

for me jd said it all on the episode of rockstar when he said "these guys want to be in A band but i want to be in THIS band"

if people cant move on they should just walk away and let us enjoy the band.

as for tigerlilly she is the spitting image of her dad (im with you tg having met paula several times that woman was ugly inside and out) and from all things ive read an amazing child who is the compleate opposite of that brat peaches.

i just hope she stays that way and i hope when she wants to learn more about what the public thought of her dad she doesnt go to the twisted fan sites that are out their because as much as i loved michael some of his fans can be whack jobs!

Timgal said...

You know that's funny, when I first saw Michael, I fell so madly in love with him I wanted to marry him too. I was 17 I think, and you know how teens are about rock icons. I knew intellectually it'd never happen, but I liked to dream it anyway. Felt good to dream it at that age. As an adult I developed a natural block against things like that, because I never heard of a rockstar marrying a fan before, but back then as a love-crazed teenager looking at Michael for the very first time, it was fun.

I didn't want to offend any long-time Hutch fans, but I have seen where they bad-mouth JD and the band too many times. Some of them get downright ugly!! I'm just so tired of it! But at the same time, I really believe it's human nature to not like change. I just had to voice my opinion on the subject.

In another forum on the internet, I actually met someone who went to school with Peaches, and said she is a stuck-up twat. That was where I got that. I'm afraid there may be some influence on Lily there somewhere down the line. I hope not, but I'm afraid there may be. I am keeping my fingers crossed for her.