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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Teenage Crush!

I was watching the movie Amadeus the other night and I saw the extra bonus disc I got with the movie. There were interviews with the creators and directors and some of the actors. I was remembering how I had an enormous crush on Tom Hulce, the man who played Mozart, when I was a teenager. A lot of other teens did in fact, I found that out much later. I saw him in this interview from 2002, and he's put on weight!! But yet, I find I still had a bit of a crush on him even now. Especially now! Since I love men who are a bit chunky.

I remember one girl from my school, named Joey, saw a pic of him as Mozart and giggled saying "What a dork!" LOL! When I heard her say that I just had to burst out laughing!!! He did look a little dorky in that movie, but I guess that was what made him so cute! Those big, boggly eyes and goofy grin to me for some reason seemed attractive. It's funny to look back and see the movie stars and such that I loved so much as a kid. He was just one. When I was 12-years old I remember I wrote to Bob Hope asking if he'd like to do a picture exchange. I didn't tell him I loved him as such, but I told him I thought he was the greatest comedian and he was kinda cute to boot! I told him I would send him a pic of me if he'd send me one of him. Silly I know, but Bob Hope graciously complied! He sent me a pic of him and I sent him my picture. He told me I was cute!! hehe! I still have the pic, it's got his autograph and everything!! Unfortunately I threw the letters away when I briefly got out of old movie stars and looked back and thought what a corny kid I was!! It wasn't until Bob Hope passed away in 2003 that I really began to miss those letters!! When ma first saw the autograph I got she thought it was from a stamp, but I never believed her. For one thing, the ends of the letters, you can see the actual pen-line as it slid off the picture.

I remember writing to like 4 more movie stars I liked and only 2 wrote back. Some may have moved from their original address, while others may not have had the time or even the desire to write back. Some people don't like their fans. Why I don't know. If I were a movie star, I would adore my fans. They would be the ones who got me where I am. Or would be. I would imagine I would treat my fans the way I treat my friends, I'd treat them like equals. But that's me, and like I said in my previous post, I'm not like other people.

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