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Monday, July 21, 2008

JD Fortune Sporting a New Look!

I don't know, I think he looks better! I hated it when he was bald!! But it seems the JD fans (they call themselves "Fortunettes") liked that bald look. I don't know what it is with me, I never fell for bald guys. But I do like this new look of JD's. To me, a man with long hair looks powerful!! That's what I think a man should look like. Bald men look vulnerable, and some how that just doesn't do well with me. Odd huh! And I don't normally like men who are too powerful. I like a man to be a little bit vulnerable, not too much but a little bit. But I think JD looks good here. My sis Anna fell in love with him because of this. And I never thought she'd like JD!! She's always been one of those types that thought INXS would never again be INXS without Michael! But she saw JD in person in MI and she thought he was cute. But one time we were jabbering in the car together as we sometimes do, and we played a game. I asked her if she was an INXS fan which band member would she adore most? She said flat-out JD Fortune!! It was a surprise answer considering she hated him on Rockstar: INXS!!!!! (as I did). She asked me if I wasn't so stuck on Tim, what other band member would I love most? I told her my second choice would be Jon!! Not only is Jon one of the more handsome members of INXS, but whenever I've met him, he was always a very nice and kind person. I remember taking to him right away!! Surprising the band members I took to right off were Jon, Garry and Andrew (in no particular order). I did not take to Tim right away as one might expect. Oh he was beautiful to look at, I couldn't take my eyes off him! I felt like I was looking at a god!! But there was a subtle coldness in the way he shook my hands. That's basically just me looking at the person on the inside.

Well, none of this means I didn't like Tim, I still like him a lot. Always will unless he gives me a reason not to. After that, he's always been very nice to me. That was in a high-stress situation as well, and that could have been the reason he felt so distant and not into the fans as I'd always heard he was before. Before that first meeting, I always heard from those who had met him before that he was a gentleman and he adores the fans. That's why it was so easy to look past that incident. He wasn't hostile at that first meeting at all, and that made it much easier to believe the other fans and still hold on to that adoration I felt for him. And he didn't snub me either!! He seemed very nice considering it was a high-stress situation for him (elimination day on Rockstar: INXS). I remember during a break, the guys left the stage. Donna wanted me to grab Tim when he came back by and I said I wouldn't. She said she'd shoot me if I didn't (I didn't think she meant anything by it!) I still said I wouldn't do it. Just then Tim came on back and headed up the stage. I watched him with adoring eyes, but I didn't grab him. I didn't want to, I have a tendency not to know my own strength. I couldn't have lived with myself if I had grabbed him as he was going up the stairs and hurt him in some way.

I dunno, I think when I was going to meet Tim for the first time, I kinda expected him to be more of a back-slapper that says, "Hey there! How's it going bud!" And have a firm-gripping handshake. But he was not like that at all. He was sweet alright in a gentle way. I was comparing him to what I had heard about him from fans who had met him. That's the way I always seemed to picture his personality to be like. But I was not disappointed in him at all. One thing I clearly remember other fans saying about him was that he has a photographic memory. hehe! He always remembers the fans he meets. And yes, he did remember me each time I met him and he was always good and kind. I felt good when I met JD face to face for the first time and he called me darlin'. hehe! I love it when people I like flatter me like that, makes me feel a bit closer to them, whether I truly am or not. I loved it when Timmy called me sweetheart!! It just felt comforting. I remember Catsredrum and the rest of her dip-shit friends on the delusional fans forum were implying that I took that too seriously. I also remember Catsredrum saying that she'd run and hide under the bed if someone called her 'babe'. I bet though that if it was said to her by JD, she'd fall head over heals in love right away!! Unless she's impotent, as I think she may be. To me, it just helps me to feel closer to a person to hear them address me with any sort of kind words, it makes them seem friendlier. Like offering oats and soft, gentle words to a wild horse in a new enclosure that feels no less than terrified of you. I hate it that I am that way. But my initial response to strangers is that they are all enemies until proven otherwise. It's my defensive mechanism. And it feels generally very well when you find you can get along great with someone you've seen on TV and pictures and admired and adored.

That's why I was so disappointed in Kirk. I'd heard from so many fans that he was a very nice person, but I never saw that. Remember the wild horse in a new enclosure. Well, imagine you are that horse, and someone else comes into your cage, and offers no kind words and no oats, just stands there. That is what Kirk felt like to me when I met him. So that is why if the opportunity comes that I ever meet him again, I won't take that opportunity, and just give him a really good staying away from!! Well, at least he wasn't like Jack N. the show-chihuahua breeder!! (not his real name) LOL!! Imagine the wild horse again, and another stranger comes into your cage and never offers oats or kind words, but instead of just standing there, shouts and rages at you and then takes out a rifle and shoots you. That was what Jack Nipplemama was like! hehehe!! Funny, but true!! I can honestly say that was NOT what Kirk felt like to me!!!! But just the same, I never want to meet Jack N. at all for fear of that possibly coming true! I've met too many show-breeders who were living nightmares to trust any of them!!!!


shila said...

I like Mr. Fortune with longer hair too but the new haircut is not a good one.
He looks stunningly gorgeous no matter what though and that's why he is one in millions!!!
he makes everything sexy !!!

Timgal said...

I haven't seen his new haircut (if it's different than the one in the pic), but I'm sure he looks great in it :)