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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Book in the Works

It's been a few days since I last posted. I've been so busy!! I am re-working a book I actually made a long time ago. It's all about the dog breeds of the world. There is no special reason I am doing this book. I say it's just a personal triumph for me. I first made this book back in 2000, and it turned out good!! But I never published the book or even had it bound. This time, I want to do that. At least have it bound.

The world of dogs is so fascinating!! I've found pics of almost every breed there is and there are over 400 varieties. I'm not getting pics off breeder sites, because I know how funny they are about their dogs, so I don't even ask. Nevermind that this kind of a project is another way of showing off their "pieces of art", and gaining them more publicity. Having been in breeder forums before I happen to know that they get all fussy and shit their pants when you use their pics. But that's OK. I found a lot of great pics even without the help of breeder sites. Some of them I've had since the first time I printed this book. I don't think I will be releasing this book to the public. Like I said before, it's a personal project.

I don't know how a person can look at the many breeds of dogs there are out there and not be fascinated. If there is one thing I've always found to be a little bit frustrating about being an INXS fan it's that every other INXS fan is a cat person. Cats aren't nearly as fascinating as dogs in that aspect. There are more than 400 dog breeds in the world, and they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Cat breeds don't have those options. The most unique looking cats I've ever seen are the persians and exotics. And the hairless. Of course I don't hate cats, my favorites are the siamese. But first of all, I don't like cats in my house! The only time I ever voluntarily considered getting a cat was when we had rat problems, and even then, I gave it a LOT of thought before going out and getting one. And by the time I made up my mind to get one, all the rats were gone, and so I didn't need to get one then. LOL!! So, I never got a cat. Besides, there are breeds of dogs that can kill rats as good as any cat can! Look at rat terriers, and jack russell terriers. So I would get one of those before I would even think about getting a cat. At least I bond better with dogs. They make it easy to bond with them!!

But I just don't see how a person can look at the many varieties of dogs out there and not be fascinated. Unless they just don't like variety, and I know some people don't. But working on this book, I personally cannot help but become fascinated with the world of dogs all over again! Most dog breeds come from Europe, and I've gotta tell you, there is a breed for every town, city, and village in all of Europe!!! It's amazing! And new ones are always popping up. Though the last official breeds were created in the 70's. I will not be covering such things as "labradoodles" or any of the so-called "designer mutts" in this book! Because they are not official breeds. I'm only covering breeds recognized by reputable registries such as AKC, FCI, UKC, CKC (Canadian), and TKC. Continental KC does not count! They'll register a gym sock! Though I hear AKC has programs now for mixed breeds, but it's mostly agility stuff. I still don't see the point in stuff like that, because if I want a dog, I want a pet. I don't care about competitions and junk like that.

This book has kept me pretty much awake all day and all night for the past 3 nights. I'm exhausted but it's a labor of love. I want to do this project. I don't have my supervisor's OK or anything, I'm just doing this for myself.
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