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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Stories Posted

I have some new stories posted, I finally got the cover designs today. Cathy kinda works on them in bits and pieces. She's still hard at work on some more, so I should be putting more up soon. Anyway, here are the stories posted just today:

Vacation Time! (With The Gang)

Jasper lends the gang his yacht for the weekend, and Mr. Blackwood becomes the weekend captain. They head off thinking they are going to have some fun sailing on the ocean. But because of Captain Blackwood's lack of skills, and the fact that Tim and Todd cannot stop fighting, everything turns to chaos! Then the final straw that ends their weekend abruptly, when the ship comes across a sea monster! Find out what happens between the ship vs. the sea monster.

The Wedding

This story is one that I based on my own relationship in 1997. Candi is set to marry her long-time boyfriend Leopold. They meet at a cafe in the beginning, happy that their marriage is to take place the next day. All goes well until Leopold drops a bomb, and informs Candi that he is still seeing his old girlfriend, Stacy. Devastated, Candi runs away, and angrily confronts Stacy. Find out if their marriage is still on and what happens between them.

At The Hospital

This is the story of Caroline, a silly lemur, who Bandit fears has been getting more than her share of colds and sniffles, so she has to have her tonsils taken out. But Caroline values her tonsils and does not want to have them removed. This leads to turmoil at the hospital, when Caroline tries anything she can to get away. This story has a surprise ending. Check it out!!

Click any of the titles to view their pages, and purchase if you want.

In other news, I was reading an article that Jon Stevens said that INXS was boring. I don't give a shit what Jon Stevens said!! I hate that guy!! I never liked him. He's not even as good-looking as he thought he was. Even Kirk was better looking than Jon Stevens was. Shoot, even I'm better looking than Jon Stevens!! LOL!! Jon Stevens did succeed in breaking the monotony of the band, being the ugliest person that was ever in the band. If he is saying this shit about my favorite men, he deserves to be kicked out of the band! And he deserves all the bad-mouthing he gets for saying this shit! I'll still stand by my favorite men, nothing can break me away. I notice INXS is getting a lot of bad press. I hope they hang in there, it's all bound to end soon and they can get on with their new album. I hope!! Lots of people miss them, not just me. With my luck though they probably will not come back to this part of the country again, and I'll have to go to some place like NY or something like that. And I hate NY!!!!! LOL!

Well, keep praying, and fingers crossed that they do make it here. It'd be awesome if they came and performed here in this town. Then I wouldn't even need a hotel room! Just stay here. hehe! And invite them to park their motorhomes in my cul-de-sac for the night. hehe!
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