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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Poody Dessa's Coming to Town

At the request of my sis, I made a little piece about Odessa, sang to the tune of Santa Claus is Coming To Town:

She’s fat and she’s sweet

And has little feet

As a good dog she cannot be beat

Poody Dessa’s coming to town

She cuddles and licks

And does little tricks

Licking is how she gets all her kicks

Poody Dessa’s coming to town

She licks you when you’re sleeping

She licks when you’re awake

She licks your face ‘till you’re all wet

So grab a towel for goodness sake!


She has a sweet face

So blind she can’t chase

Yet she handles it all with rhythm and grace

Poody Dessa’s coming to town

I conjured this up a couple days ago, I am still trying to think of one for Minnie. I need a good tune. It must be a Christmas tune. I think I'll make a video of me doing these tunes and put it up around Christmas time. IF I have a computer then! I've been thinking of giving this one back. Going to have some hardships coming up for the next few months.
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