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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Return of Mushmouth

I was listening to some music the other day when it was raining outside, and one of the songs my MP3 player decided to play on Shuffle was an old song by an obscure group. The song was You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet by Figures on a Beach. It was their own version of that song, and a one-hit wonder. If you can even consider it that. Anyway, every time I ever hear that song, it makes me think of this character that used to always be a regular in Uncle Martin and the Gang's stories. His name was Mushmouth. You can still see him in many of our earlier stories. Yes, I did name him after the Fat Albert character, and yes in the beginning he did used to stutter, kindof like Porky Pig. But as he got older, I stopped his stuttering and he became an adult.

Mushmouth is one character that has gone through so many changes over the years. He made his very first appearance in 1988, it was an experimental thing back then. Honestly he was not supposed to be in my stories for very long. I had the name, but I didn't have a form. I wanted to make him a critter that matches the name, and the one animal that sprang to mind was an elephant seal. You can imagine how an elephant seal would talk if it could, with that long trunk getting in it's way. But a lot of the "cuteness" factor was gone on that animal. I wanted something that also was cute, as well as comical. Well, I loved lemurs, so I made him that, a lemur. A black and white ruffed lemur to be exact. This was a drawing I made of him in 1989:

 He's not only gone through those kind of changes, but also several name changes. Mostly because my sis had me convinced that the name "Mushmouth" sounds ridiculous. HA! This from a woman who now has a character in her line-up named "Great Falls"! In 1991, I was heavily into Roxette, so I changed Mushmouth's name then to "Gessle". But that name was silly to me, and I don't really like naming my characters after favorite musicians, so almost immediately I dropped "Gessle" and put Mushmouth to rest for a while. I brought him back in 1994, after I began my Metazoic project. This time, instead of him being a lemur, I turned him into a Metazoic Deinognathus. This was a pic I did back in 1996:

That was from the story titled "the Kidnappers", which is available on the UMG Productions website.

UPDATE: After a chat I had with Cairo (who created Davy after Michael died) in 2015, Mushmouth and Davy are NOT the same character! Go here for more details: http://www.timmyfan.com/2015/03/mushmouth-or-davy.html

Well, this time I have decided to bring him back, my stories do best with Mushmouth in them. He brings a lot of humor to the stories. So, I want to bring him back, the way he was. Screw the new names, and new forms. Just bring Mushmouth the Deinognathus back, as just himself. Get ready!


mikessa said...

I remember the Grace's Odyssey story became a popular story for a while. I'm surprised UMG didn't make a movie about it.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

It would have made an awesome movie!