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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Seattle Pets?

Ya know I look through the classified ads every now and then at the pet section. Don't ask me why, I am currently not in the market for a pet. My partner will be coming here soon, and we are going to be moving to another rental. I already have 2 dogs, and though I do get easily tempted to get another one, I know if I do get one, it will be impossible to find a rental home that will allow me to keep all of them. So I'd better hold off until we can buy a house before I go and get anymore pets. Sometimes when I look through the classifieds, I see ads from Seattle Pets. They are not really in Seattle, they are located in Shoreline, and I know who the owner is, a woman named Maggie Hill. She breeds poms. As far as I know, she doesn't show them, and I don't think her dogs are even AKC registered. Not sure though. But when I visited her back in 2001, she didn't have any Pomeranians that I thought were very attractive.

She was also not very knowledgeable back then. She had a lavender and white parti pom and she didn't know how to breed to produce puppies with that color. So she was breeding for color more than quality. Anyways, I do NOT like Maggie!! She was a very pushy person! I kinda wonder if she still is? Well, she now sells her puppies through this dumb shop that she opened, no longer out of her house anymore. And she only sells by appointment only. Now, you have to meet her at that shop, and you are totally obligated to buy the puppy you are going there to see. That much, I do know about Maggie. How? From personal experience. My sis and I answered an ad she put in the paper back in 2001 for Pomeranian puppies. Maggie told us back then that she had a black and white baby that was marked like a border collie. We both thought that would be interesting to see. Maggie also claimed she had a wolf sable pom, the kind that look like miniature keeshonds. We decided to go and have a look. But we had other appointments to look at other pups, and wanted to go to those first. When I am in the market for a puppy, I like to shop around. I don't like taking the first puppy that I see. This is also why I prefer to answer ads that have pics in them, then I can at least see before I go there what their pups look like. THEN I go and meet the breeder and the puppies to make my final decision. If I don't find a puppy that suits me perfectly, I leave.

Well, during one of our appointments, my sis and I saw a black and tan pom at another breeder's that we thought was just gorgeous!!! But it was already sold to someone else. My sis said that was what she wanted, was a black and tan Pomeranian. I knew Maggie bred poms and she was on our list of breeders to visit that day. So, we were going there and if she didn't have any black and tan poms, I figured maybe she would know someone who did. She sounded like a legitimate breeder before we got there and met her. She told us that she works with a group of breeder friends, so I figured she would know of someone who had black and tan poms like my sis wants. So, when we got there, we met Maggie, she seemed like a nice person at first. She showed us her Pomeranians, and she had some litters on the ground. Back in those days, she bred these dogs and sold them in her garage. I didn't know anything back then about puppymills, backyard breeders, and dog brokers. We looked at her poms, and noticed a lot of them had long noses, more like shelties, than poms. She showed my sis the black and white baby she had for sale, and cute as he was, he was not what she was looking for. Maggie asked her if she likes that puppy, and my sis said yes. So Maggie said "Good." and she made out like we wanted to buy him. I told my sis to think about it. We still had other pups to look at.

I saw what Maggie called a "wolf sable" pom, and it was not a wolf-sable. It was actually an orange sable. It had the beginnings of orange highlights on it's body. It was obvious Maggie did not know what she was doing. Surprising, since she told me she had been breeding poms for 25 years at that time. I wouldn't say Maggie's poms were ugly, but they did not look like purebred poms. Most of them looked like pom/sheltie crosses. Anyways, I asked Maggie if one of her associates had a black and tan Pomeranian available, and she took down our name and phone number and told us she might know someone who will have one soon. I told her if she ever does find someone who would have one to let us know, because that was what my sis wanted. So, Maggie did say OK, and she would call us when she found out for sure. Funny thing about visiting Maggie, she seemed to push us out of her garage as we were leaving, and she was in quite a hurry to slam the door on us after we were out. My sis and I barely got a chance to thank her and say good bye. But we didn't think anything of it then. I just figured she was just busy and had to get back to what she was doing.

For 2 or 3 months, we didn't hear from Maggie, and then one morning she called us and left a message on our answering machine. Incidentally, this was the morning my sis and I planned to have a yard sale. We were finishing off selling all of the things that belonged to my grandma, who had just passed away at that time. So, I told my sis we would call Maggie back when the sale was over. I had a hard day myself. I had to drive downtown to take 2 of my dogs to the vet. It was one of those freebie vet clinics, so you had to wait in line to be seen. Luckily it wasn't an emergency, but I was there waiting for 4 hours! Romeo had a cough and Bambi was pregnant, and I just wanted to make sure she was OK. Well, we eventually got seen by someone, Romeo got some cough syrup for dogs, and Bambi was checked out and she was fine. I figured I would get back home in time to help my sis close the yard sale. Then afterwards, we would call Maggie back and go see this little black and tan Pomeranian that she said was available to see if we like it enough to bring home.

When I got home, my sis had already begun to close the yard sale, and so I went and helped her finish. We both had a hard day. but we sold a lot of stuff and made over $100! I figured that was just enough to help us get that puppy, so we were quite excited when we called Maggie back. Since this was my sis' puppy, I let her call Maggie. My sis was on the phone with her and all I really heard was her talking. She told Maggie who she was, but seemed to not mention that Maggie had called us that morning and left a message on our machine about the black and tan pom. Well, as their conversation drew on, I began to notice a little tension in my sister's voice. It showed up on her face too. I could actually almost hear Maggie screaming and shouting on the other side of the line. I had no idea what that was all about. I started asking my sister "What's going on?" She asked Maggie if she would hold for a minute and I actually heard Maggie say "NO! I won't hold for a minute!" And then I heard Maggie just yelling and screaming on and on and on. I was listening and a bit perplexed. I told my sis to ask Maggie why she called us that morning, and Maggie would not let my sister get a word in at all. Her mouth was going so fast and so loud, I don't think my sis could have gotten a word in there with a crowbar! Next thing I know Maggie hung up on my sis.

I asked my sis what happened. She told me that Maggie was upset that we came to her house and saw her dogs. She told me that Maggie said "Its rude to go to someone's house just to look at their dogs!" I said "Then what's the point in putting an ad out?" Then she told me that Maggie said to her "Don't you come to my house again unless you have money in your hands!" and hung up on her. That made me angry! I said, "OK, that's the last business we are ever going to have with little miss Maggie Hill!" and we went back to our friend Mae, who bred much better looking Pomeranians than Maggie had! Mae was the sweetest breeder I've ever met and she had true wolf sable poms. She was one of few breeders I knew of that bred for both color AND quality. Every one of her poms looked like poms, whereas Maggie had only a few dogs that actually looked like poms. All the rest looked like they were half sheltie.

I was not through with Maggie though. I wrote her a scathing e-mail, cussing her out just like she cussed my sister out. She needed to learn a lesson in decency, and this was the only way to do it. When I wrote that email, I reminded Maggie that first off, SHE called  US, we did not call her! So if anyone was being rude, it was HER! I told her that she's got a lot of nerve for someone who is breeding some of the worst looking Pomeranians I've ever seen. I told her maybe we did have the money to get that puppy, but we are sure as hell not going to give it to her! Not after this little asinine stunt she pulled. I ended the email telling her to fuck off and NEVER call us again! EVER! Well, the next thing I know, I got another message on my answering machine from someone named Terry. It was funny! Terry was claiming she was with the Lakewood police department. LOL!!! I laughed when I got that message, because I knew what it was about, and I knew that Maggie put one of her dumb friends up to doing that just to scare me. But I was not scared, not even for the slightest second. Because what police man is going to care what I say to a stupid puppymilling old crone like Maggie?!

Maggie refuses to admit it, but she is indeed a puppymiller. Also a dog broker. If I had known back then what I do now about ethical breeding, I never would have gone to Maggie at all. So one word of caution for anyone in the Seattle/Tacoma area; BEWARE OF SEATTLE PETS! AND DON'T TALK TO MAGGIE HILL!!! She's fucking crazy! She obligates people to buy puppies from her. And if you don't buy from her, she'll cuss you out to no end! Do the smart thing and shop around!! Don't let ANYONE push you into buying a pet from them!

Now, the dirty dozen (most likely Mcgillicutty/Sara) is going to foreword this to Maggie. I say go ahead!! My only concern is to any potential victims of Maggie's. I want Maggie to remember this! Maybe she'll think twice before acting like an asshole to someone else! You mess with my family, you get kicked in the butt. And I am not, and never will be, sorry. So, call the police, call your dime store lawyer, call Judge Judy! I don't care.
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