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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Katrina, I'll Wring Your Skinny Neck!!!

UGH!! I'm so mad at Katrina today. It all started when she sent me a PM on Sunday. Little did I know it'd expand into this!! I had just come back from a long walk, and I mean a LONG walk!! On Sunday to get a few things for my new baby. I am making a movie about that, BTW, as we speak! LOL! I saw a post on Katrina's wall going back and forth between her and Nancy Xs. Well, Katrina PMd me and asked if I told anyone I was using her facebook in my absence and I told her no, I did not! I told her she'd better not tell anyone who I am. Well, she said Nancy thinks her account is my alternate account. I thought about it, it's kinda funny really. But, thank GOD Katrina didn't give her my current name on Facebook. I think it's probably really best that people there believe Katrina is me, since she has no interest in making friends with INXS fans, and does not seem to care if they talk shit about her. So, I told her to just leave it at that for now. I like Nancy, but I have no idea if she's one of those types that if she did find me out, she'd spread the news to everyone. So, it's probably best for me to let her think what she thinks.

Then today, I find out she has added me to one of the groups! While it may be nice to converse with my old buddies again, and I am getting my baby here very soon, I don't know for sure if I am completely ready for INXS groups, with other people. I think I've got most of the people blocked that I want blocked, but still. There's probably some I forgot, and some that I am not sure anymore I should have been friends with in the first place. I hope that makes sense!!! If anyone is going to block anyone, it's going to be ME! LOL! I don't want them blocking me, I want me to block them. The reason for that is because, and I've seen people do this before, sometimes people will block someone else on Facebook, and occasionally unblock them to see what they are up to, take things out of context (which dumbasses do anyways), and go to secret groups with their friends and talk shit about that person, blowing up everything that person says out of proportion. I believe whole-heartedly that a lot of these people have done that. I don't do that myself. Once I have someone blocked, that's IT. They are dead as far as I am concerned. I do not unblock them usually, I don't spy on them, I don't have anything more to do with them. That's the end, finé, done, over, the whole bowl of wax. I don't even talk about that person anymore. Leastwise, not on Facebook. Here, it's OK, because at least they can read and respond if they want to. Though I gotta say, Google has been weird about comments lately! I'm thinking of switching this blog over to Wordpress!

To Katrina, things like that wouldn't matter because she is not on Facebook much anyhow. But to me, it's different. I don't want these people saying anything, especially now, that is going to ruin my chances of getting this puppy! This pup is my one chance for happiness in this world now. I don't want the dumbass SJWs ruining it in any way! My main worry is what if something they say somehow gets back to the breeder? You know how dumbasses blow things out of proportion! Say I would say something like "This chocolate cake is terrible!" and they'd take it as meaning that I don't like chocolate cake at all, and the breeder read what they wrote about me, and was radical about chocolate cake and said to me "I don't want to sell you this puppy because you don't like chocolate cake!" Of course I know that would never really happen, because I fucking LOVE chocolate cake!!! But just as an example of how things like that blow up. They still believe I call myself Dee on Facebook. They don't know what my real alternate account name is. Or maybe they all think Katrina is my alternate account. In which case, I am all for leaving it that way.

I hate to leave Katrina holding the bag, but like I said, she's almost never on Facebook anyways. And she's not looking forward to getting a dog like I am! Not that I believe any of the INXS SJWs have contact with any dog breeders (most of them thankfully are catfags) but still. One never knows if the breeders are looking in. Anyone can search Facebook.

IMO, once someone has anyone on ignore on Facebook, you completely give up every right to discuss that person. If you do, or you spy on them, that's kinda creepy really. It's almost like stalking, or backstabbing. That's why I don't do it. I believe in live and let-live. If someone wants to put me on ignore, then that is fine, it's their right, just as much as it is my right to block someone. But once you do block me on Facebook, then leave me alone! Don't talk about me. Don't talk to me. Don't discuss me with your friends. Just go your way and I'll go mine. If you got something to say to me, or about me, then come here and say it to my face. Believe me, I don't bite. LOL! Currently, I have 35 people blocked on Facebook, all radicals and SJW dumbasses. I expect that number to grow. I'll hang around in this group for a while, just to see how things go. And today for Timmy Tuesday!! hehehe!!

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