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Friday, March 3, 2017

Dog People = Narcissists?

I saw a very interesting comment by someone who calls himself E. Gagnon on YouTube. The video showed a person letting his pitbull dog go into someone's yard and attacking their cat. The cat seemed to be OK after the attack, as it ran under a car. But the owner of the cat was pissed at the dog owner for letting his dog come into their yard and attacking the cat. Anyways, this was the comment...

It's an interesting quote. And probably very true, in some cases. But dog owners being narcissistic? I don't know about that one! LOL! He says "Many dog owners are socially inadequate and love the fact that their dog makes them feel superior and in control... Pure narcissists!" He says "Many dog owners", so at least he is not generalizing. My reaction to that section of his quote is maybe that's why many people have BIG dogs! Because a bigger dog would be more of a challenge to control, and especially big men love big dogs. Even a lot of women prefer the bigger dogs. A lot of them also look down on people who prefer the smaller dogs.

I don't love dogs because I am socially inadequate and like to be in control. At least, that's not what I feel. I love dogs because you can take them on walks and they love to run and play and have fun, and at home they will protect your home from intruders, and they are always happy to see you after you come home from a hard day at work. Seeing wagging tails, wiggly butts and smiling faces is enough to make any rough work day worth coming home to! Though I had a siamese cat, Amadeus, that would wait for me to come home from school, and he'd greet me at the door too. But he was the exception. Not the norm. I never had another cat again that greeted me like that.

He goes on to say "Cats are independent and don't put their trust in just anybody... With cats, you have to work to gain their trust, love and loyalty" Well, I say birds are the same exact way. And birds are harder to get full trust from than a cat! But I love birds. I could be a very happy person with just birds as pets! Though I do have a harder time trusting the big hookbills, like macaws and cockatoos, because their beaks are so big, they could do a lot of damage. But smaller hookbills, like conures and lovebirds, I don't feel that uncomfortable around. Plus, birds are beautiful!!! Much more beautiful than any feline I've ever seen.

Then he adds "If you abuse a cat, it will retaliate and beat the shit out of you to teach you respect or simply walk away in search of a better home and better owners..." I wonder if that's why all of Kathy's cats have run away from home. Because my father didn't like cats. He wasn't abusive towards them, but he also wouldn't give them the attention they crave. And yes, cats do occasionally crave attention. Regardless of what catfags think. But again, the exact same thing can be said about birds! Have you ever been attacked by a mistreated chicken? I haven't. But I know people who have, and they say it is not fun! The old term "mad as a wet hen" does not refer to people who are 'seriously pissed off' for nothing! No one ever says "mad as an abused cat". But I love chickens. I think they're cute! I'd love to have some chickens as soon as I get out of living in apartments and get my own home and property.

And I guess I am here to teach cats how to respect. LOL! I don't respect cats. Cats respect me! They learn quickly to give me my space. These cats that used to get into my yard, and I used to chase them out, they don't come into my yard anymore. Very occasionally now, and they learn to leave my yard fast, because they know I'll chase them out. When they see me walking up the road, they don't stand and wait to attack me, they run! Whereas the other people around here let them come up and cuddle around their feet. No, cats leave me alone. They respect me! LOL!

Then he says "They want a slave that will fulfill their inadequacy and need to feel superior!..." Well, my response to that is I don't need a dog to make me feel "superior". I like dogs because they make me feel loved. I don't have many human friends, and dogs are among the only beings that convey true love. To quote Johnny Depp. Of course he added infants too. But I don't want kids. LOL! If I wanted to "feel superior", I'd get a creature that was more of a challenge to train, like a cat.

And this is REALLY interesting! He says this "You will never see that pure irrational hatred of dogs in cat people..." This is really interesting, because I totally beg to differ! I have actually seen irrational hatred of dogs in cat people before. MANY times! A lot of cat people don't even like other people. I've seen catfags say some really fucked up shit! Now, I am not referring to people who just love cats. I'm referring to people who are catfags. They get angry at people who do not like cats. I had one person recently who wanted to see my family killed, and even attacked at Katrina and her family, wanted to kill her whole family too. Thank GOD Katrina didn't see that comment! LOL! Of course I would have loved to see that person try and attack Katrina's family. Her husband is a black-belt in karate, and even knows how to use a sword. LOL! That's a rare talent!

Then he quotes someone named Paul Grey, saying "Quote: Cats were put into the world to disprove the dogma that all things were created to serve man.” I don't know who Paul Grey is, but I think he's wrong. LOL! We don't need cats to disprove that dogma! It's obvious Paul Grey has never visited Mount St. Helens. It brings up the question, "what would win in a battle between 20 cats and a volcano?" Well, Mount St. Helens took out Harry Truman and his lodge and about 20-something cats. So, obviously the mountain won that battle. LOL! Not to mention the 30 or so cougars that were known to live in the area and were killed in the eruption. Plus, we have thunder and lightening to remind us that humans do not control everything. We also have earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. All those things can disprove the dogma that all things were created to serve man. A lot better than cats! Cuz even cats cannot control those things. And if you want to compare living things, again, we have birds. They don't serve us, we serve them.

And I don't just hate cats because they cannot be controlled. I hate cats because they are destructive, lazy squatters. They tear up your furniture. They get on your kitchen counters. They get up on other places they don't belong and knock things down just to see them fall, and sometimes break. They spray their piss on the furniture, walls, and plants and makes the house smell like cat. They cough up hairballs that also smell bad. The only reason cat people don't try to control these things is because cat people think these things are cute or funny. Then, they go around saying dog people hate cats because they can't be controlled when they don't even try to control their own cats. Well, I don't think their little behaviors are "cute" or "funny". I think they're annoying. And that is why I don't want a cat. I won't even go into a house that has a cat because I don't care to experience these things, and I don't want to be served food on a place where a cat has been sitting it's ass on. No thank you!

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