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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Milkshake Landing

People piss me off! You know what I heard this weekend? I heard that Burger King was going to sell milkshakes to throw at conservatives. I also have been hearing that the leftists have not only been throwing milkshakes at conservatives, but also bricks, urine and soda. And the left says conservatives are hateful and violent?? Oh well, they consider free speech "violence". They need to get over that one. Speech is not violence. I've been called fat for years now. Do I consider it "violence"? No. I do not! A person has a right to say it if they feel like it. Though personally, I don't see the point, as I already knew I was fat. LOL! But someone certainly has the right to say it. As long as it doesn't lead to violence. I mean real violence!! Not what the leftists consider "violence". And I can tell you, it has led to real violence before. Mostly by people who most likely were leftists themselves.

You can always tell who is a leftist, they are only "brave" when they are with friends. They will never attack a person when they are alone. I used to know a lot of kids like that. Mostly in middle school and high school. But now, leftists have a gimmick going now. They say "Go out and punch a nazi". "Nazi" to them, is just someone they don't agree with. Particularly if they are a white christian man. Well, I'm not a white christian man, but I am a conservative. Someone the leftists would refer to as a "nazi". Well, they'd better watch out, because this "nazi" hits back. And I can hit back pretty hard! I prefer not to, but if I am walking somewhere, or sitting somewhere, minding my own business, and some random asshat just comes up and throws something on me, or assaults me in any way, I'm not going to just sit there and take it! I've done too much of that in my lifetime to allow that to happen again!

I've often wondered how the leftists would like it if conservatives started all fighting back. Conservatives are generally very level-headed. But we are only human. If the leftists keep poking the bear, sooner or later, they're going to get beat up. Then I think a war will break out. I wouldn't be surprised! But the leftists now keep asking for it. Pretty soon, they are going to get it if they don't stop harassing conservatives!! They can call us "nazis" all they want to, but they need to learn not to touch! Leave us alone and we will do the same to you. And think about this, conservatives carry guns, and we are not afraid to use them. If the leftists really want to go that far, we conservatives can start using those guns for protection. The leftists won't like it. But we don't like leftists getting in our personal space, and attacking us when we are doing nothing but exercising our rights to free speech.

Shoot! Imagine if a conservative, who has had enough of the leftists, were to actually shoot a leftist? We could make our slogan "Go out and kill a commie!" It'd be all over the news. We'd be getting threatening messages, phone calls, death threats left and right. It'd be a mess for whomever does it. But the leftists are now pushing conservatives to want to band against them like that. Who cares if it's going to be on the news?! Maybe it'll discourage other commies from harassing conservatives.

Seriously, this has to stop. People need to grow up. But you know what I blame for all this shit? I blame the X-generation for not actually enforcing discipline on their kids. Those kids, now grown people, still act like children. They haven't learned to grow up. I once heard a story about a woman who took her little boy to a toy store to get a present for another little boy who was having a birthday party. The little boy wanted a toy for himself, but the mom said they were shopping for the birthday boy today. The kid fussed and fussed until the mom gave in and bought him that toy instead. Her reason for giving in? She didn't want her little boy to hate her. And today, you are all seeing the results of that kind of "parenting". You see it in modern leftists. They are the little boys in the toy store who are supposed to be picking out a present for someone else. And they get fussy when they don't get something they want for themselves. So, they act out, and say they hate us conservatives, thinking that will make us give in.

Unfortunately, that is only going to get worse. Its sad too! I can remember a time when most people were respectful. We always agreed to disagree when we had differing opinions. No one got assaulted for having different opinions. This, unfortunately, is the legacy Obama left us. Liberals were never this bad before Obama became president! And Obama was the laziest president we ever had!! He didn't do nothing! And now, he wants to take credit for Trump's success in opening thousands of jobs. And of course, the libtards are accommodating Obama's claim! Naturally! Well, Obama had nothing to do with opening those jobs up! Obama is just jealous. That's all it is! He knew he didn't do shit for this country, so he's trying to take credit for someone else's hard work and success!

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