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Saturday, May 11, 2019

What The Far-Left Liberals Do

OMG! I wondered how the leftists were going to counter-attack the demise of the Trump-Russia collusion. Well now I know. Now, they are going to downplay illegal immigrants. Trump has been saying for a long time that there has been a crisis at the border. The leftists have denied it all those months, saying "There's nothing wrong at the border". Well, now they are finally admitting there is something wrong at the border. They've denied it for so long, why are they now just getting the message? Well, first reason is because leftists are dumb. They all have been living with cats for so long they have cat shit for brains! Second reason is because they know that now admitting this makes Trump look bad. I just saw a video about this. This is the same kind of virtue-signaling I've been seeing from leftists for as long as I've been on the internet.

See, this is why I just cannot be friendly towards leftists. They do this kind of shit all the time. When one theory of their's is proven wrong, they turn to something else to make the conservatives look bad. The leftists cannot get Trump on the Russia collusion, so they find something else and blow it up all out of proportion to make Trump look bad. Even if it's a problem that Trump told them about years ago. Another YouTuber I saw likened the whole act to that of a dying fish. When one plan they have fails, they create another one so they don't have to gasp for that last breath of air. But Trump admitted a long time ago there was a crisis at the border, so this is obviously a desperate grasp at straws from the left. The leftists have ALWAYS been like this. I've even seen this kind of behavior from INXS fans.

I remember back when INXS was touring after the Rockstar era. I used to go into the Switchboard. Well, that board's owner was a girl named Vicki. She was a fat, ugly, blond chick who was definitely a true leftist libtard. She acted just like the left is now. One might argue that because she didn't live in the USA, she could not be a leftist. But she was! They do exist in other countries. This one lived in New Zealand. All one has to have to be considered a leftist is the reasoning skills of a gnat and a 2-year old toddler's mentality. Vicki had both of those. Well, where she comes from, those people still believe the earth is flat and vaccines cause autism in children. I guess she could not help it that her stupid cat gave her shit for a brain. In fact, her attitude inspired me to make a little portrait of her...

I told you all before, cat people are usually ugly. Vicki certainly was! LMAO! That and the fact that she's a liberal. Liberals are always ugly people. I wouldn't be surprised now if she's even gone bald, just like all other liberal women.

Anyways, I'm not here to talk about Vicki's looks. In the Switchboard, which was her forum, she started acting like Adolf Hitler. I remember mentioning that on my old MSN blog. I had a feeling about it but I was not sure. So, I posted about it on my blog, like I always do when I am unsure of something, yet almost sure. I added "MTMTE" to the end of the post. Well, Vicki saw that post, and just like all leftists do, she took it and put it on her profile on the forum. Only she made it out to mean "Mighty Terrific Moderator To Everyone". LOL!!! I know she posted that in hopes it would piss me off. But it didn't. See, the libtards are always baiting the conservatives like that. Vicki was hoping I would see that and get angry, or apologetic. And when she saw it didn't work, she took that down. I didn't care! I said she can take those initials and make them mean whatever she wants to. Really, it meant "More Than Meets The Eye". LOL! I didn't want to spell it out though because I was not sure of my hunch that I had about Vicki. I believed she was being especially hostile to me because I don't like her friend DonnaG. I still don't! Vicki did not change that. And I still believe I was right about Vicki acting like Adolf Hitler for that reason. DonnaG too is a libtard. And just like Vicki, has a bad attitude. Vicki did not see that though. Libtards never see how evil other libtards are. They just want to see it in us conservatives.

Shoot! Instead of MTMTE at the end of that post, I should have posted AH. LOL!! I wonder if Vicki would have understood that meant she is Adolf Hitler? LOL!! She could have put that on her profile on the forum. Let people there know the real Vicki.

Well, I knew I was right about Vicki when the delusional fans forum went up, and they started attacking me. Catsredrum was the leftist to end all leftists! She even lived in Portland! That alone said a lot. Vicki came in under the handle "incognito". I used to think it was DonnaG, but no. I know DonnaG coached Vicki into doing that though, but it wasn't Donna herself. Vicki posted a picture on that forum that came from DonnaG's Photobucket account. It was the pic of me with Garry Beers. Not that I care! The pic actually did look better without DonnaG in there. It was the sneaky behavior that made me question Donna's and Vicki's integrity. I referred to Catsredrum as "A rogue INXS fan gone mad". LOL! That pissed Catsredrum off! I could tell. Her words said "I just love that nickname". But the attitude behind it said "How dare she call me a rogue madwoman".

Anyways, at one point in the delusional fans forum, I said I hope Catsredrum and Netrage do not find the Switchboard. They'd never fit in! Next thing I knew, there was Catsredrum and Netrage on the Switchboard. The first words out of Catsredrum's mouth when she got there was "I'm the 'rogue INXS fan gone mad'." She said it with something of a snarky attitude, just like Vicki had, and just like all leftists have. I thought they were there to troll, based on their behavior on the delusional fans forum. Then Vicki said she invited them there. Then I figured out "Ohh OK. Vicki just did it to piss me off!" Then I was onto her bullshitting. That's basically all it was, was bullshitting. And I see the same actions in leftists EVERYWHERE!!! When one thing doesn't anger the conservatives, or prove the leftists wrong, they turn to something else to put on conservatives to make them angry. They want us to get angry, so they can call us the angry, unaccepting, violent people. They'll keep poking the bear until they finally get something to hold against the conservatives and make us angry.

The problem with that is, it will eventually backfire. It did with Catsredrum and Netrage. LOL! For 6 months, they talked about me nonstop on their forum. Even long after I had stopped talking about them and giving Vicki any attention whatsoever. Then Catsredrum made one big mistake on her forum; she let someone post that I let my dog Groucho die just so I can attend a concert. I could actually sue her for that. I wanted to go to her house and blow her brains out with my rifle. But that would accomplish nothing. So, I decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. I did nothing any different than what they did to me for 6 months. I wanted them to know what it felt like to have someone spread a bunch of bullshit about them. Believe me, they didn't like it! LOL!! It took several months of doing that to them, but I got the result I wanted. They started calling me "the stalker" on the delusional fans forum. When I heard they were calling me that, I was tickled pink! It proved my point. They never saw what they were doing as stalking (typical libtards). They only saw it as stalking when I did it to them. Again, typical libtards!!

Shoot! I should have warned Stephanie to leave me the fuck alone. She started attacking me almost immediately after my father died. And I had never done anything to her or Jennifer (or Kathy for that matter). But I didn't think anything of it at first. Not until she wrote that angry message to my mom. I should have said right at the beginning to Stephanie "You'd better back the fuck off bitch! I'm not the kind of person you want to fuck around with!" When I hit back, I can hit back pretty damn hard! Don't mess with someone who has the mind of a fox and the attitude of a wolverine! And I don't give up. I may be a conservative, but I am a conservative with attitude. I'm not as gentle as the others. Especially when I am attacked by someone I never did any harm to. I can pretty quickly go from 0 to 60.

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