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Friday, May 3, 2019

Speech = Violence?

I'm a little miffed today because for many months, I've been hearing about free speech being equated with violence. I saw the Michael Knowles show yesterday and I heard him going back and forth with this liberal "professor", whatever you call them! He was talking about free speech being banned, and she was telling him that some speech is violence. Ya know the first time I heard bullshit like that was with Riley J. Dennis. Apparently this idea that speech is equivalent to violence got started with trannies who did not want to hear the truth that they were not the gender they think they are. So they made up the "speech is violence" movement in hopes that it will catch on and get free-thinkers arrested. Well the hell with that! Speech is not violence!

If speech really was equal to violence, then I could have soooooooo many people arrested for things said about me. I mean really, you think I don't ever hear all the so-called "violent" speech? I get talked shit about a lot, especially by liberal SJWs! They hate me because I am an alpha-girl who is not afraid to speak her mind. But do I ever call their speech 'violence'? No. In fact, I am the first one to agree they have a right to their own opinions. Only if someone specifically says "If you see this person, then shoot, punch, rape, or kill her." That is the only speech that is not protected and I do not condone. And the closest thing I ever had to someone saying that about me was with Tess O'brien telling every one of the liberal SJWs to delete me from their Facebook friends. And I don't even consider that violence. Although I do not deny that if they showed up on my doorstep, they probably would try those things. But I am not going to panic unless they actually do show up on my doorstep. But thankfully, that is not likely to happen. LOL! Liberals are too cowardly to show up at one of their victim's homes.

Anyways, that is the only time where speech and violence coincide. I believe this whole "speech is violence" idea is stupid! It's basically a way libtards figure they can have opposing opinions silenced. So they don't have to face the truth. You know libtards! They are spineless cowards! Personally, I welcome opposing viewpoints. I can agree or disagree. So can they. I don't call it violence, and I am not afraid to hear opposing viewpoints. But if there is one thing I am not, it's spineless. Don't listen to the dirty dozen mob. LMAO!!! They think everyone is spineless except themselves, and they are the most spineless people I've ever met! Sometimes I even surprise myself with how ballsy I really am! Shoot! Maybe that's why people think I'm gay. No other woman has the guts I have to do what I do. So, I guess that's why people think I'm really a man, or gay. LOL! Though Katrina says it's probably because I don't ever talk about being with a guy.

Anyways, at one of Knowles's speeches on a college campus, he was saying men cannot be women and women cannot be men, which is indeed true. They can't. I can never really be a man. I can dress like a man, I can be tough like a man, I can even have a manly voice, but I can never actually be a man. Not that I want to. I enjoy being a woman. LOL! But when Michael Knowles said it on this campus, some idiot came out with one of those super soaker kiddie rifles and sprayed him with some kind of strange chemical. Fortunately the perpetrator was taken away in handcuffs, but he said he did it because Michael Knowles's speech was inciting violence against trannies. That is so stupid! It was not!! It was violence perpetrated by a tranny person against Michael Knowles. Knowles did not call for it. That person did it on his own. And his actions were violence. Speech it's self is not violence. OK! If people take aggressive action against trannies because Michael Knowles said men can never be women and women can never be men, then that is on the people who took aggressive action. It's not on Knowles!! It had nothing to do with his speech unless he said in his speech "Go out open season on trannies. Find them and destroy them." But no, he didn't say that at no time during that speech.

I swear, people today are so stupid! They think everything is racist, offensive, violent, hate speech, fascist and all that stupid crap. Well, everything except the shit they're doing. To them, what they do is none of that shit. The rest of us sees it though. They call all conservatives "far rightwing extremists" and say we are the "violent, angry" ones. The left is just full of dumbasses. I'm glad I am not on the left. They are going to get their's very soon. Just wait! It's already starting to come. Conservatives are beginning to fight back. I'm glad too. We're all getting sick of the "leftist act".

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