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Monday, April 27, 2009

I've Got A Gun!!

LOL!! Nah, just joshin' there. Actually I do have one, it was an old squirrel-hunting rifle I inherited from my grandpa, but it's so old, you can't get ammo for it anymore. I just keep it cuz it's an antique. And I need to learn when to keep my @#$& mouth SHUT!!!! LOL! Anyway, the reason I'm calling this blog this is because I was watching The Smoking Gun on TruTV. One of my favorite stations! There was a segment where a woman came into a convenience store and said to the male clerk "I've got a gun, gimme all your money!" The male clerk kept asking her to show it to him and she kept saying "it's in my pocket." But never showed it to him. The clerk didn't believe her, and he walked off. A female clerk approaches her and says "Can I help you?" The woman says "Yeah, I told him I've got a gun and he won't believe me." The female clerk also asked the woman to show it to her, and again the woman said "It's in my pocket." But she would not take it out. I think by now it'd be pretty obvious this woman doesn't have one at all. She knew the clerks didn't believe her so she just walked out of the store, frustrated. LOL!!!

That is what I love about these shows, they are too funny, and shows the stupidity a lot of criminals display. There was one guy some time ago on that program who was trying to hold up a puppy store with a toy gun. When the clerks would not be fooled by his prank, and became too much for him (by locking him inside the store until the police showed up) the would-be robber got scared and begged them to let him out. They wouldn't though. They held him there until the police came and arrested him. That's probably one of the all-time stupidest criminals I've ever seen. The funniest segment was actually not on Smoking Gun, but another show called Most Daring. This segment had me laughing hard all night long. I wish I had recorded it on tape!! Some young man was trying to break into a liquor store at night. First he tried to leap for the window to get in, and kept falling on his ass. Then when he finally did reach the window, he was walking through the ceiling, and you could see shingles falling to the floor, one at a time, then finally a big piece of the roof fell into the store, with this young man along with it. LOL! Then he grabs a cart and pushes it through the store and grabs liquor left and right. Then he tries to get out through the front door and finds that he can't. That's when he picks up the cart and tries to break the glass doors. LOL! They're plexiglass man!!! Finally the cops release him and get him out of the store and haul his clumsy ass to jail! LOL!!

That was probably the funniest segment, without using too much commentary, I've ever seen on any police documentary show. Got me and my sis laughing for several hours afterwords. I just wish I had recorded it because I haven't seen that clip since then in it's entirety.

Anyway, I went on to watch Operation Repo, looks like Matt has his fire back. I'm glad to see that. Boy! That realtor was nasty!!! Tried to rip off Sonia's dress and all!! LOL! Matt I think was a little in love with her though. LOL! He was saying he wanted to get her phone # off the paperwork and call her because he believes they have a lot in common. hehe! That would have been sweet, but since he was with the gang that repo'd her car, she'd have probably been like "Sorry man, you ain't my type!" hehe! Leastwise not unless he'd have brought her car back.
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