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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Voice And Video Blog: Remembering INXS, the Way They Were


This is a rather long video I made a lot like the last one I made about our trip to Astoria. I did the same thing I did with that one, I used a lot of images from Google Images, and some from my very own collection of INXS pics. I decided to tell the whole story here in a cute way of how I got into INXS. Maybe telling it this way will help everyone understand. Who knows? This is a long one, over 20 minutes. I don't dare put it on YouTube!! I'm working on a couple more now. I'm steadily working on one that describes another hobby I want to get into. It'll make, what? About my 10th hobby! LOL! I pack them in, you can bet I don't get bored on weekends, except when I'm trying to find something on television!! LOL! I just wish Anna would find other hobbies, she continuously pesters me to do something with her, and I'm always busy doing something else, I can't!! Doing these skits is FUN!!! I try to make each one different. Providing that I can find different graphics on Google Images. You'd be very surprised what kind of images you can find by just googling certain key words! I found images of things I never thought I would find!! Like single images of letters and numbers. It gives me a cute idea of how to put a new twist on an old classic! I'll do that sometime down the road, but I am really into this voice and video blog thing. This particular movie took me 2 days to make. It wouldn't have taken so long except yesterday I had to do something important, so I had to take a break for a few hours to do it. But by about 10:00 last night, I finally finished this.

I don't know how INXS would feel about this, but unless they tell me they don't like it, who cares? It was fun to do anyway. I'm constantly thinking up new stories to tell, and new ways to present them image-wise. My main goal is to be either one of 2 things: funny or accurately descriptive. That's the whole point. I like being just a little bit corny, that's what makes each of these films funny. You might say I have become the reincarnation of Tex Avery, who was a comical genius. It was him who made some of the funniest cartoons of all time back in the 40s. When cartoons were truly GOOD!!! Not like the crap that is around today. To make this funnier, I even made fun of myself and all my "umms" LOL!! I say too many of them I think. I need to cool down on those. Or I need to do more yawning. You know yawning actually is done to refresh our brain? It's true. Discovery News did something on that a couple of months ago.

Well, in other news, I got my little MP3 player back! I sent my old one to Creative Labs, and they sent me an all new one. I'm glad, I missed it!! It finally gave out, I knew it was too good to last, so they sent me an all new and improved player. The one company I am mad at is JazzCameras!! They have NO contact info whatsoever!! I bought a video camera put out by their company for Katrina, my best friend. She said it stopped working. So I took it back to the store I got it from, and got my money back. I gave it to Katrina so she could get another camera or whatever with it. I felt so bad! I looked on Jazz's website, and there is NO contact info at all! No e-mail address, no contact form, no phone number, not even an address to where the company is located so I could write to them. The website is nothing more than a showcase for their products. You can't even order a product on their site. There isn't even a feedback form on their site. There is NO WAY to contact Jazz Cameras! So I said that I am NEVER getting anything from that company again!! I'm avoiding them like the plague next time. Anytime you see a company that you just cannot contact, it should raise a red flag. That video camera was faulty, and it did not say that it was created for one-time use. Believe me if it was, I would never have consented to pay as much as I did for that camera!!! Katrina said she was only able to use it one time, and she could never use it again after that! It would not even recharge again, and it was brand new!! I got it for her for her birthday which was last December.
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