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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cat's Out of The Bag!

LOL! Well tonight, Deb and her husband came and paid me a visit, a very angry visit. She was PISSED!!! She was holding a copy of this blog in her hand and was threatening a lawsuit. Well, I can tell you she is not the first person who has tried to sue me over something like this, and I bet she won't be the last either. So many people have tried to sue me over freedom of speech. Perhaps I should not mention last names in my blog, but this case reminds me so much of the case between the fallen soldier's father and the Westboro Baptist Church. As grief stricken as the father was, and as much as we would have loved to see him win his case, the WBC has freedom of speech rights, and they won their case. Same with me. People often don't like seeing their names on my blog, but I do have my first ammendment rights. They can take me to court, but it's unlikely in the end they will win. Sorry guys.

Well, Deb said that I called her dumb in this blog. I could not remember calling her that, I do say she is unfair at times, and her ego is inflated since she became the office manager. Sorry, but it's true! But I did not, for the life of me, remember calling her dumb. I figured it was probably me quoting a remark made by someone else. So I looked back. I think the "ego inflation" post was what got her bothered. So, I removed it. She still has a copy though, but that's OK. She can keep it.

I am by no means afraid of getting sued. The only thing that bothers me about this is that I might have to come back to Bozeman, and really I don't want to! Deb and everyone probably hates me by now, but at least most of what I said was the truth, or speculative. None of which is illegal. None of which will (or has ever) held up in a court of law. But if I did appear to call Deb "dumb" and not quote someone else who might have said it, I want to publicly apologize and set it straight. But I cannot apologize for saying she is sometimes unfair. Because that is the truth. The way she approached me about my dogs running from my door to the elevator, I felt really threatened! And there Ziggy is running in the yard with no one controlling him. He does have a leash around his neck, but no one is holding it. Sorry Deb if I said you are dumb, but the "unfair" comment I'm holding on to.

Another thing I won't do, I won't apologize to either Andy nor Kim because I feel my attacks on them on this blog has been completely justified. They attacked us for no reason whatsoever over many months that my sis and I have been here. They can file suit if they want to, I don't care. But they will never get an apology out of me for anything. If it's money they are after, they ain't gonna get any of that out of me either.

Facts about this case: Libel is untrue spoken words, Slander is written untrue words. Convictions that are true or speculative are freedom of speech.
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