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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Roommate Or Not Roommate?

About a week ago, I put an ad on the Oregon Coast Craigslist, looking for a place to live. I was hoping I could get a response from someone renting out a small beach cottage, or some small basement apartment. Well, I think I did find something. I finally got a response to that ad this morning. She's willing to let me keep both my dogs and she says her apartment has a very nice view of the ocean and the bay. I think it would be awesome. It also has it's own private enterance, which is really nice! So it's private all the way. I like that idea. She sent me an apparent link, but when I clicked the link, it just took me back to my own ad. So I am still waiting to see the place. The way this person described it makes it sound like a roommate deal. Like she's looking for a roommate. I've never thought about living as a roommate myself. I generally like to keep to myself. But I guess it wouldn't be so bad, as long as I have my own entry way, and I can just open the door and let the dogs run out and do their thing, and as long as she lets me live my own way and does not try to tell me how to live. If I want that, I'd go live with my father! LOL! I have limits to my tolerance of being controlled. I realize it's this person's property, but the space I am paying for is MINE! That is why I refuse to live with my father until I can find a place. He likes to control people and I hate being controlled. My father wanted to tell me when to go to bed, when to get up, what to eat and when to eat it, and I don't like being told all that! He didn't even like me staying up at night to watch TV.

I am still trying to decide. I'd love to just move into a new place from here. It'd be great!! Then I don't have to leave my dogs with anyone. Not that I don't trust Nancy, but she has cats. My dogs are not used to cats. Leastwise Vegas isn't. I don't know about Minnie. I do know once Sharon's cat (my neighbor here) was out in the hallway, and I was walking to my apartment with Vegas and Minnie on their leashes, and Minnie wanted to just go after that cat! If I hadn't had her on her leash, she would have been gone! She'd have chased that cat all over the building. There's a reason why I don't have cats, and that's mostly because I am not a fan of having cats in the house. They're dirty animals! They carry fleas and are one of the biggest carriers of ringworm. Apparently it's in their urine, according to the vets I spoke to when I used to have cats. I remember one time someone laughed at and made fun of me because I brought that up on the Pluba forum, but I was only repeating what the vets told me. Made sense too, because you never hear of ringworm in dogs, and when I had cats, I did contract a small case of ringworm on my lower leg. I managed to get rid of it, but every day those cats lived with me, I feared a relapse. Though it never happened again. So I don't know. I still don't want to take a chance. And cats like to step into their litter box, and then put their dirty, stinky feet on your clean kitchen counters. That was another thing I hated about having cats. And you cannot really train cats not to do something like you can dogs.

So who says cats are not disgusting?! Those are the main reasons I don't have cats and I don't want any either. I am downsizing everything, so I am trying to sell all my big items. I sold my fishtank to Deb. She wanted dibbs on it first. So I said "OK, if I decide to sell it, you will be the first to know." So I decided to sell it. Well, now Deb is griping because when she put her own fish in that tank, they started dying. Last Wednesday, Deb was talking about how her fish were not doing so well, and scratching themselves on the rocks in the bottom of the tank. Well, that sounds like the first sign of a disease called "Ick". I told Deb the tank came with some Ick cure, and it's in the drawer set that came with the tank. When fish are scratching themselves on the rocks, they are itching, that's the first sign you see with ick. Then, it's still early enough to treat them and get them cured. Deb had the cure right under her nose and didn't see it! And every time Deb or Mike sees me, they talk about the problems they have had with that tank since I sold it to them, as if that's my fault. Not my fault Deb won't use the ick cure I gave her! It came with the tank. She essentially didn't need to go and buy anything. She just needed to open her eyes and look. I basically just ignore them when they start talking about the tank. At first Karen said "Well maybe Deb didn't suspect it was ick" and I said "In a stressful situation, that would have been the first thing I would suspect." My fish did fine in that tank, and are still doing well with their new owners. No cases of ick since I got that medicine.

Well, now I am trying to sell my chair. I got one person, he sounded like a teenager, who seemed interested in the chair yesterday. When I called him at the number he gave me, he said he would be right over in an hour, and then never showed up. I hate when people do that! But then that's life. And he sounded like a teenager! Teenagers are never reliable! My sis said to just leave the ad online until it gets sold. Well, hopefully today's prospect is more serious. I set a time for her to show up here, and hopefully I will be seeing her today. I love my chair, but it's too big for a one bedroom apartment. So we will see.
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