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Monday, August 13, 2012

Panthers Are Dooming The World

I've said this before in one of my last posts about the Westboro Baptist Church, actually then I was joking! But there may actually be something in what I said! Panthers may actually be dooming the world! I'm not just saying that because I hate panthers either, but because I've done the math. Remember that Animal Planet program, Panther Diary (you may know it as "big cat" Diary). It first aired in 1996. Two years later, huge natural disasters (and ground-breaking manmade disasters) began to happen.Volcanos became more active all over the world, the death of Michael Hutchence (who named his daughter "Tiger" and then a year later, killed himself), and the first F6 tornados were recorded. All because of panther fanatics. The WBC likes to blame gay marriage and acceptance for that, but gays are NOT universally accepted. Panthers are loved by almost everyone, and their popularity seems to be even worse since that diary show came out on Animal Planet. Another thing to remember, in 1994 The Lion King was released by Disney and was extremely popular, probably more so than Bambi. A year later, ebola broke out in Africa, where the movie would have taken place. That same year, bubonic plague also broke out in India. All because of panther fanatics. Gay marriage is not accepted in those countries. Gays are probably unknown.

Panthers always seem to take the stage everywhere on every nature show, which is why I don't watch nature shows anymore. You cannot turn on any nature show and not see some kind of panther, which is one reason why I love lemurs. You can watch a documentary about lemurs and not see any panthers at all because there are none in Madagascar. There are fossas, which I think are cool, but they're not panthers. They're mongooses. I always loved mongooses ever since I was in middle school. I used to love panthers too (I had sinned!) until I kept seeing their faces every time I turned on the TV. It got old and boring after a while.

Look also at where all these disasters have been happening. The 9/11 attacks in NYC and Washington DC. NYC is full of cat and panther lovers. Fewer people actually own dogs. Gay marriage was not accepted when the attacks occured, and gays were barely accepted into society then. Bin Ladin probably had never even heard of gay marriage at that time! But by then, that Panther Diary show had been on the air on Animal Planet for 5 years. I think GOD was angry that the world was becoming fanatical about panthers. And the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia, an area of tiger worshippers. Maybe tiger-worshipping was the cause of the tsunami. GOD is angry because tigers are loved there more than HIM. In fact, panthers seem to even be more popular than GOD everywhere, and I think that makes GOD angry. I'm sure most of the atheists I've encountered are also panther-loving fanatics. All the victims of these disasters, I'm not sure all of them were accepting of gays or gay marriage. But I am pretty positive that the majority of them were panther lovers, and possibly fanatics.

Last year, that movie about panthers, called "African Cats" came out in theaters on Earth Day. Shortly after the previews for that movie first came out, the Japanese tsunami hit Japan. Now there is a "World panther day", and in consequence, this year, the whole USA is in the worst drought in 30 years. All because of panther fanatics. One thing I've noticed, if you hate panthers, as I do, you are shunned and scorned by the fanatics. The Bible says to love one another, but panther fanatics hate people who hate panthers. I've never known any animal that has such power to turn one person against another the way panthers do. Remember when I said on here that TwistidAsh threatened to "punch me in the face" because I hate panthers? That's just an example of what panther fanatics are like. I'd still love to see her try to punch me in the face. LOL! GOD would punish her for sure! If I am right about this, and I am pretty sure I am! Besides me kicking her in the face after pinning her to the ground, GOD might give her an early heart attack. Who knows? But it's just a sample. I get into fights with panther-fanatics all the time because I hate panthers. I've even lost buddies over it, over and over again.

You know why panthers are so "beautiful" (in the eyes of other people)? GOD did not give them their spots and stripes. Satan did. He did that to appeal these evil beasts to the eyes of the public. Those of us who worship GOD hate panthers, because GOD hates panthers. That is why HE has tried to make them die off, because HE hates them. But humans will always be around to interfere with GOD's plans. Giving to panther-related charities, trying to "save" panthers from extinction, and rehabilitating captive panthers. I think that is why GOD is so angry now. It has nothing to do with the acceptance of gay marriage, or gays being accepted into society, because they are not all accepted, and acceptance of gays only just began a few years ago. All these disasters have been happening for much longer than gays have been accepted. So the Westboro Baptist Church is all wrong. It's not gay people that should be persecuted. It's panther-fanatics! I'm glad I stopped liking panthers early in my life! I may be fat, but I am still alive and healthy.

Yes, I know what you are thinking "Lemurs are dying out too". But there is a difference as to why lemurs are dying off and why panthers are dying off. Lemurs are being killed by humans. Panthers are naturally being eliminated. Many varieties of panthers have low sperm count. Humans did not cause that. That is GOD's doing. That is why panthers are dying off in the wild. They would be dying off whether humans were here or not.

GOD does not mind gay people. Don't listen to Westboro Baptist Church.
GOD hates panthers. GOD hates panther worshippers and fanatics.
Panthers were created by Satan, not GOD. It's a sin to be a panther fanatic.
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