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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Free Speech

I thought I should touch up on what I believe freedom of speech is. I am still not uncomfortable in my position on free speech. I did find the post where I actually said Deb is dumb, and it wasn't a quote either. Thank GOD! Took me a while to actually find that post, it was the one where I was talking about how Deb and Mike are always griping, every time they see me, about the fish tank I sold them. I saw how I tried to sugar-coat it as much as I could, I mean, I don't dislike Deb. I know she's pissed now and probably hates my guts, but I did try to be as affable as I could about what I was thinking. I just got tired of how they were always griping about how that tank was killing their fish, and hammering it into my head. I saw that and I was like "Oh that's where she saw it!" I needed a refresher. Well, I said if it bothers her so much, I'll get rid of that piece, and I did. I did not want to hurt Deb's feelings, and I am afraid that is exactly what I did. My guess is she is contacting a lawyer about now. Its her right! But I can also contact a lawyer as well. One who specializes in free speech cases. Maybe I should contact Margie Phelps. LOL! Well, she won it for the Westboro Baptist Church, and they did much worse than I did on this blog.

Deb could also very easily start a blog about me, saying what she thinks of me. And as long as she is truthful, or at the very least speculative, I'd just chalk it all up to freedom of speech. Like she could go online to say:

"Cassandra Rivera is a fat, disgusting pig, I hate to look at her. She probably eats tons of food off the floor of her bathroom. I will be glad when she leaves here!"

Some of that may be true, some may be false, but it is possible for her to say because of free speech. And because we have free speech in this country, she can write it, and I won't press charges because I am such a believer in freedom of speech. It's like if I were to go to a restaurant and have dinner, and I find the food disgusting and distasteful. Then I come home and blog about it saying something to the effect of:

"Mavis' Restaurant serves the suckiest food I ever had the displeasure to try. I'm almost sure the cooks at that restaurant not only spit in the food, they probably take a dump in it too! Never go to Mavis' Restaurant!"

Again, some may be true, some may be false, it is mostly just my opinion, but it's possible to say because of free speech. Now slander is another thing. I have been studying this, can you tell? LOL! Slander would be if I were to say something like this:

"Mavis' restaurant does not put real beef in their burgers. They go to the homes of pet owners and steal their treasured dogs and cats, grind them up and serve them as 100% all-beef burgers."

That statement is totally untrue, and if any missing dog or cat owners near Mavis' Restaurant ever caught wind of that, and believed it was true, they could sue Mavis' Restaurant and have them shut down. Then Mavis' Restaurant could come back to sue me for writing that on my blog. That is slander, in the truest sense. There are some key words there, if you're good you'll know how to spot them. And the statements must be proven to be untrue.

Deb was angry because I said on here she is dumb, well I deleted that portion of the post. Even though I tried to say it as nicely as I could, I realize I hurt Deb's feelings, and I didn't want to do that. She was angry because I said her husband was acting like an asshole when that post was written. Well, he was! Me, my sis and Karen all heard him acting like that. He seems to have mellowed off now, but at the time that post was written, he was very nasty to me and my dogs. Well, I took down that post too, it bothered her so much. But I didn't even use their last name. So really, who is going to know it's them I was talking about? Unless they have relayed the same stories to their friends. I know several couples named Deb and Mike, they are not too uncommon names!

I'll tell you, I wish I could sue everyone that hurt my feelings! LOL! There has been many times that has happened. There has been people who have said things about me that would shame Joan Rivers! Remember McGillicutty? That turned out to be a teenage girl. But she tried to sue me once because I called her a backyard breeder and said that her chihuahuas were not very good quality. Well! It was the truth. Then she started going into the Pluba forum and called me every name in the book, said I was stupid, fat and a freak, stole one of my pictures that was copyrighted and made disparaging remarks about me and Timmy, and posted my address, at that time, and phone number. The only thing she did that I did not approve of was post my copyrighted picture. For that, I could have sued her. Of course back then I didn't know about the law that said it is illegal to post a person's private information (full address, phone number and social security number) without that person's permission. That law went into effect in 2002. I "met" McGillicutty in 2006. I could have sued her for that too.

Hobofart also comes to mind as well. He went around saying things about other people throughout YouTube, stole some other peoples' videos and claimed them for his own, calling other people horrible names, and started rumors about people as well. He never got punished for that, and apparently someone said that he has a barrage of high-priced lawyers that will back up his freedom of speech claim.

It boils down basically to this:
Did I threaten Deb or Mike on this blog? No.
Did I accuse them of doing something morbidly illegal? No.
Did I post their pictures and say something to the effect of "These people eat babies! Don't trust them!"? No, I didn't.
Those are the things that, if I had done them, would get me in serious trouble. So I am comfortable in my position.
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