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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Flipping Around In Phillipsburg

Well, my sis and I had our last road trip together, we went to Phillipsburg. At first I wanted to go to Virginia City, which is a small ghost town here in Montana. I remember ol' Kim talking about it several times, and making it sound so interesting. But when I actually looked into the place, it did not seem too spectacular anymore. I shoulda known Kim was full of shit! It would not be the first time either. So I said let's just go to Phillipsburg. There's more to see there. Lots of gem stores, and mining places, and one of the best candy stores in this state. It's called the Sweet Palace. They have the best hand-dipped chocolates! So I brought some home, but by the time I got home, I found I had a gooey mess in the box! I'll still eat them anyway. LOL! It was mostly my truffles that got melted and ran all over. I can always get them again. hehe! On the way there, we stopped in Anaconda to have dinner, and the place we found was like a casino. Gordon Ramsay would have had a fit in there! The carpet needed changing real bad, the walls and doors were disgustingly covered in layers of previous customers' grease and jelly, there was dirt everywhere, and even the "clean" tables still had grunge on them from other customers. My sis and I had a terrible time trying to find a place to sit.

That place really desperately needed a make-over! The food was not even that great. The mashed potatos had been microwaved and had rubbery edges. Then the second set of mashed potatos (after I sent back the first set) was cold in the middle. The best thing about the meal was the chicken strips, and how can you mess that up? When I got home and described our outing with Karen (who was raised in Anaconda), her response was "Was it also a truck stop?" I said no. And she said "There's your trouble there. The casinos that are also truck stops are the ones with the best food." Usually casinos back home have great food! But this one didn't. I guess it was because it wasn't a truck stop. If I ever come through Montana again, I'll have to remember that. Though I don't see myself coming back here in the forseeable future. I just don't like Montana! My sis and I have already begun packing my things into boxes.

Recently, Andy had a falling-out with Karen, because he was being a real jerk to her the day before. Not that it would have been the first time, but he screamed at her to shut her dog up, and I guess he threatened her dog with bodily harm as well. Karen told Andy that if he ever harms her dogs again, he's going to be fucked! Andy apparently told Karen that after he screamed at her the day before, he went to the office and filled out his own 30-days notice that he's leaving too. It's probably nothing more than a copy-cat resignation because he knows I am leaving, but Karen has hopes that he really is leaving. I hope so too, because I am afraid he will hurt Anna or Karen someday. I just hope he does not plan to follow me where I am going! Karen said most likely, he will have the office rip up the paperwork. I'm not too sure he's brave enough to leave here. And while Andy was standing there talking to Karen, I saw him rubbing his dog's genitals! Now that was sick!!

The difference between Andy's lease termination papers and mine is, and Andy may not even be aware of it, that Lois is not the only reason I am leaving. I've been trying to get back to the coast since I got here. In fact, I didn't even want to leave the coast in the first place! I knew I was not exactly going to love Montana! I'm a beach person. There are no beaches here. I'm a virtual prisoner here. The only reason Andy would be leaving is because he and Karen had a falling-out, and he started it to begin with! Just like he starts every battle that goes on in this place. Even my sis is talking about leaving this place. She's anxious to go to Missoula and live there. I told her to keep trying to find a place, and she said she is. I told her she may have to lower her standards some, but find a good starter home and move there. So she's trying. Anna and I tried to find an RV to live in for a while, and we thought we had one.

Well, that started out when I was looking for an RV and I was going to live in it for a while. I got one response from someone named Crystal. I posted an ad on Craigslist, asking if anyone had an RV for sale and if they would accept a small down-payment and monthly payments until the RV was all paid off. In the ad, I mentioned that I was on a fixed income, and could not afford much, and I was very interested. Well, Crystal was the only one to respond, the RV was old, but had a new engine, and everything worked the way it was supposed to. I was interested, then I thought about my sis. She wants to continue nursing school, and there is a good 2-week course in Billings for a CNA certification. So I thought I could give the RV to her and she can live in an RV park in Billings for a while while she completes the course, and then she can move on to an RV park in Missoula and practice her career there and get settled. So I told Crystal about my sis and gave her e-mail address to her. Apparently she contacted Anna and they talked for a while. Anna too is on a fixed budget, and cannot afford much. But she was really interested in the RV.

The RV was old, it wasn't like it was a new model, and Crystal was asking just over $4000 for it, and she said she was willing to accept offers. So Anna wrote to her and discussed the payment plan, as was originally mentioned in the ad. She offered Crystal $500 down and $250 a month. Crystal was not too happy with that offer, and all of a sudden, she began to mention something about how she was not really willing to do monthly payments because she's afraid of scammers. Um, DUH!! The ad said we are on a fixed budget!! And it said we are looking for someone who will allow us to make monthly payments. Why respond to the ad if you're just going to back down?? Why get someone's hopes up like that only to drop the deal because you are not impressed with the offer?? Especially since the ad clearly stated that we are on a low income! Anna is NOT a scammer! But if you ask me, Crystal is a scammer! I don't think she ever intended to sell us that RV. I find it kinda interesting how she never mentioned she was afraid of scammers until the last minute. If we were someone writing and saying we are overseas, or something like in Nigeria, I'd think Crystal had a point. But we are local, we were willing to come up to see the RV in person, the problem was Crystal could not think of a good time for us to come up. And we had the cash in hand for the down payment. She backed out of the deal, we didn't. And in today's economy, I'd say a $500 down payment is very fair. Most car dealers are willing to accept that for a car worth $4000.
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