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Monday, August 20, 2012

Eat One, Kiss The Other

This is a question most vegans ask those of us who eat meat. Because we can keep dogs and cats as pets and eat pigs, chickens and cows. They ask us how we can love one and not love (thus eat) the other. It's their logic, not mine. LOL! The fact of the matter is, I love them all. It's just that dogs and cats we put higher up above those animals we eat, because they live with us, and especially in my case, they become a part of our family. My dogs are my kids. That's how I look at them. Pigs, cattle, and chickens I don't think of as family. I don't keep them as pets because I consume them. It doesn't mean I don't like them, it just means that to me, eating them will never measure up to what it would feel like eating a dog or cat. If I didn't like pigs, chickens or cattle, believe me, I would not be eating them! I hate spiders, I don't want to see one on my plate! I hate panthers, I shudder to think of one being on my plate. I just don't think of pigs, cattle or chickens the same way I think of dogs and cats. I'm not in Korea or China where they eat dogs and cats and keep chickens, cattle and pigs as pets.

The vegans can think what they want to, but my dogs are my family. I could never see a dog as prey. But I have learned over the years not to get close to cattle or pigs or chickens. The vegans can think that way if they want to, but I won't. No matter what they throw at me, those animals will always be prey animals, meant for consumption. Never to be thought of as "friends" or beings as "sentient" as we are. They won't change that. Nothing will change that! LOL! I could have a heart attack tomorrow and by Friday will be consuming meat again. To me, a meal is just not a meal without meat. And meat tastes good to me. Another thing that pisses the vegans off is that they think it is somewhat psychotic for those of us who eat meat to end a cow's life just for a few minutes of pleasure. Well, it isn't just that "few minutes of pleasure". The nutrients from the cow go back into our bodies, and it nourishes us as well. It's not just a few minutes of pleasure and then all over. When I eat a piece of meat, I'm full for the day. So, it doesn't just last a few minutes.

There are some animals that I just cannot think of as food. I will never eat any primates because I feel that is cannibalism. Even to eat lemurs I would feel that way. I'd never eat dogs because I have dogs in my family. I don't eat cats because some people (including my sis) keeps cats in their family. I'd think any carnivorous animals would be too greasy anyways. Because I keep dogs in my home and some people keep cats in their home, if I were to kill any dog or cat, even accidentally, I'd feel like a murderer. But nobody keeps pigs, chickens or cattle in their home. Unless they are crazy! You cannot even train a pig to use a litterbox. There are also some animals I keep as pets and consider friends that I also eat on. For example, fish. I keep fish (or I did, and I will again) mostly small tropicals. But I would also eat salmon and tuna given the opportunity. I know they are not the same, but they are in the same class of animals. They are all fish. Of course that is a lot like comparing a dog to a cow. Both are mammals, but not in the same family. Not even in the same order.

Well, last night my sis and I played a dirty trick on Kim Hedges. When we went out to the dog park last night to put the dogs out one more time, I was going to pick up the dogs' droppings when I noticed the sign I put up in the park had been put in the poo bucket. I was a little bit angry, because it was my sign, and I was the one who paid to have it laminated so people would be reminded to empty the bucket every now and then. When I saw that my first thought was Kim did it, because she is usually the last one to use the dog park at night before we do before we go to bed. So I took the sign out and I said "Two can play her little game!" So I came back up here, pretending to pick up my garbage to take out to the dumpster, and I went down to Kim's apartment and grabbed one of her decals that she keeps on her door, and I took it downstairs to the dog park. I put it in the poo bucket, smooshed it in good, and left it there, knowing Kim would be the first in there and would see it. I told my sis that if anyone asks her anything, just play dumb.

Well, I saw Kim leave with Yvette around 7AM like they always do, but she came back in around 15 minutes later. Usually she stays out there for 30-40 minutes. She came in early today. LOL! She must have been pissed! Well, I wanted to teach her a lesson about what it feels like to be disrespected. I was mad when I saw my sign was dumped in the poo bucket, a little bit anyway. But then I thought "Well, it's just a sign!" But still, it's the principle! Kim is so disrespectful anyway. I wanted to give her a bit of her own medicine. Well, my sis and I played dumb while at the dog park, and pretended that we did nothing and knew nothing. Apparently the sign was dumped back in the bucket again, even though I know I took it out last night. Kim and Yvette had to have done it! When we got in though, apparently Kim had complained to Deb because Deb cornered us, and asked us if we knew anything about the decal on Kim's door winding up in the poo bucket. Again, we played dumb and said no. At first. Then we got into the elevator, and Karen was with us. She looked at us straight in the eyes and asked "Did you girls do it?" I told Karen I would explain when we got upstairs.

Well, as usual, I hate telling lies. I began to get a nagging feeling in my belly, so I thought I'd better just get back to the office and tell Deb everything that happened. I told her about my sign ending up in the poo bucket and that I did it to teach Kim a lesson. Well, the whole thing was caught on camera, wow! LOL! So Deb said she will find out who put my sign in the poo bucket because that is bullshit. I just could not deny it. I could not "play dumb" because that is just not in my character. I prefer to be whole-heartedly honest and just take my punishment like an adult. Well, Deb found out the culprit was not Kim (it must have been Yvette then) so she told me to get Kim's decal out of the poo bucket and put it back on her door. She said if Kim ever finds out that we did it, we could be sued for destruction of personal property. At first I thought "Let her sue me. She has 2 weeks to do it. Then she'll have to try and find me on the coast." Not only that, but I could also countersue her for slandering me and my sis behind our backs. But then I thought about it, and I was afraid Kim might also try to sue this complex, and I cannot let that happen. Not because of me! So I went and got it out of the poo bucket, cleaned it up just a bit (enough to get most of the particles of crap off) and just put it back on Kim's door. I didn't reveal that I took it off, I just put it back. LOL!

Well, it obviously bothered her that we took it off, and so that is what I wanted. I wanted to piss her off some. My goal was to teach her what it feels like to be disrespected and I guess I did manage that. Of course one incident won't change Kim, I know that. She's never, in her entire life, been taught how to treat people right and she's 51 years old! She does not know right from wrong. She even does shit to people she supposedly respects. Like the woman that gave her Emma. Kim used to talk shit about that woman too, and about Karen too. I'm not the only one she has shat on. But it still felt somewhat good teaching her a bit of a lesson. If she's expecting any form of apology, she's going to have a long wait. I'm not doing it. I won't deny I took the decal off her door, but I won't apologize for doing it. Now, Kim and I are even, and I can start to work on forgiveness. I will never forget what she did to us, but I will try to work on forgiveness. My ma said we have to let it go, otherwise it will eat us up inside. I've forgiven many people before this one, I can do it again. But Kim does not have to know it. I once heard a saying that went "forgiveness is like releasing someone from prison and finding out the prisoner is yourself". After what I did last night, that really fits. I did feel like a prisoner of anger and rage. I need to get over it.
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