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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Panther Fanatics Are Going To Hell!

Panther fanatics are going to Hell! Now, I am not talking about if you just like panthers, and are OK with those of us who hate them. I'm talking about those who act like they cannot get along in a world that does not have panthers, and hates those of us who hate panthers. I encountered someone like that the other day on one of my videos, and I made a video about them. This person left a comment, but I did not read it, and wound up deleting it. But I went to her channel, and I noticed a lot of people called her "Tiger". So I knew she had to be a panther fanatic. Well, she is a disgusting, Hellbound sinner, who rejects GOD so she can worship panthers. When she dies, Hell will open it's gates wide for her and suck her in.

At the risk of being hated and called a hateful christian, I made this video, somewhat parodying Fred Phelps of the WBC, and making some corrections to his preaching. I truly believe it is panther fanatics that are dooming the world!

LOL! You know a week later and I hear this, I have to laugh myself! I sound just like that dickhead!!
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