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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Harmless, Two-Faced Creatures

I don't believe this! Today is our day to do laundry, so my sis was in the laundry room putting our clothes in the washer. Well, she told me Yvette came in, and they were kinda chatting while my sis was putting clothes in the washer. Well, my sis found out she was a quarter short, so Yvette decided to give her a quarter to put in. When my sis told me about this, my jaw dropped, I could not believe it. I was surprised Yvette would even strike up a conversation with my sis, considering the kind of things she and Kim were saying about us in the dog park the other day, how ugly we both are to them, and they are so glad to see me going. LOL! Perhaps Yvette was just an accessory to that crime. But I wouldn't put it past her. Kim has her brainwashed. When my sis and I got off the elevator after coming back from the dog park this morning, Yvette was in the 3rd floor lobby, cleaning. When we stepped out, I saw Yvette there and I started calling her a slut and laughing at her.

Well, I was just giving her a dose of her own medicine. Yvette probably told Deb or Lois what I said, and I will probably catch it from one of them for that. But I don't care. Technically though I am still a tenant here, but not for very long now. Only a couple more days. But that's probably why Yvette was so nice to my sis. As soon as I leave here, I bet anything, she is going to be talking the same shit about my sis as she did the other day in the dog park. I didn't even hear what they were saying, I was too far away from them. But I heard it the next day from someone else. Now, when something goes wrong around here, I say "Kim did it!" or "Kim made me do it!" LOL! But like I said, they're both harmless by themselves. It's when they get together with other people that they say shit. Kim uses people as her security blanket. I find that funny. She does shit to people and then whimpers and whines because they throw her bullshit back into her face. She can dish out the BS, but she cannot handle the heat herself when it comes back to get her. Considering she is an old woman, that is funny!

I told Anna not to get too comfortable with Yvette's sudden stint of generosity and kindness. As soon as I leave here, she'll be back to doing the same shit again. Actually I do hate being so mean to Yvette. I never had a problem with her until Kim became butt-hurt that I wasn't paying any attention to her at the community yard sale. But if Yvette is going to become Kim, she deserves to get the same treatment as Kim does. I'm not interested in anything Kim has to offer, at the yard sale, or ever. But Yvette did have some cute earrings I would have been interested in. I just didn't have the money to get them. I spent only one dollar at that yard sale, and that was it.

Few people paid any attention to me at the yard sale either, but I am not butt-hurt and bitter about it. We didn't have that much stuff available. I figured those who came to the yard sale just were not interested in what we had. It happens. I know what I am looking for when I go to a yard sale. And if I don't see it, I walk on. Simple as that. My ma is a "professional" garage-saler. She knows how to "sniff them out", in a matter of speaking. If she doesn't find what she's looking for, she just moves on. But yes, part of the reason I did not even look at Kim's things is because I know her. I know how she is, she puts things out for sale that are dirty, broken or just don't work. She is the main reason we don't have the freebie table on Friday anymore. Kim is basically the main reason we don't have anything good anymore. Most of the chairs are gone from the dog park, and no one can bring them back because Kim mocked my sis and teased Jim (our maintenance guy) about cleaning the chairs. We also almost did not have a community yard sale this year because again, Kim was being a bitch to everyone at the sale we had last year. So if anything goes wrong in this place, it can be traced back to Kim. Anna, from now on when told of another one of our community benefits being taken away, should just cut through the fat and ask "What has Kim done now?!" LOL!
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