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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Going Home

Yes, I am going home! This means I probably won't be online very much for the next month. At long last, I will be going back to the coast. I've been missing it there. But by this time next week, I will be at my ma's. I will try to get back online occasionally whenever I can. It depends on if ma has wi-fi. Kim and Yvette are already happy to see me going. LOL! They told Kathy and Karen "I'll be glad to see them go, they're so ugly, I cannot stand looking at them!" When Karen told me that Yvette and Kim were griping about how ugly they think me and my sis are, I burst out laughing! They're both the last two people who should talk about someone else being ugly. Yvette has a nice face, but she's a fat whore. And Kim is uglier than sin it's self! Besides having a fatter ass than me and my sis put together. LOL! It was kinda like when I was in middle school, and Paul Casler used to say how ugly he thought I was. But if someone could be given the prize for ugliness, Paul C. would have been ahead of me by miles! He had a deformed head and bulging eyes, and every tooth in his mouth was crooked. The only reason I'm ugly is because I am fat. When I was thinner, I always got compliments about how gorgeous I was. But oh well. If Yvette and Kim are going to go around complaining about how ugly they think I am, I'll just laugh at them. It's like the pot calling the kettle black. :) Yesterday Kim and Yvette came into the dog park while my sis and I were still in there. I am sure it was meant to try and give us the high school treatment, but I could not hear a word they said. They were sitting too far away, and I wasn't paying any attention anyway. I was watching the stupid expressions on Kim's face and making fun. I was also watching Kathy's dog Casey, who is cute and funny as all-get-out!

The funny thing about Yvette, she's as old as my ma! Actually she's a year older than my ma. My ma will be 63 this year and Yvette is 64. She has one child, most likely out of wedlock, and probably knew several different "fathers" in it's lifetime. And here is Yvette, acting like an old high school wussy. I say wussy because she did not have the balls to say whatever she had to say about me and my sis to our faces. And Kim hides behind Yvette because she's a coward. If Kim had been on her own, she would not have said anything at all. Personally, if I were Kim (and thank GOD I am not!) I'd choose a different "bodyguard". Yvette is a poor excuse for one. Kim would be better off with PeeWee Herman as her bodyguard than Yvette. Yvette cannot do shit to either me or my sis. Not gonna happen. She's like a kid who acts tough when she is not around her adversaries, but then once faced with the person she is bullshitting, she runs like a sissy. I've seen her do it. Kim is definitely no better. Kim is the queen of cowardice. Not a compliment. Nowhere in history has cowardice ever been rewarded. They only get ballsy when they are around other people. But then that's true for all cowards. They get more audacious when they have their friends backing them up. On their own, they are harmless.

This whole thing adds up to only one thing. I've studied people long enough to believe this is true. Kim is bitter and full of rage because neither I nor my sis even looked at her shit at the community yard sale. Which leads me to believe the only reason Kim participated in that yard sale at all was just to get our attention. I guess she thought if she opened a booth and put out some stuff that my sis and I would pay attention and like her again. And when her little scheme didn't work out, that was when she got bitter and angry. But what Kim didn't count on is that if you mess with me, you get your shit thrown back in your face. In one of her fits of jealousy, Kim tore down a sign I put up in the dog park and put it in the poo-bucket. Deb may be gullible enough to believe Kim didn't do it. But Kim is a liar altogether so I know she did it. Or Yvette did it, and if she did it, Kim was still behind that. Now, Kim has threatened to take down that sign again once I leave here. Then the poo-bucket will just remain unemptied. She's one of the ones who will have to put up with it. I'm not coming back to empty it out. Anna cannot always do it. Kim is so lazy, she makes a slug look ambitious. And she gets fatter every time I see her. She and her dumbshit friend, Yvette, can easily empty that bucket out, they're just too indolent to do so.

As much as I am sure Kim and Yvette cannot wait to see me go, neither one of them is happier than I am to be going home. I am so filled with anxiety, I cannot sleep at night. My heart is pounding in my belly. Sometimes I find myself eating just to relieve that feeling in my belly. Yesterday, I could not stay out of the restroom all morning. Every time I think about going home, I get a feeling in my belly that just feels like knives cutting deep into my belly. It feels so good to be going back home again! Moving here was a big mistake to begin with. But I can finally say I am done with this place! Sometimes I think GOD does not want me to leave. So many things have worked against this move, such as Minnie getting ill. Costed me $75 to get her better. Not that I am griping, Minnie needed to get better. But that cut so deeply into my moving fund, I almost put off moving for another month, and I might have if I hadn't sold my chair. But I did not want it to come down to that. I was going to move home if I had to carry each and every one of my boxes on my back, piggy-back style! I might have been squashed like a bug. LOL! Some of these boxes are pretty heavy. But I am happy to be going home myself. I only wish it was today I was leaving. My ma is overjoyed about me coming to stay with her too. It's only for a couple weeks (hopefully), and I intend to spend all that time searching for a good place. I will be praying to GOD to guide me through this venture. I am sure HE will help me get to a place I need to be at.

As for Kim and Yvette, well, they will soon get what's coming to them. My ma has been alerted to the goings on around here. No, I don't go crying to my mommy! LOL! But she and I have been chatting every night for a while, and I tell her about all that is going on around here. It's all I can really talk about now. But my ma is very offended by this universal resentment towards my sis here. My ma is one person you don't want to piss off. And if you offend me and my sis, you offend my ma. I'm serious, and I've seen this happen over and over again, if you offend my ma, bad things will happen to you. It may take a week, a day, it may take a year or ten years. For some reason, my ma has this curse about her that people who have offended her in the past have had bad things happen to them in consequence. The latest thing was when she worked at the Ramada in Ocean Shores. Before she was let go of that job, they treated her nasty, and the reason they let her go was so frivolous. Well, their biggest contract at that hotel was with the military. The boss there always talked about how he did not want to lose that contract. But within a year of letting my ma go, the military discontinued the contract and the Ramada there lost them. I was like "Wow!" And that was sure not the first incident like that! I've never seen anything like that! And I never really believed it until that incident happened. On top of other incidents my ma told me about. Maybe it's a curse, maybe it's GOD's doing, who knows? But all I know is that it has been consistent for many years. Even happened to my father after they got divorced.

Well, my prayers go out to the people who are (and will be) affected by Hurricane Isaac. It's not as bad as Hurricane Katrina that hit the same area 7 years ago today. But still a hurricane is a hurricane. They do damage. Isaac could be a lot worse. Just stop worshipping panthers and all this will stop! GOD is angry at the world now. The WBC likes to blame gay marriage and acceptance for disasters like Hurricane Katrina. The funny thing is, the area of New Orleans that got the worst destruction from that disaster has the lowest number of gay people per capita. And knowing southerners the way I do, probably no one in that disaster was accepting of gays or gay marriage. But I'll bet you anything the majority of the victims of Hurricane Katrina were panther lovers and possibly fanatics. So once again, the WBC is wrong in their judgements. Like they always are! LOL! Stop putting money into panther charities, stop seeing panther movies, stop worshipping panthers PERIOD!! Get back to the one we should be worshipping in the first place, and that is GOD. All this destruction will stop.
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