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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do I Look Mean?

I dunno! I always try to be nice to everyone. But I think I look mean and nasty. So mean I think people who want to shit-talk our dogs don't dare say it to my face! Today, when we took our dogs out for their noon trip to the dog park, Anna was on the way out (some time after me), and there was a woman in the ground floor lobby who started talking about our dogs and Anna overheard it. The woman said something to the effect of "There's that dog that keeps barking at me everytime I pass by their apartment! One of these days, I'm going to take that dog and break it right in half!" and then Anna went ballistic! Now, this was not a young woman, she's an old crotchety thing that even uses a walker to get around. The funny thing was, I passed right by that woman not 10 minutes before Anna, and she didn't say anything to me. And no one can hear Odessa from outside Anna's apartment. Odessa doesn't bark that loud! Her barking is a lot more like the sound one of those clicker dog-training devices sound like. It's not loud at all! And I've never seen that woman before today. So, I think that woman was just delusional. But Anna got pissed at her, I mean PISSED!!! She told that woman that if she ever comes near our dogs, she'd do something terrible to her. That woman said "You're making a mistake!" Anna said back "No! YOU made the mistake!" I asked Anna if she wasn't sure that person was kidding her. She said she didn't look like she was kidding. Well, I wasn't there, I didn't hear exactly what happened. But yes, we are very overprotective of our dogs. I can be like a mama crocodile!! So can Anna!! LOL!!

I just wonder, do I look tough??? I always thought I looked rather meek, and I only act tough when I have to. I don't just pick random people (or dogs) to harass and just keep going with them, or threaten them. I try to give everyone a chance. But seeings how that woman never said anything to me, I wonder if it's just the way Anna carries herself that makes people gripe and complain to her, and not me. LOL! I do walk with a lot of confidence. Anna threatened that woman saying she'd do something terrible to her if she did anything to our dogs. While I think Anna was nobile in defending the dogs, she may have to answer to the police for that comment! I know she didn't mean it, but that woman doesn't know. I told Anna, "You know now she's going to call the cops on you!" I wish I had been there. But then again, if I had been there, that woman probably would not have said anything to Anna. Anna said to me "She'd better not do anything to hurt our dogs!" I assured her "Believe me, she won't!" I told Anna I would knock that woman off her walker if she tried! Old or not, I don't care. If she's got the gumption to threaten to harm my dogs, she can have the gumption to get her butt off the floor after I push her down!

Seems people always want to threaten our dogs here. First it was Helga, then Andy, and now this woman, whose name I do not know. I bet if they were rottweilers barking at these people, no one would be threatening to break them in half! But I think they do it because these are such tiny dogs, and would not really hurt them in consequence. Maybe I should have got rottweilers! I'd like to see someone try and harm my dogs if they were! But most apartments do not allow rottweilers. So I had to get chihuahuas. Same thing almost, just in a smaller package.

UPDATE: That old woman's name is Raymie (wierd-ass name) and Karen told me her son in law is a policeman. But if it's true she did threaten to harm Anna's dog, Anna may be able to use that in her defense. Apparently Raymie has had a stroke and was unconscious for 24 hours. So she is not all right in the head, and probably did not mean to make threats on Odessa's life. She lives here on the first floor, so there really is no way she could hear Odessa from her apartment. More than likely, she was talking about some other dog that annoys her.
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