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Friday, August 19, 2011

Karma's A Bitch, I Can Be Too

LOL! There is this man whose name is Andy, and he lives in this apartment complex on the first floor. He's a fricken wierdo!! I used to like him when he first moved here. Well, let me rephrase that, I liked his dogs, Angus who is a large scottish terrier, and Lou who is a large west-highland terrier. I have quite an affinity for scottish-type terriers, I used to have one myself named Mysti (short for Mystify Me), and she behaved just like Angus does. I love the breed! So I liked his dogs. But Andy, he was nice when I first met him. As time progressed with him though, I began to pick up on a lot of little red flags that led me to believe that he was not at all a nice person! But even after discovering what an asshole he was, I was still never rude to him. It got so bad, I noticed he was abusing everyone around him. Including some people I consider good friends. I don't like it when some jerk is nasty and abusive to my friends or family! I take it very personally. I found out later on that Andy hates Vegas and Minnie because Vegas barks. I can tell you what I think happened. I think Helga (Sharon's friend and a wierd-ass treehugger who once yelled at Anna, telling her to put a muzzle on Vegas) said something to Andy. I noticed his behavior changed after I saw him talking to her one day. I have the distinctive feeling she said something to him about us and Vegas. What she said, don't know, don't really care. But I know she said something evil!

Well, this last weekend, our complex had a community yard sale. Andy participated, wanting to sell some of his stuff. Well, me and some friends and Anna were all out at the dog park, and without warning, nor a hint of provocation, Andy picks up and slams down a metal funnel on Brandie, a wheaten terrier that belongs to the landlord, and Brutus, a mini schnauzer who belongs to a friend of mine named Karen. Poor Brutus got the full brunt of the hit and it scared him so bad he ran off. Anna and I saw it and we started screaming at him. We were both PISSED!!!! Andy and Anna got into a shouting match! Anna HATES Andy!! With a passion!! Later on, Karen confronted Andy about hitting her dog Brutus, and he responded "I'm sorry I hit your dog, I meant to hit the fat ladies' dogs" meaning Anna's dog and mine. Karen told him that it's a good thing he didn't hit "the fat ladies' dogs" because with the force he hit Brutus, it would have killed them. Then he would have been "cuffed and stuffed". Belive me, I would take him to court and make him pay if he had hurt Vegas, Minnie or Odessa. As for him wanting to hit "the fat ladies' dogs", well that's a load of bullshit! He wasn't even aiming at our dogs! He was looking and aiming at the dogs right by the fence and "the fat ladies' dogs" were all a long way from that fence! So I don't believe him at all. But I told him he's lucky that wasn't one of our dogs because I would have made him sorry he was ever born!

Andy is not only a wierdo, he's evil too. Anyone who would hurt a tiny dog like Anna's and mine is messed up somewhere. And neither Anna nor I have ever done anything wrong to Andy. I think he just hates us because we are fat. But I don't judge him by the way he looks. Although I could! He's a fat ass himself! But I hate him because he is just pure evil. I feel bad for his dogs! He takes them to the dog park and just leaves them there all day long. Those poor dogs of his crave his attention, so they look for it from other people. And his dogs are all unkept, their claws are so long, they can barely walk. Their hair is all matted, he never grooms them. He really does not deserve his dogs at all!! He deserves nothing and no one! I once heard from a reliable source that he was once married, and he used to beat his wife, and throw things at her. She lost all her precious possessions because Andy would have these temper tantrums and break all her stuff. He even has a daughter, and even she doesn't want anything to do with him! He calls her a "spoiled brat". Well, according to this source, his daughter is a "spoiled brat" because he spoiled her! What a dumb-ass!!! Seems mister Andy sees corruption everywhere except in himself!

Well, karma is definitely a bitch! hehehe! I heard this morning Andy was in the dog park, sitting under a tree, and he got shit-on by a bird!! LOL! When I heard that, the first words out of my mouth was "Even the birds don't like him!!" and I laughed so hard!! The birds don't sing for Andy, they shit on him!! LOL!!! When Anna came into the park with Odessa, I told her what happened to Andy, and she laughed too, and said the exact same thing I did. It made everyone there laugh!! Hey! Great minds think alike! Yes, karma can be a bitch, and revenge is so sweet!! Thank you to that bird! You made my day! :)

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