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Friday, August 12, 2011

Yard Sale This Weekend!!

Yippee!! There is a sale going on in this complex this weekend. So far though I only know of 3 people who will be participating. One is Sharon, who as I understand it, likes to charge retail prices on used items, and I think another is this guy whose name is Jeremiah. Nice guy, and very handy to have around. He helped us a lot when it came to moving. He even put my bed frame together. Well, I can browse around, no problem. I don't know if I can buy anything, but I can browse. I can never understand why people want to sell their used stuff and charge retail prices for them! I'll never understand that. Part of the reason people go to yard sales (and my ma knows this) is to look for bargains. I remember when we still lived in Ocean Shores, ma and I both had a yard sale on the same weekend. I sold a couple of MP3 players I had, and a lot of other things I didn't need anymore. But ma hardly sold anything. Why? Because she was charging new prices for old items. Like this old, out-dated water crock she had. Nobody really buys those anymore! Ma wanted to charge $25 for it, which was about what she paid for it. I told her she'd be better off selling it for maybe $10, and then only as a decorative item. Well, the first day, it did not sell at all. Then she brought down the price and it sold. I remember ma didn't sell anything that first day, but Anna and I made over $100. I let someone have my MP3 players for $18. That was cheap! Considering both of them costed me over $50 each. They were the really fancy ones too, with the screen built in, and one even had a clock! But I didn't like them! No matter what I did, I could not get them to play my music in alphabetical order, and that is what I like. So that is why I sold them.

Anyway, that is why people like going to yard sales. So they can get good items at a cheap price. I cannot blame them. I understand here last year, they had a yard sale too, and Sharon wanted to sell her items at high prices. Karen told me she was selling stuff at that sale last year too, and she made over $140, whereas Sharon only made about $5 that whole weekend! Karen said that Sharon was PISSED!! Ma is the same way when she has a yard sale. And this is the same person who goes to yard sales looking for bargains! She once got a water cooler for only $15, and it was very high-tech. I don't understand why ma wants to charge new prices for her used, outdated stuff! She once tried to sell us an old TV set that she had with a built-in VCR for $125. Now, this was in 2008, this was well after VCRs were already out of style. I told her no way! I told her I could go to a thrift store and buy that same little TV set for less than $20. It was only a 13-inch TV, and the VCR portion had already stopped working! I don't know what ma was thinking trying to sell it to us for $125! But that's how she does business, and that was why she didn't manage to sell anything that weekend at our yard sale. But Anna and I were selling like crazy!! Well, I think she learned her lesson that weekend. She finally just gave that little TV set to Anna, and she sold me her flat-screen HDTV for only $200, which really is a good deal. And it's one of the best brands in HDTV too. It's a Vizio. I love it too!! It's an awesome TV set!

Well, yestarday Anna and I went to a place called Fuddrucker's. It's a hamburger joint, but they also serve all kinds of exotic meats. Anna and I had their bison burgers! They serve them with these steak fries, and I took mine and put some cheese sauce on them! They were awesome!! The burgers there were great too! They also don't just stop at bison burgers. They have beef, of course. They also have elk burgers, wild boar burgers, ostrich burgers, and more! I told Anna the next time I go there, I'm going to try their ostrich burgers! I've never tried ostrich before! I wonder if it tastes like chicken? But anyway, I've got to rave about their bison burgers! I have to admit they came out better than my own! I told Katrina about this place when I got home. As far as I know, we didn't have a Fuddrucker's in WA state. Katrina kept calling it "Ruddfucker's"! LOL! But anyway, if you love exotic burgers, this is the place to go! Like I said, I'm going to try the ostrich burgers next. I heard ostrich meat is very lean. And in natural meats like that, they never add hormones to bulk them up. That's why I stopped eating beef!

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